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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

September news!

Well not about my next project... yet. Sooon. I actually just finished issue one last night.  Anywho, it is fun to read all the speculation like here!  I know for a fact some of that isn't true;) Let the speculation begin and Steve and Derek, you can't play;)



Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yet even more questions answered!

Tomasz writes:

Have you read any of Christopher Hitchen's books?

No I haven't. The God Delusion sort of soured me on reading books about religion. I do like what he has to say.. usually. Sometimes he's a bit overenthusiastic;)
When you watch a movie, if you are impressed with a certain scene because of the camera angle, scenery etc, do you try to incorporate it in your drawings on future issue's?

Sometimes. I really enjoyed the backgrounds and images from Avatar… not so much the Navi or the story. I loved the scope, which is sometimes hard to do in comics. But I try to use them more as influences, the feel of the image.

Do you follow any comic book series?

Nope. I used to, but once in the biz you need outside interests or you get burned out.

Has anybody bought anything on your wish list?

We have a wish list?!?;) But seriously, yes. I have:)
I see sometimes you do covers for other series, How long does it take for you to do a cover?

That depends on what's on it. But say anywhere from 3 to 10 hours. Team books take longer… but you don't get paid extra.
What backlash/wildcore issue were you most impressed with or that you cherished the most?

Backlash 12. That's my favorite all around.
Was there a plot/story that you had for backlash that was shot down by the editors? “

Nope, since I was a creator of the character I got to say what went story wise until I left WS. If they hadn't of killed off WC I would have liked to have done it myself. I did have to work with other people though so things didn't go exactly were I wanted them. Things got a bit too convoluted with Atlantis (BL was originally going to be Zealots son, but Ron Marz wanted it to be that guy from StormWatch so we had to make up a new Lord, just like we had to make up the bad guy for Kindred, he was supposed to be Grunge's Father.) So if I ever do work on him again, Simple would be better;)
That's all for now... there should be some sort of announcement soon (like a few days.) I will be sure to post it here!



This Sunday, We're FREE!!!

Damn it! Now that would have been heaven;)

Found here!

All kidding aside, this was put up outside a Church: I've actually had people say this to me in the comments of some posts. What's really funny is that they think this is some kind of win. Well how about if dogs evolved from wolves why are there still wolves...? well because the entire population of wolves didn't evolve into dogs, a small isolated portion did. It's not hard. And of course the sign is wrong because humans (women included!) evolved from APES... In fact humans are a TYPE of APE. We did not evolve from Chimps, we share a common ancestor, one that did not use their knuckles for walking. We know this because fossils from that time that are thought o be related to both groups did not have a specific bone in the wrist. Which means that Chimps and Gorillas evolved the knuckle walking separately. It's called convergent evolution:)

You see what happens, is an animal splits into 2 different animals, they usually continue to interbreed occasionally like diamond pythons and carpet pythons, until they finally split for good. Then BOTH groups continue to evolve, in the case of humans one into us and then the other into Chimps. Evolution doesn't just stop. The monkeys around now are not the same monkeys that apes evolved from, these are the monkey that evolved from those monkeys. Once you figure this out maybe the signs will get better or at least be more accurate. This just shows that religion doesn't really know much about science. Oh, and their 1 is crooked.

But lets end on a fun note! Singing!

Found here!



Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Comic board dilemma!

Hi all!

I actually need a good answer from you guys. I received some new art boards from DC and to put it frankly they aren't up to snuff. This happens from time to time, so they sent some more, and these are just as bad. I'm having a VERY hard time using them, they smear, they have far more tooth than a smooth board should, it feels like they were never hot pressed. So I need some boards that are up to pro work, smooth for me, white and acid free, and able to take a quill. Any ideas? I'd try Blueline but 20 bucks for 12 boards?!?!? Way to expensive. I used to use this cover stock paper but Norm says it bleeds.

Any ideas?



Some sort of announcement about my next project soon. Hopefully next week!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Still more questions answered!

Brian said...
Besides Wally West, which others characters do you consider some of your favs at DC. Also have you approached anybody about putting together a book with those characters. you are one of my favorite artist in the industry and i am so glad that people are seeing the talent that i have been talking about for years. keep drawing and i will keep buying.

Hi Brian, hmmmm… let's see:
Wonder Woman, NightWing, Booster Gold, Tim Drake Robin, Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), Martian Manhunter, BatGirl (Barbara Gordon,) Kid Flash, Green Lantern, Batman, PowerGirl, Capt. Marvel, The Specter, The Superboy… I know I'm missing some…. Captain Atom, The Joker, DarkSeid, Solomon Grundy… I've gotten to draw most of them already;)

M.O.R. asked about my influences. I can't seem to find the comment?!?

Anywho, Art Adams, he's the guy who got me into drawing comics. Marc Silvestri, Jim Lee, Alan Davis, Kevin Maguire, Todd McFarlane for capes! Norm Breyfoggle, George Perez, John Byrne… Those are the main ones that got me reading and kept me drawing.

That's all I can think of now…



It's Draw Muhammad Day 2011!

And As you can see I drew him in the most foul and evil way I could think of, black socks and sandals. It's been posted to the Flicker site I mentioned below as well.

And for all those religious nuts who think this is blaspheme, what about all these other images throughout history:

I don't care what any silly religion says about images, I do care that people are being killed an silenced for something as non hurtful as this. This is about free speech and standing up to those who would oppress it. Grow up and join the modern world, crazy religious laws do no apply to moving forward, only backward. This hurts no one unless some zealot decides to make it so, that is insanity, that is were religion leads. How can people not see that?

Oh, and any hatemail will be posted online in full view, names and everything.

Now, who's been raptured?



Friday, May 20, 2011

This Sunday... some of you will be gone!

I've been assured by some really fancy math that tomorrow is the day, the Rapture is coming. I've known about this for awhile now so I have been preparing, have you? (lots of sun screen and flip flops it's hot down south!) If not here's some helpful tips!

Found via here, and don't forget your towel!

But wait! Could this be the trigger? Tomorrow is Draw Mohammad day! This handy clip may just show you why this is so important. I'll be starting mine in a few!

Go here for links to sending stuff in.

So that's why I'm doing this now, can't blaspheme on a Sunday if everyone's gone!



Sunday, May 15, 2011

This Sunday, how NOT to talk to Atheists...

I guess there are websites out there that 'teach you' how to  talk to Atheists and people of religions other than yours. And while I won't speak for the religions, I can safely say this is NOT the way to try and convert an Atheist: 

I laughed my ass off when I read this! There are other tactics, like trying to say all the science of Evolution has been refuted by these guys who aren't really scientists in those fields (or any fields for that matter) but they're not nearly this funny! Pascal's wager, seriously?! If that was the case you'd have to practice all religions on the planet, funny how they only seem to care that you practice THEIR religion. Of course they know the real answer... Bible quotes!!!!

Anywho enjoy. Blogger was down with some problems a few days ago so I wasn't able to answer some questions. DOn't worry M.O.R. I will get to it!



Wednesday, May 11, 2011

World of Flashpoint 3... er 2 cover!

This is actually the second cover, I know this because I was there... and I'm drawing the third cover now;) Here for details.



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another question answered.

Tomasz said...
Hi Brett,I got a couple of questions...Will you ever do a Youtube video of yourself drawing a sketch or page..just love to see how it all comes together?

I hate being photographed, and I'm pretty bad at explaining things while I work, I sort of zone out an focus on drawing. I have been asked but I also take a lot of breaks for a bad back so I'm sure I'd forget to turn the video thing back on and miss a whole section;)

How did you starting working at DC and signing a two year contract, just came out of nowhere for this fan?

It's a thrilling story actually. I emailed Eddie Berganza at DC, there I sat waiting torcherd, sad, an hour later Eddie emailed me back and told me he'd love to work with me and was looking for some backups to get me started. A week later i was working for them.... so maybe not thrilling;)
A few months later Eddie me to go exclusive with DC. I sort of held off for a bit. But we finally all agreed to do it in March, my contract started in April.:)

Do you read any comic book related websites?

Newsarama, The Source, Bleeding Cool, CBR and Blastr. I do check reviews as well, nice to see what the fans are saying... usually;)

What is your viewpoint on the state of the comic book industry?

Hard to say. I think digital comics are the future but I'm not sure if printed one will go completely extinct. Sales have been declining for years, but that might just be the reflection of more companies taking from the limited amount of fans. Which reminds me I have to make a call about this today! I do find it funny that the newer fans done see the cyclical nature of the medium. Saying that Marvel has 'better' artist because they have a newer style. But I just see a great 70's and 80's art influence. Not my cup of tea right now, but Spidey's new outfit is cool:)

Do you ever check the sales figures of the comics that you work on? IE is it something that you check on regularly or is not something relevant as you are doing something you love?

Sales are always relevant. I do check them... but I'm not sure if the ones for April have been posted yet... Sales for JLA 55 went up about 5,000 copies in the direct market. I don't get numbers for news stands and overseas so if JLA is selling 50,000 through Diamond, it might be as high as 75 to 80,000 total.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

This Sunday... I'm so very sorry...

For making you watch that.... it still hurts.. I thought love of God inspired some great music and art...? This is SO no the case here. I'm beginning to think that maybe those musician and artists were great all on there own. What's that you say, he's just a kid? Well so was Beethoven when he started;)



Found via..

Questions Answered!

Fatboy73 said...
I have a question Brett.What's the situation with you and the comics industry?What happened to sour you so badly?

Caine said...
Do you have "ownership" of any of the wildstorm characters? I'm thinking that you are listed as a co-creator of Backlash but I'm wondering about others like the Chaser Unit from Wildcore.

Nope, when you do stuff for the most companies, they retain all the rights. I do have some creator rights for BL, but that's just royalties and the like for TV and Toys. The Chasers and the Wildcore DC owns.

If so will you be able to make comics about them ever again?

Never say never. But I doubt there will ever be a Wildcore book... Backlash maybe, I do have some ideas, but for now I'd like to focus on the DC universe, since I never really drew them much when I was a kid, it's all new. And with all the stuff happening after FlashPoint... well, lets just say there are several books I'd like to get a crack at now:)

Also... I'd be interested in knowing if you have any desire to produce a creator owned project.

Sure I would, but money is always the problem, I can't wait months to get paid or possible not get paid. I've had several people interested but for some reason the money never seems to fall into place:/
steve said...
What is your favorite kind of pie?

Warm apple pie.... from Whataburger;)
David said...
Brett,Wally is my favorite Flash too. I have two questions for you. First, I was wondering if you ever sell the sketches that you post on here? Second, what is your opinion on them bringing Barry back and putting everyone else on the side?

Yep, I do. First come first served.

I know why Barry is now front and center, to show that he is the Flash now. Unfortunately Barry just isn't modern. I've read a bunch of the original Flash series with him in it. He's basically a wet noodle even back then. Geoff has made him slightly better but he's still to old school for me. I want stories about the Flash group figuring out how the SpeedForce works, and a revamp of the rogues gallery. I really wish DC would put Wally into a second Flash book, he carried his own book for almost 300 issues, it could work. You could change his name to Bolt or something but to me he's far more interesting than Barry.

One of my goals at DC is to get a big enough name to do a Wally West Flash book:)
yearofthetiger said...
Do you still plan on publishing an art book of your anthro drawings?

Right now, no. I just don't have the time to put it together, I barely have time to watch movies or TV right now. I've been trying to get Steve to do a Freaks 2! But that publisher passed and basically gave it to that Chris Hart guy... I was not impressed.

More questions? leave them in the comments!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ask me a question!

Wally's always been my favorite Flash, from Kid to Bolt. I've really been enjoying the Young Justice TV show he's on, I'm just hoping they start showing new ones soon:(
Anyways, years ago I had an "Ask Brett a question" thing going on the blog were you guys can ask me questions and I'd do my best to answer them (thus the letters in the image, I wasn't sure how to show email's in a pile;)) Since I won't have much new stuff I can show for a bit, I thought this might be a way to keep the blog going without art. This will only be for a bit, solicitations will eventually show what I'll be doing after JLA.

So ask away in the comments, or email me if want, my emails in my profile... I think.