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Friday, August 27, 2010

PowerGirl, Huntress and The Scarecrow!

Done in a more or less finished look. A little rough:)

The Huntress done in my more 'classic' style. I wanted to have drawn something in the older look in case it was asked for.

And for fun The Scarecrow, I love his hat, so festive!


Oezden said...

One word fantastic !!!!
I love them all...

Powergirl flying in the air,
Huntress looking over the buildings to help someone,the insane Scarcrow.... wow.

Come on DC Guys, give Brett his own big Title.

Oezden :)

Anonymous said...

Man I hate this blog thingie-more often then not it eats my comments and I just don't feel like retyping them-which is probably good news for most of you who disagree with me.

Anyhow let's try again. and again

ah heck let's try anonymous.

I'm excited for this. I'm guessing it is work for DC in their 8 page backup story format.


Brett said...

Thanks Oezden!


It seems to go in cycles. It eats my posts as well. I've been writing the long ones in a text program so I can copy/pate them in, just in case.

Add these are not for an 8 page story;)



Anonymous said...

Now you are just being cruel. We want details!


M.O.R said...

I understand about not being able to reveal details. Contractual obligations, and so on.

Really strong work. Great stuff.

I would really like to see more of this incarnation of The Scarecrow used in a Batman tale. Too often we end up getting the coward Dr Crane. I think their should be more off an edge to him, where even without the mask, he is dangerous.
Too often we see him cower without the mask, and I feel he should be someone who feels the Scarecrow identity is not down to the mask or the outfit, but rather due to himself, as he knows he controls fear, not the Scarecrow identity.

I like your designs for Huntress and Power Girl. Notice the particular emphasis you put on PG's strength.

Glad to hear you have gotten more work. I knew it wouldn't be long before ya had more employment.

Take care.

DamonO said...

So, could it be your "moratorium" (for lack of a better word) on drawing superhero characters maybe coming to an end? Me likey!

Brett said...


Half the fun is teasing you!


I just like his sort of evil rag doll appearance.


Perhaps. Anything is possible... except as I hear it, evilution;)



Adam said...

And someone seriously said you can't draw women? Hopefully whatever it is your teasing us about,your able to do it for as long as it's fun for ya. I know it'll be great for your fans.

andy smith said...

Love the Powergirl!

Brett said...

Thanks Andy! Means a lot!