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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Sorry about the no posts lately but I've been busy, lots of dog related problems. I'm starting on the house this weekend, I'm also looking for a cheap 4x4 with a SMALL engine. It costs me 30.00 just to get groceries with the van. So if you know of any let me know. I'm looking into some more solar panels too. The Power!!!!!!

Let's see. Well, I'm no longer working on Anita Blake, basically I didn't want to work with Marvel on this book, I know they will destroy it. They do good superhero comics but this needs a different touch and I don't think they have it in them, the new 'Zombies' variant cover proves this. Marvel is NOT a white knight coming to rescue, they saw the success of Anita and Sworn Sword and wanted them, so they took them. Nice. I chose not to be a part of this, it felt wrong. Jess will still be doing the writing adaption. I had offered my services for covers and stuff but as the new cover shows they REALLY don't like me right now. Oh, and Anita is supposed to have larger thighs, perhaps if you read the book you would know this as opposed to bitching about it. If you want little manga boys, you best try Japan, even the mangaesque artist in the states draw more regular looking thighs. As you can tell I'm in a bad mood today, don't know why. I might still be doing posters and T-shirts for Laurell, so that will be nice:)

I've started working on my new project, still can't say what it is, they want to do official anouncments and everything and that takes time. It will not be Backlash so stop asking. I have had NO contact with Wildstorm/DC Comics in years. Wildstorm just canceled Stormwatch... again, I doubt they'll bring back BL. I keep waiting for DC to just absorb WS but it hasn't happened happened yet.

EDIT: I've just found out that all the Marvel Zombie covers are supposed to be homages. This is fine....but you should still give credit to the original artist, it's just a nice courtesy.

That's all for now,