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Sunday, August 29, 2010

To busy for Sunday?

Actually yes. I could post those horrible Garbage Pail Kids rip off posters, 'Pedo Pope' 'Tick Tock Muhammad'. But they're all over the place and those are really the only good ones, Jesus with holes? Wow, inspired;)

I'm just being a jerk but for those of you who need it, I'll do this quickly. All Religion is false, God, Allah and Vishnu are all poopie heads.

Happy now?



M.O.R said...

I'm a little disappointed. Even a theist like me can see that all religion is false. Was expecting a little more this Sunday. But you drew some wicked sketches this last week, of Power Girl, Scarecrow and Huntress. So I think that puts you in the good books.

I saw those cartoons. They tried too hard. I have seen alot better cartoons on your site, and pharyngula.
IT just seemed like a poor designer trying to create controversy without having the talent to back it up.

I mean, its no Garth Ennis Preacher, something which is controversial, yet has a story to tell. I know those are two entirely different mediums, but I am just putting forth an example. Garth has the talent to back up his claims, Kenneth Poynter, the designer, does not have the talent.

Anonymous said...

We'll let it slide this time, but next week you better have double blasphemy;)