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Thursday, April 30, 2009


An old project that may eventually see the light of day. The original design (top drawing) was more of a Frankenstein idea, but it sort of evolved while I was drawing it to a zombie like thing, featuring voodoo and necromancy. I was pretty happy with. Wildstorm expressed an interest in it but I didn't want to do it through them fro various reasons. I was going to publish it through Dreamwave but that whole deal bit the big one. So basically it's been sitting around for years. I still like the story and will eventually try to draw it... I just don't know when. Done in a more traditional comic book style with colors by Jess.



Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Project Blue Beam... the Crazy.. It BURNS!

I found this over on God is For Suckers! It's about the government beaming a new religion into your brains... oh wait that's holograms in the sky... wait... it's really ALIENS! I think this is the craziest, thing I've ever heard. It manages to smash all sorts of crazy into one unifying 'theory'.


Right now I'm doing some covers for another upcoming project (not mine, the DabelBrothers), once everything has been announced I'll post 'em:)



Monday, April 27, 2009

Dissected Emu!

Over on Tetrapod Zoology Darren Naish has a really interesting article on (including pictures!) of a dissected Emu. If you're squeemish don't head over, but since I cut up chicken for the dogs all the time I took a look. 2 things jumped out at me. One, the thighs were really thick, but this is a farm raised animal and they tend to breed for big old thighs. And two, thye have claws on their wings!!! This is appreantly a common thing. Why would a wing have a claw if it was always a wing? Perhaps, because it used to be an arm...

Anyways cool neato stuff!



Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Albertosaurus Attack!

I feel asleep twice while trying to color this! An Albertosaurus attacking an Struthiomimus.



Saturday, April 18, 2009

Teabagging the Right Wing and Gamers

After watching a ton of stuff this week dealing with the 'Teabagging' day on Wednesday, I have come to the conclusion that the Right Wing has completely lost their collective minds. At rallies for this event people were chanting anti evolution slurs and comparing Obama to Hitler... I fail to see how this has anything to do with government spending.

But the best thing was the ignorance that the Right Wing has shown over the word 'teabaggin'. I was laughing my ass off the whole time. you would think SOMEONE would know what the word means in slang. For those who don't here's the
Wiki page. I believe the whole Boston tea party was a protest over taxation without representation... I believe you have elected officials, correct? Just because you're not in power isn't the same thing. Why not practice what you preached for 8 years and suck it up. No one wants the deficit to go up, that's not a good thing, but I didn't hear you bitching when your boy was overspending on an unneeded war they lied about.

I find it funny that people expect the economy to right itself in just a few months, most of the money the Government has given out hasn't even been spent yet. Talk about instant gratification...

But I think the funniest thing, at least for me, was on the Wiki page, and I quote:

'Simulations of teabagging are often used in video games, specifically first person shooters such as Counter-Strike, the Battlefield series of games, Call of Duty, and Halo. "Teabagging" is performed by repeatedly crouching down - a common movement in FPSs -on top of an enemy corpse. The act is a form of victory dance to show ownership and to humiliate an enemy player. Certain player groups (often referred to as clans) find the act offensive and therefore forbid its use on game servers they operate.'

They find this offensive and forbid it in a VIDEO GAME!!! It's not real! Come on! Talk about prudes!



More L.A. Banks Sketches

Vlak version 2.0. The reason we do these is to get the characters right before we start drawing the actual book:)




Big Mike





More soon, I have to figure out who I haven't posted yet, there are a bunch of these guys, it's like drawing the X-men from scratch, 20+ main characters, and that just the good guys!



Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vampire Huntress Page 1

The first page, I have to add a few rings. But that's it. The building is an actual place called Greenbrier. It's a fancy hotel constructed with a bomb shelter underneath for the Prez and congress in case of a nuclear attack.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What the hell does this mean?

From God is 4 Suckers comes this confusing and frankly kind of threatening video from Answers in Genesis, a Christian organization:

Now, God is 4 Suckers is pretty hit or miss with me. I'm a moderate type of person and a lot of their posts are pretty...extreme. But I have no clue what this video is trying to say. Christians should shoot people who don't have god? If you don't have god you'll run around shooting people? Because I am an atheist, and I own a gun, and I don't run around shooting people. None of the atheists I know do. Brett has never even fired a gun, and I don't think he's even touched the one we own. I've never been shot at by a Christian, either. Is it a warning? A call to arms?


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

I was looking for something to put up to honor this special day, most of the images while funny, weren't as charming. Plus this one had one added bonus, we now know why Jesus wants our souls, he's just hungry...awww:)

This one I found here.

Here are a few links to some of the others I found:

For those few who know who Christopher Hitchens is, I found this fun little quiz:

Who Said It? South Park vs. Hitchens

I got 20 out of 25, not bad for never actually seeing any of Hitchens debates or reading his books. It is interesting to see all the different topics covered on South Park.



Friday, April 10, 2009

Now for something completely different..

Or more of the same if you're new here;) A splotched Jaguar, possibly a new or recessive color morph. I only had a brief description to go by, but making stuff up can be fun... insert creationist joke here. Sorry I couldn't resist. On a similar note, my friend Erin has a new blog called:
Creationist FAIL of the Day. Oh and I guess today is Good Friday, but if my math is correct, then Jesus would have risen on Monday, not Sunday, unless of course you count the day he was crucified... Ah well, Happy Death of Your Savior Day! Why people would call it 'good' is beyond me;)

Oh, and I've signed out of my DA account, so if you want to reach me use the email in my profile.



And I See That Some People Still Don't Get It

We have been on the web for a long, long, time. In that time we have always had the same policy regarding Brett's art: if you want to put it on your web page, you can, provided that you attached a proper copyright notice and a link to our current site. This is a very lax policy; many artists will immediately fire off a cease and desist if you put their work on your page. Brett will allow museums and educational institutions to use his dinosaur art for free, with a copyright notice.

We have had an account on DeviantART for six years. We have always had the same policy there: you may copy Brett's originals, as long as you provide proper attribution. We have this policy even on obviously traced work. We are polite about it and we do not complain to DA first, we give the poster a chance to do the right thing. We do not ask for attribution if the copied art is from one of the drawing books Brett did illustrations for. DeviantART has always had some problems, their complaint driven enforcement of the rules being one, which is inherently unfair. I am quite sure the Leopard anthro complaint came from someone who had copied art that we asked for attribution on. DA has repeatedly removed Brett's anthros because someone complained that they had been stolen, without bothering to check things out. But things have gone seriously down hill in the last year and we have given DA every chance to fix it. They have not, and their totally boneheaded 'enforcement' lately has been the last straw.

If you Google Brett's name, or 'Demonpuppy', DA is on the first page of hits. We removed Brett's art from their site because we don't want to drive traffic to them. They don't deserve it.

I don't care if you think it's childish, or sour grapes or inappropriate. We did what we felt we had to do after a series of problems. This discussion is now over.

They just don't get it.

I received this from DA it for the stolen art picture comparison, the side by side:

devart said the following:

The work(s) listed below have been removed by staff as a violation of the deviantART copyright policy. Your deviantART submissions must consist entirely of your own work or valid stock resources and must not include works from copyrighted sources.

Please read our Copyright Policy and if you have any questions or believe this removal to be an error please contact the deviantART Help Desk

Submitted: 2009-04-07 7:42:09 pm

This message has been generated automatically, if you need additional assistance, please visit the Help Desk

The thing is since the artwork is stolen I OWN THE COPYRIGHT. SO I am in the processes of removing all my art on DA. The thing is you CAN'T just delete your account, it's a new thing they implimented when they changed things around a few months ago. So if you have stuff on DA I would recommend removing it ASAP.



Thursday, April 9, 2009


I've started a new blog just for the dinosaurs called Carnosauria. I'll still post the art here, but I'll try to be a bit more science minded and stick to that, no religion or other stuff just dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts on the new blog. That way I'll be able to transfer all the older dinosaur stuff from DA to there before completely deleting my DA account. So you dinosaur fans will have one place to go for the art:)




Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nanotyrannus in color and crap

Just done real quick, after yet another case of ripped artwork (In this case a dinosaur) I will not be posting stuff to Deviant Art anymore. I reported the theft to DA who basically said I was wrong, you be the judge, mine would be the one on the left.

They modified a leg and an ankle. I asked them to credit me and nothing so I reported it... I not going to use a site were the moderators are fricken blind when it comes to this crap. So now I will only post new art here. I'll delete my DA account in a few weeks, enough time for all the people who follow me to know the dealio.



Old Therizinosaurus for Leo

I did this awhile ago maybe 2004. It's eating termites. which may or may not have been a food source. Recent finds show that (at least early) Therizinosaurs had feathers that looked more like hair, similar to that of a Kiwi with longer quills projecting from the neck and tail (possibly the back as well but that part of the fossil didn't survive.) So this drawing is a bit out of date but the quills might actually be right:)



Sunday, April 5, 2009

You might be a homophobe if...

Over on Pharyngula is post a bout a nursing student who happens to be lesbian. She's basically being flunked out of skool because of it. This line caught my attention (as well as PZ's and the commenters) it's from the Teacher (I would assume she's a woman from this:)

"I myself am not homophobic at all, but I would not want a lesbian nurse caring for me when I am vulnerable."

Sounds like a bigot to me, but not convinved? How about we change it up just a bit and get this line:

"I myself am not racist at all, but I would not want a [fill in the blank] nurse caring for me when I am vulnerable. "

Of course the teacher forgot the rest of the 'not homophobic' catch phrase in her original line... "I have gay friends." ..... Right, sure, you betcha.

You can go here for all the jucy tidbits.



So, are you open minded?

This is a very interesting video on open/closed mindedness. If you go around telling people they are closed minded you should watch this.

I'd hat tip but I've seen it on like 5 sites already;)



Saturday, April 4, 2009

Toned St. George Theropod

I finally got around to erasing the damn background color on this. Just a quick tone job.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm sorry I mocked the Pope

After reading this article, Do Not Mock The Pope. I have realized that I was wrong and that the Pope really is the moral pillar of this world...


Geez... I'm really having a hard time understanding how these religious leaders actually keep people listening to them when they spew out such rubbish. But I guess when you're followers think their starved children will be resurrected, they'll be easily manipulated to believe everything you say regardless of the multitude of evidence that shows the opposite. I know it's an extreme example, and those people are most likely in need of medicine, but what about the people who think it's a miricle if a Cheeto looks like a cross or if some folds on a couch look like the face of Jesus (the white anglo Jesus of course, lets forget the fact that he would have been of arabic/middle eastern decent.) If those are what you've got for modern miricles, I have some mystery tonic that cures baldness and increases breast and penis size that I can sell you cheap, only $19.99;)

So once again screw you Popie, and all your little underlings too. Thanks to Stupid Evil Bastard.

Oh, here's a dinosaur picture for those who don't care to listen to my rants:) A Tarbosaurus attacks a giant hadrosaur in prehistoric China.



Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Acrocanthosaurus in color

I did this up last year, I needed something to post on DA to do a test, so I used this. Acro's still one of my favorites!