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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday of Stupidity

Response 1:

I think he knows Jesus's dirty little secret.

Response 2:

See, gay people can love Jesus too... Wait, what?!? This is about Tattoos????

Response 3:

I'm guessing NO.

Both of these are from Fail Blog. The first is from that gem of a human Glenn Beck. Silly Glenn, we'd all be dead on Thursday, can't you see the X's on the suns eyes? plus everyone's brain would have boiled somewhere Wednesday and Thursday. Or at the very least the fire would have killed us on Saturday. I think that nuke-Q-lar blast on Sunday is really just overkill...

Of course if this is specifically just for Glenn then I'm all for it. Hopefully this forecast wasn't done by the local people, it would have just rained:(

I-Fricken-LOVE this guy. Best birthday cake EVER!




M.O.R said...

Ya know, living in Ireland, we would kill for the kind of weather Glenn Beck is allegedly proposing.
It aint been doing nothing but pouring rain on this side of the Atlantic.
Few spots of sunshine, but the rest of the time we get what the average person on the street knows as "Liquid Sunshine" otherwise known as rain.

If Gay marriage is the sign of the coming apocalyse, which in turn brings sweltering heat, then lets legalise everything that the religious right say is wrong. Well the bible claims shellfish is against nature (it is also an "abomination" but the word "abomination" actually means that something is against tradition ie resting on a Sunday, eating pork if you're Jewish, ketchup with fries, and not Utterly unspeakable as the word has become. Language changes.)but we already tolerate that kinda stuff, so we better start allowing other crazy stuff.

Adultery? Right on! Stealing? Great. I hear the world is pretty over populated, how about Cannibalism? I kill and eat someone uou don't like, you kill and eat someone I don't like...Population halved in a month. ;)

I agree about the cake. There is actually some website showing a list of awful cakes that have been sold to customers. One such cake had doll parts attached, albeit without the torso. So it looked like someone had baked a bady into a cake.
Another had the obvious wrong design. The customer requested the Olympic rings, ala the 5 multi coloured rings used for the Olympics. What they got was a cake with the words "Olympic Rings" in red writing. :)

Jess said...

Cake Wrecks,

In addition to the really hideous cakes they have Sunday Sweets, which showcases really beautifully done cakes, including a load of geek cakes: Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, video games, etc.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cake, but my birthday is next month.

steve said...

I love those Old Spice ads. That guy is awesome.

Look at your man, now look at me.