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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jean-Claude, the 4th Musketeer?

With all the insanity going on at that one company I work with that makes explosive fire sticks, I needed a break. Jess suggested this a month ago or so so I decided to relieve the tension with some fun. So here is Jean Claude as he might have appeared many years ago, and who is that masked stranger with him... hmmmmmm.

Note that this has NOT been approved by Laurell, just did it on my own.




BreannaRose said...

I LOVE this!! Thank you!!

M.O.R said...

I like this, great drawing.

Is the guy in the mask Dick Turpin?

I'm just wondering who they might be.

Brett said...

You are most welcome BreannaRose:)


That would be Asher, another character from the Anita Blake universe, before he got doused with holy water.