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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dresden No More

I'm no longer working at Dynamite, I'll just use the old 'Creative Differences' line because it's true.

More when I know more.



M.O.R said...

Well that sucks.

Sorry to hear it Brett.

In other horrible news, the Proposition 8 decision by Judge Walker has been stayed, although a 9th Circuit hearing will go ahead on December 6.

So its been a sucky day all round. I'm sure you will get work elsewhere, so cheer up, its not as if they had any negative experiences working with you.

Look forward to seeing your next stuff, whereever that may be.

steve said...

Dude that sucks. I tried calling but I swear long distance in or out of our town is totally jacked up.

I'm sure something will turn up for you soon.


Brett said...

Thanks guys,

Steve your call did go through, at least the first one, Jess just wasn't fast enough answering it and I has covered in chicken:(


That was expected, it's how these things work. They are trying to get a resolution quickly by US standards;)



Eyes Only said...


I don't post much but I've been following you and your wife since Image, Primal Instinct, the old AT&T site and so on. Great job sticking to your guns through the years; professionaly and personaly.

That said... It's a shame to hear you're no longer working on Dresden or with Dynamite. I started reading the series almost four years ago and was excited to hear my favorite artist got a gig doing the comics, but as someone said: you'll have little trouble moving on to new work.

Any thought to where you would like to go? In a perfect world of course... Or maybe getting a project of your own design off the ground, which I'm sure can't be easy despite the creativity and go get 'em that we, your fans, have seen come out of the Booth household for many years now.

Well you don't need us to tell you these things, but your recent post seemed to warrent a quick letter. Take care.

Peace. Out.
Eyes Only

Brett said...

Thanks Eyes Only,

I might have gotten a nibble today, we'll see what happens. I do have a few things I'm doing so there will be new artwork soon:)

Thanks again!


Brett said...

Hi Ben,

Sketchbook isn't looking very likely right now. I'm hoping to get a print/poster done. Maybe next year.



Jess said...

So strange that Storm Front eight went so well and eight went down the toilet. Maybe it was the difference in editors.

Jess said...

Hmmm, that should be seven went well.