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Thursday, September 2, 2010

El Paso TX con

Image I drew for the show. I'll be at the show and all the relevant info can be found here!

I'm not sure if I'll have anything 'special' or not. Sort of depends on a few things.




M.O.R said...

Really good drawing here. Good stuff.

I have to wonder tho. They have you drawing an image for the show, but the make Joe Benitez the guest of honour? ;)

I'm only kidding, Joe Benitez is a talented artist in his own right, and this show looks like it has a strong line up.

Best of luck at the show. Hope every part of it goes well.

Anonymous said...

That is an impressive guest list. You totally have to get me Dog Taco's autograph.


Jade-Starrz said...

I'll be at the show! As soon as you said you were gonna be there I got the time off at work and called reservations for a hotel

Brett said...


I think Joe is the guy they asked first. I know they had several people before I got an email. Plus his name is bigger than mine right now.


I never heard of Dog Taco. I'll have to see who he/she/it/they are.


See you there!



Derek Ruiz said...

This is the first I'm seeing this...I think you are holding out on me.