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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We're Plus Extras!!!!!

So, I was on Newsarama today. And I saw this preview for Dynamite's The Boys #45 plus extras (the next link will take you to this stuff.) Since Dynamite seems to be pushing this book so hard I thought I'd take a look and see what the art looks like. I never got that far, for on the first page of the preview I noticed that one of the extras was a preview of L.A. Bank's Vampire Huntress #1, the issue that I drew. It's not mentioned in the blurb, just as an extra on the first page of The Boys #45. Now I have nothing against The Boys or The Green Hornet or Black Terror (not really sure what that is, sounds spooky.) But this is a NUMBER ONE ISSUE and the preview is buried in a mature readers preview? Looks like the marketing masterminds at Dynamite have done it again! Of course after things about this, this may actually be the brain child of Newsarama, so I'm not sure where the fault lies. It's almost as good as the ad for Storm Front #7 on the back of Storm Front #6. Back covers should be for OTHER books to snag possible new readers. Ads for the next issue should be inside! Awesomeness!

Of course I'm being sarcastic. Nice to see were these former Dabel Brothers book rate at Dynamite or (Newsarama.) A number one... ugh.

Oh, and Tomorrow I bring you the god of thunder. Just need to scan him.


P.S. So whichever one didn't screw up, I'm sorry! Really... well maybe not;)


M.O.R said...

Sounds like they stook it in the back of the book because they don't wanna tick off the fans of Twilight.

"Wait, this chick wants to kill Edward and his clan!!! What a (insert expletive of your choice)."

The Twilight douches expect vampires that sparkle and are cute and cuddly, with cuddly werewolves who wouldn't dare to eat human flesh, but hang out at KFC.

So if a Twilighter opened the book, they would be horrified to see blood spilled, blood drank, and people who are somewhat far more interesting than a one dimensional, sparkly vegetarian vampire and a dull as dishwater love interest.

Hence why it was included in a previews section of a mature comics section.

Otherwise, Dynamite messed up massively.

Brett said...

LOL! Well I changed the post a bit, it may have been Newsarama tossing it all in one thing. But once it was seen, Dynamite should have pitched a fit. I would have and apparently am!;)

I doubt the Twilight fans read Vampire Huntress, but I may be wrong. I;m not sure if the books are like the movies since I haven't read them or seen them. But the sparkly vamps and fluffy wolves are well, gag me with a spoon!



MuffinHunter said...

Incidentally, I just received a trade of some old 90s X-Men stories and was pleasantly surprised to see an issue you drew in there. It had the High Evolutionary, but unfortunately the only anthros I saw when I flipped through it (he "evolves" animals ... which is a whole other discussion :)) were in an issue someone else drew.

Angus MacLeod said...


I recently bought all your Thundercats stuff, and i'm thinking of getting Kindred and Anita Blake too.

Don't know if it's a strange question or out of place, but which other of your comic bok work would you recomend to me?

Brett said...


Who was the bad guy? I drew an issue that from what I've seen was never printed. Bad guy was from the Fantastic Four, Annialus or something like that.

Hi Angus,

If you can get a hold of Backlash Spiderman, that came out pretty good. Also Dean Koontz Frankenstein wasn't that bad. Vampire Huntress #1 and The Dresden Files Storm Front Vol 2 issues 3 and 4. And then the Upcoming Dresden Files Fool Moon.

Those have more recent art that is (hopefully) better than the old stuff:)



MuffinHunter said...

It was mostly just the High Evolutionary. Magneto was in it, but it looks like he was in one of his good-guy or at least not-bad-guy phases. Mr. Sinister shows up on the last page. Looks like it was X-Men #99. Collected in the new X-Men: Powerless! trade.