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Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's Sunday, what do we want?!


Funny as hell. I wasn't going to do a Blasphemy this week as I was to busy looking for something to work on. So Jess found this. Via Dispatches from the Culture Wars.

One thing about this gay marriage things that keeps bugging me. The 'Right' keeps bringing up money and that they don't want to pay for gay divorce. But, don't the gay's have to pay for YOUR divorce? They pay taxes, they pay for your welfare babies too. Almost sounds like taxation without representation to me. You 'Right' folks are simply being pig headed and to me amoral and hypocritical. You say this is the land of the free but you don't mean it.




M.O.R said...

This was just awesome.

I cannot pick one sign as being better than the other, it'd be like saying whats my favourite flavour of ice cream. I might like one at a certain time of the day, but further down the line, I will like another.

Good point about the whole divorce thing, the idea that "We won't pay for your divorce, but you better pay for ours" is such an oxymoron and idiotic notion, that I am dumbfounded at times.

And really, do they really want to ban love? I know the foundations of traditional marriage, where one partner, due to their sex, was traded like property, but it has evolved somewhat, where, in its purest form people just want to stand up in front of friends and relatives, and say "I want to spend the rest of my life with this man/ woman whom I love and treasure so much." Is that a crime? Cynical as I am, about everything, I just cannot see why someone would be so intent on outlawing what is essentially, a part of their genetic code that cannot be changed. How would they feel if they were the minority, and people were against heterosexual marriage?

And where is the wrong in gay marriage? Why focus on this agenda, yet ignore the American Invasion of Iraq, the 4 million people who have lost practically everything in Pakistan, yet cannot get a dollar worth of aid because of corrupt officials and aid mysteriously going missing in the past, or the current situation in Haiti, or New Orleans?

steve said...

All of these arguments are pretty easy to defeat with logic. Granted on the surface they seem kind of cute and clever. Heck I’m usually happy when T.S. Eliot the great Christian poet gets quoted, except when it is kind of jacked up and misused against his beliefs like in this case.

The argument that gays should be also allowed to divorce and jack up society because straights are screwing up really doesn’t hold water.

Again, my belief is all people are screwed up. I believe as a whole we are slipping further and further away from having proper sexual standards, history agrees with me. As a society we have been on a sexual decline as we have sought to expand our sexual freedoms. The result is not happiness and better sex lives but instead we are left with a growing divorce rate, more abortions, couples shacking up, broken homes, etc. Most liberals stick their fingers in their ears at this point and go “Na Na Na, I can’t hear you.” If you won’t listen to conservatives well then read some social science books, talk to social workers, do any research on the matter and you will see the data lines up with my view.

So the real deal is there is a sexual standard, which includes marriage, which is not affected by the whims of what we want. You can’t vote on it, popular opinion doesn’t change it, cute signs or witty sayings are futile attempts to alter it. There is a truth which stands apart from us. There is a standard of right and wrong, morality, rules for life.

The general sexual decline of our social morals has effected marriage as it is practiced in America. The fact heteros are messing up and have a rising divorce rate doesn’t mean homosexual couples should get to make it worse. That is insane. Divorce is bad, why would you want gays to compound a bad thing. Change the word “divorce” to any other negative (murder, steal, lie, or waste natural resources) and see how silly it is to insist equal opportunities to harm society. Straights murder a lot, so gays should be allowed to murder a lot. They get to burn the wetlands and destroy the environment so we should get to do it too. Umm nope, a bad thing is always a bad thing.

And just so you know I’m not a hypocrite, the “she ate a cookie before dinner so I should get to eat a cookie now too” argument doesn’t work in my home either.


steve said...

also you might want to take note of which side holds up the "I'm with stupid" or the mocking "lol" signs. Just in case there is ever a claim of intolerance.

Could you ever imagine a Christian protester holding up a "I'm with stupid" sign? It is almost like Christians are trying to disagree without acting like jerks.


Brett said...

See no sense of humor when it comes to religion. You NEVER see Christians who are being all preachy with funny signs. These aren't argument's they are funny things to make a point and make you laugh as the stupid. If you'd get off your religious horse you'd be able to see that.

"There is a truth which stands apart from us. There is a standard of right and wrong, morality, rules for life.

This is your whole argument and once again it points to your bias. The US government does not recognize your god as a 'truth'. Once again, trying to force your religious views down a secular nations throat.

The divorce rate has been 50% for some time now, I fail to see how adding a few more people with the same divorce rate will change anything (statistically it won't.) Abortion has NOTHING to do with this. Nor do broken homes, and the gays are forced to 'shack up' because you won't let them get married! And no Steve, the research does NOT support you, you need to stop going to fricken AiG. They are LYING to you.

You are so a hypocrite when it come to your religion. It's OK, only as long as it follows MY beliefs, others beliefs are wrong and therefore should not be allowed. That's EXACTLY what you are doing and saying Steve.



steve said...

Not a death threat, a death threat is I will kill you, worthy of death is an opinion-it does not suggest the individual is considering killing anyone.

And the dude is part of the Westboro pseudo chruch cult, not a Christian. Everyone disagrees with that cult.

I'm talking about the legit Christians, not the religious nut jobs. You seem to confuse the two.

Quick math quiz: 50% of 10,000 or 50% of 20,000, which number is bigger?

A percent can remain unchanged with an overall increase in occurrences.

Brett you actually believe people having sex outside of marriage resulting in increased pregnancies has not also contributed to increased abortions? Seriously? You can say with a straight face that an increase in unwanted pregnancies has no affect on the abortion rate? I find that truly hard to believe. History shows that to be total foolishness. 81% of abortions are for unmarried women. You believe the abortion rate would remain unchanged if women only had sex with a married partner? Really?

Come on Brett, that is not even a debatable opinion. I must be misunderstanding you.

What is AiG? Not real familiar with them.


M.O.R said...

Steve, no offense meant here,

But in regards to the abortion rate, how many of those who seek abortion are rape victims? They may be unmarried, but the rape they endured is not of their choice.

Secondly, the rise in abortions, STD's and STI's, are down to an incredible lack of education. Instead of giving people information, they are told "Don't do it". Nothing about safety, nothing about being prepared, and nothing about treatment for potential infections.

Schools no longer teach it, (Thanks Dubya!) and the information is not readily available, and then kids are too scared to talk to their parents about it.

Look, plain and simple, telling people not to do something, does not work. Educating them does far better help than telling them "Don't do it".

Education is one of the main reasons I have never taken drugs. Also, when I was 12, our school had a talk from a father and son, the son was a recovering addict in his 20's who told his personal story, while the father told of his own personal research into the dangers of drugs, dealing with his son's addiction, and his personal interviews with parents who lost their own children to drugs. The scary revelation that he did not know what damage he had done to his body, and whether or not he would be in a wheelchair, or even able to function, was pretty scary to me. I know it did not affect many others in that school, some of whom I know to have had really bad substance problems.

Inaire said...

Inaire: lol I kind of have to agree with steve most unmarried women have abortions. Also it is hard to be taken seriously as a christen if you make a joke then try to tell people of a sin. Not to sound like im perfection personafied beceause everyone screws up, thats humanity. which is at the moment steadly getting worse (humanity)lol not me. Oh and for every one who doesnot know this please stop calling christianity a religion. Thats the equlivalent of calling all gays anal fuc8989s. which is rude and offensive. Religion from its literal meaning from latin means "to bind back to God." lol which if you read the first book it clearly says because of our sin we on our own can never come near god again. Blah blah ect ect. not trying to be preacy just saying please call it what it is. christianity is a "faith". LOl would you call a turkey a rooster noooo so please don't call christianity a rel.

Anonymous said...

most abortions are not from women who are raped some are. I don't have the right to say whats right or wrong but also neither does anyone else. If you are stating an opion with or without facts to back it up its still your 3 cents -1. lol I personally may disagree with you, but id die to defend your right to disagree. It's like when a person burns the american flag in america. I personal don't like it but the amazing thing is that the thing you are burning is a representasion of a country which alows you the freedom in which to burn its flag. lol Thats like when a black person gets mad and says i hate rebel and confederate flags and yet the thing he hates is a representation of the war in which he was given his freedom. lol thats humanity for you pick a man up off of a cliff and he spits in your face he means it as a compliment you take it as an insult. lol iten dis phlosiphy fun.. yess me can't speellll...

signed that little voice inside your head that sings songs Inaire

Anonymous said...

I do have to agree with Brett, some "Christians" are preachy and silly and full of themselves. I'm sure I'm guilty of this at times.

Anytime "Christians" appear to be holding themselves or their own conduct up as a standard for unbelievers to live up to rather than God's standard; that would be an example of being religious and not acting like a Christian. Religious folks think they are good people therefore God loves them and they are constantly trying to tell others to be "good people" just like them. Effort based acceptance.

True Christians believe we are all screwed up sinful people, Christian's sins are horrible and we are all hypocrites. We believe God saves us apart from our own efforts, not because we are "good people" but because he is a merciful loving God who condescends to reach down to the undeserving. Jesus ticked off the church going smug believers more than any other people group.

Most of my figures come from the CDC-so it is not really opinion. I do not believe they give ratios for rape, most sources put rape victims getting abortions well below 1%. It is difficult to qualify what is a legitimate rape case, some definitely are, but there are lots of reasons for women to alter the conditions surrounding conception. One thing is for certain if abortions were suddenly only legal in rape cases, that less than 1% percent would suddenly skyrocket and the diligence of actually pursuing legitimate rape cases would suffer.