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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pardon our dust!

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the blog this week, BUSY! Let's see. I'll have some new sketches up tomorrow. I have found some other work, a few 8 page stories that I'll hold off on reviling for a bit, but some of you will be happy;) I'd scan tonight but Jess needs the space to make dog food, plus I wanted to get another sketch done. So tomorrow look for Power Girl, the Huntress and the Scarecrow... ooohhhh! Spooky yes?

And what is this image? I don't think I can say yet. But it's neat,yes?




Tom said...

Very cool piece!

Do you have a sketchbook for sale? I would love a book of your drawings. If not, any plans to release one eventually?

Brett said...

Thanks Tom,

I don't have one right now, we are planning on doing one eventually. We're looking into publishers right now. When I know more I'll be sure to post it!



M.O.R said...

I guess Cinderella ain't goin to the ball now, huh? At least, not if that guy has anything to say about it. (Sorry, only story that sprung to mind when it comes to pumpkins :) )

Really like the image. Cool pose.