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Monday, September 6, 2010

White Lantern?

I guess this one doesn't need coloring then;)

DC has gotten WAAAYYYY more complicated then I remember!




Cryostar said...

Not that bad, as long as you remember the colors of the rainbow :P

Plus, it got us Star Sapphire Corps, nothing better than a lot of hot girls running around the universe spreading love. :D

Steeley said...

Awesome pic Brett, would love to see you do some work on Green Lantern.

Brett said...

Thanks Cryostar;)

I just found out about all the different colors in the last few weeks:)


You never know, but right now I'm not really sure if its possible. Depends on what opens up:)



andy smith said...

That is freak'n awesome Brett!

Anonymous said...

Brett this is slick. Nice. I want to see you drawing Hal Jordon shooting a T-rex out of his ring. Or doing a Beast Boy/Cangeling book.

DC if you need some ideas give me a call.


Brett said...

Thanks Andy, you should see the colored one! Andrew did an incredible job, while I was on the phone with him!


Do the Lanterns even do the goofy stuff anymore? You know boxing gloves and catapults?

Gar's an interesting fellow, I'm surprised he hasn't tried any anthro stuff.