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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Megaraptor as a Carcharadontosaur!

Just a quick sketch of my version of what Megaraptor would look like if it was a Carcharadontosaur.

I'm REALLY tired today. I'm only working at 25%, the dogs and the wind were not kind last night. I did manage to watch Cloverfield. Which was cool, but the monster was.... I don't know, kind of weak. I think it was the back legs, they just seemed wrong to me, especially for an aquatic beast. If you're going to create an American version of Godzilla, it's got to be kool looking. It was interesting but not something I'd buy as a toy. It reminded me of War of the Worlds (Cruise addition) meets Freakylinks (which is now on Mondays and Saturdays on the Chill network!) I did like the movie. Almost everyone dies!

I might finally watch Juno tonight, we'll have to see if I can stay awake, I don't do well on 4 hours of sleep anymore.



Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This was a sketch done for the DabelBrothers. I don't remember what the project was called or it it ever made it to production. Just some neat thing.

I've been asked to do a sketchbook this week. Not drawing it mind you but allowing my art dealer, Derek, to do one. I don't know if I'll have enough actual art for that. I don't think the comic buying public will want a sketch book of anthros and dinosaurs..... I do have some older stuff but is it too old.... I don't know.



Sunday, April 20, 2008

More dinosaurs!

This one is called Becklespinax. Known from merry old England. This is based on some pretty fragmentory remains so it's pretty speculative.

I be he watched Numberwang.

Anyways, I've seen 3 movies in the last week. Surfs Up, I quite liked this very fun and the documentory stuff was great! The Da Vinci Code. I figured I would just turn it off it was too bad but I liked it! Very fun interesting movie. I'm familiar with the research this movie is based off of but it was still pretty fun! And Finally.... Aliens vs. Predator. I liked the last movie, it was too short with not enough explanation for me, but still the FX were cool and the fight at the end was great. This movie.... not so much. In fact the only thing I can say I liked was that the Predator wasn't some big muscle bound dude, he was sleek and streamlined like the original one. Skip this one if you have to pay for it, I was so rooting for all the people to die. I did also get Juno but haven't watched it yet.



This is why I talk about this stuff

I was told that evolution is basically they big man on campus and that it isn't challenged in schools. Well I beg to differ and here are a few bits to read:

Louisiana stuff


Those nice loving conservative christians just want to talk.

I'll post a picture for all those sick of this subject;)



Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cringing Children of the Eighties

I am a child of the eighties. I watched all the required cartoons, though I was too old for the toys. I was the only individual over the age of twelve in the theatre when Transformers the Movie came out. I get that little glow of nostalgia for those things I enjoyed when I was a kid and teenager, I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'm not hard-core, though. The new Battlestar Galactica didn't make me rip my hair out in fits of anguish because Starbuck is a woman. The live-action Transformers changes in 'canon' didn't make me wail with despair about people who have 'no respect' for the original material. (I didn't like the movie, for reasons that had nothing to do with being true to the original or not.) This is my long-winded way of saying, when eighties properties get revived, I pay a little bit of attention, just for nostalgia's sake. Brett does the same thing with comic book properties. So, on Yahoo news they had a little thing about the G.I. Joe movie coming up. I was not a G.I. Joe fan, it was just on in between two other shows I watched. I just never found it very interesting but I watched it; for most of my youth, we had a gigantic old console television with no remote control. Unless you wanted to sit in front of the television, channel-changing involved effort, and I have always been lazy. Anyways, I looked at the cast members on one of those annoying automatic slide shows everybody and their brother seems to think are so nifty, and WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING when they cast that little round-faced blonde girl as the Baroness? Childlike round face, snub nose and a little bit of freckles just SCREAMS 'exotic evil foreigner with an accent thick enough to cut with a knife', doesn't it?

The entertainment industry just baffles me sometimes.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sounds like science to me...

This is the last I'm saying on this as I've been hearing about Expelled for over a year now and I'm just finally sick of it. For all those IDers out there here's your science:

Wedge Document info

and here

ID isn't science, it's control. Just like the religion it stems from.

The facts don't matter only their beliefs.


Super lizards!

Not actually, these were lizards left on a island for 36 years, they have already started adapting to their new enviornment! Check it out. Lizards!

Cool, if you didn't know about their DNA they would be classified as a new species. In fact if it wasn't know that they were planted there they would be assigned sub species status.



Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cowboy commission part the first

So here you go. 4 guys from the DC universe. Hex, Bat Lash, Kid Colt and that other one who's name escapes me. I added a few things but left most of them the same, everyone was sort of dressed alike.



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Idiots don't get a cookie...

So our idiot of a President met with the Pope yesterday. And today I find this article.

Once again you fricken moron, we are a secular nation. Stop assuming everyone is religious, and a Christian, and move on. For crying out loud why is this religious 'leader' even allowed in our country? This is the same guy who said the thing to do about all the child molestations was to keep them quiet and wait until the statute of limitations ran out... This is one of the guys who was just shipping the pedophiles off to a new churchs.

LOL! This is the scariest picture I've ever seen! Run kids, your asses are in danger!!!! Either that or he's about to eat them.

Gotten from here.

This is my favorite line:

Bush said that "we need your message that all human life is sacred."

I think he really ment to say "I need...." Isn't he the guy who sent over all those soldiers to die and to kill? And put to death all those people while he was governor of Texas?

After watching the news these last few weeks. I have come to a conclusion. Almost everyone in the world is stupid. So watch yourselves, they might get it on you.



Monday, April 14, 2008

Expelled Exposed

Expelled Exposed

Is a website put together by actual scientists basically giving you facts about all the lies this film is trying to propagate. This movie keeps getting panned by everyone. So I wouldn't waste your time or your $10.



edit: here is an excellent review;)

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Oh, were to begin. I've actually put this off for months, but the time has come I guess. Now I haven't seen this movie, but I've read sooooo many reviews that go over this thing point by point it's ingrained in my head. But I'm only going to hit on the things I know are definately in the movie, because I did read the Answers in Genesis review....ugh so they confirmed these points.

So, in the next few weeks the movie EXPELLED will start appearing, in limited release around the country. Mostly in the southern states what one would call the bible belt. This is a movie that's supposed to be about Intelligent Design, but from everything I've read they only seem to bash evolution and offer no science to back up their claims. Intelligent Design is the belief that everything was created but not like the bible creation story, it's sort of like taking the history of earth and every time something new pops up that was specifically created, as is, complete and perfect. For awhile they wouldn't say who this creator was but lately they've finally caved and said it is the Judeo/Christian God. There is also this thing called irreducible complexity. Basically saying things are so complicated that they couldn't have evolved. They have this great analogy that if you take a piece of a watch out it will no longer work and since the watch was designed so are we. Well, If you remove my arm I will live, well it depends I guess, I might bleed to death but if a doctor did it I would most likely survive. I can also live without one of my lungs or a kidney, my gal bladder or apendix. I'm sure I'll get some comment about eyes or cell tails so I give you this. It a great web page refuting and giving source for all this ID garbage:

They make claims that evolution lead to the Nazis, and that Hilter was an Atheist, he was not, he was born a Roman Catholic and while he stopped going to church later in life was still a believer in Jesus. He even says this in his book, so if you don't believe me check it out for yourselves. Go here for info:

They make claims that 'scientists' were refused tenure and kicked out of science for their beliefs (thus the name Expelled.) Which isn't really true, these guys were lousy scientists and didn't bring in any funding, which is how you actually pay for research that you publish, since the colleges don't fund that stuff. And if you don't do any real published science work and someone else does, who do you think should get the better job? No one who is actually a scientist agrees with this 'theory.' But I digress.

They obtained interviews under false pretense saying that this was for a movie called Crossroads and it was a documentory about the clash of science and religion. They got interviews from PZ Myers, Richard Dawkins and Eugenie Scott telling them the name of the movie was Crossroads (there is a paper or email trial with all this info just check out You may have to look some but I'm tired of finding everything, look for yoursleves;)) but in reality they had already paid for the website address of I don't really know why they would lie about this, but that's apparently what they do. They asked Dawkins about how ID could work. Off the cuff Dawkins says the only way it could work is that aliens, who themselves had to have evolved, seeded the earth with life. It was just a quick idea but they now claim Dawkins believes in ID.... Ugh. If someone asks me to speculate on something, I'll do it. It doesn't mean I agree with them. They cut away from the actual scientists with shots of Nazis to drive home their point. Evolution is evil and it leads to Nazis. Nice guys.

So basically this movie is made for a specific group of people and the uneducated creationist masses, who apparently love this thing. Unfortunately the educated people (like you guys...RIGHT?!) can see through this, not even fox news gave it a good review:

They've been showing advanced previews at theaters around the country. Jess would not let me go, for fear that I would get arrested. But if you went online and filled out a form they would put your name on a list to see these advanced screenings. A bunch of people have done this and it is well documented. Well, one of the interviewies put his name on the list and received a confirmation email. While in line for the movie they tossed him out, or expelled him as he put it, go here for the full story:

The whole point of this movie is to create a controversy that there is a rift in science and that evolution should be taken out of schools. Or at the very least the 'controversy' should be taught in science class. Which, according to the Dover Trial in PA, is illegal since ID is actually just creationism in disguise. But there isn't a controversy is science it's just the same old evolution vs. religion thing again only the religion is trying to call itself science. It's not. How can this be science when they look at something and say God did it, when actual scientist have already SHOWN how it works and it wasn't god it was evolution (you could argue God made evolution which I don't really have a problem with but since macroevolution is impossible to these guys I using the special creation theme song.)

Some other reviews are here, these are from Scientific American and another interviewie:

And another review here:,2385,n,n

And now they are being sued for copyright violation:

I'm sure they will claim that 'Big Science' is out to get them. And they would be right. There is no room for the lies they peddle. They are simply trying to get God back in schools through the back door.

Well that's it,


transitional snake fossil with legs!

A recently found snake fossil that still has it's 2 back legs. Just as evolution predicted....

Go here for the story.



Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Frank #4 cover

Let's try this again, it wouldn't upload earlier....


Robert Bakker interveiw

For those of you interested in paleontology this is an interesting interview. I don't agree with the religion VS. science section but he is a Pentecostal minister, and yes he does believe in evolution. And since this is a dinosaur post here's a dinosaur too;)



The voice of tolerance... not

I've seen this on some of the blogs I read for about a week. Every time I read it I get more incenced. This liberal DEMOCRATE in Illinois is funneling big bucks through a Christian school, to help a church that the school is affiliated with pay off back taxes. Somebody called her on it, and the guy happens to be an Atheist. Go here for more info: Idiot in the heartland.

These are the people who represent us and while some of you might agree with her the constitution does not. This kind of religious stranglehold needs to be toned down. This is why I'm so vocal about this stuff. Not everyone in this country is the same religion wise. So why is OK if your a Muslim or a Hindu but not an Atheist, is it just because we don't believe in a higher being, just humanity? Why is this even still an issue? The separation of church and state NEEDS to be there, it protects not only the government but the church. Sometimes I think that if Australia got all the criminals we got all the nuts.



Sunday, April 6, 2008


Or possibly just a REALLY big Allosaurus. So I bulked him up a bit:) Named by Edward Drinker Cope, it was originally thought to be a sauropod. This guys about as big as T. rex, around 40 feet.

I got half of that darn Cowboy commission done, it's a double page spread so I'll scan the first part and post it.

Nothing really new here, been a sleepy week. I got the last 2 rafters for the roof up but it's been so fricken windy I can't put the plywood on yet:( And I started Frank 3.

I'll upload the cover to Frank #4 tomorrow:)