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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some more Flash images, Wally's newest costume.




DamonO said...

Wow, after a drought of years of not seeing you draw superheroes, how cool is it to see you now only drawing them again, but also drawing classic, iconic heroes like the Flash.

You know, seeing these Flash pieces, I can't help but think about a how a character's fortunes can change. For decades, Barry Allen was the "primary" Flash in the DC Universe. Then he was killed off way back in the 80s, and Kid Flash (Wally) then became the primary Flash. Now, some 25 years later, Barry Allen is back as "the" Flash, and Wally is basically back to being more or less a supporting player again. Sort of a from rags to riches to rags tale.

Anonymous said...

These images are awesome. I can't help but believe your career is about to get hooked to a rocket booster. You've always been one of the top talents, now you will get some decent exposure to show it to the comic community at large.


Marcus Hooker said...

It's Flash!!!!!! LOL