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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blaspheme! Must be that holy day..

Anyways, this was sent to me by a friend of mine. His blog seems to be doing something strange since I know I was on it a few weeks ago and it was giving me 2010 stuff but now all I'm getting is 2009 stuff... strange. Anyways enjoy or get all pissy, whatever;)



Saturday, May 29, 2010

'Tarzan Boy' vs Acrocanthosaurus!

'Tarzan Boy' one, Acro zero! This concept has a name now, I'm just sure if I should mention it until the logo gets finished (It's almost done, but I suck at putting these type of things together.) Anyways just something fun I drew up last night. The human and dino are pretty much to scale. Working on so many projects for others, I needed a mental break so I decided to do some stuff for myself for fun.

I've been reading the Order of the Stick web comic lately, very funny of you ever payed D&D!



Thursday, May 27, 2010

Future Ape Man

Originally done for something else, this character/monster will be folded into another project idea. I've edited the naughty bits as to not offend any of the more fragile readers;)

It actually works out well as this future ape man for another idea was based on the future ape man concept for the new story. Neato.



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stargate SG-1 Vala Cover #4

I know there's a colored version of this, but maybe it hasn't been approved yet. This is what Dynamite solicited. SG-1 fighting some unseen bad guys.



Sunday, May 23, 2010

More sketches

An Ausralopithecine and one of those new hobbity things.

Let's see, the leaping guy is a Homo erectus, then we have a few Australopithecines, Homo heidelbergensis, Gigantopithecus, the Hobbit; Homo floresiensis, and a Homo sapien.



Oldish commission

I have NO memory of actually drawing this, but it looks like my stuff:) Thanks Baron, for sending this!



Ye of Little Faith! Sunday Blasphemy

Just got back from Houston and San Antonio yesterday afternoon, still very tired. Nura got off to Scotland just fine:) The Houston Museum onf Natural History... I didn't not enjoy it. Damaged mounts, hundreds and hundreds of school kids and NONE were at the Archeopteryx exhibit, they went to the Magic and I-max theaters... There were only 4 people looking at the actual Archeopteryx fossil... I was disgusted.

Anyways, tired. So here's some fun with Rowan Atkinson and the Amazing Magical Jesus!

Found via: Pharyngula



Monday, May 17, 2010

More 'Tarzan Boy'

I've actually read Tarzan, this is nothing like Tarzan, except the half naked dude in the jungle part. But every good artist has to have an 'Wild Man' right? Eventually I'll decide weather I want to pursue this idea further, but for right now, some splash images are kind of fun, maybe I'll do some prints.

Anyways, just an early FYI. I will be attending the first ever EP-Con in El Paso, TX this September 11th and 12th. If you're in the area come on by, we can chat and whatever.



Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ronnie James Dio, Dead at 67

Since Brett and I are not Dio fans it might seem weird to be blogging about his death, but bear with me. Very, very occasionally, we will watch Metal Mania on VH1 Classic. Maybe once a month or so. And every single time they play either Dio's Holy Diver or Rainbow in the Dark. Every time. Sometimes Brett refuses to turn it off until they play a Dio video. We get a giggle out of it. So in a small way, Ronnie Dio has enhanced the somewhat questionable glue that holds us together, the squishy cutesy goo that makes up the vast store of private jokes a couple collects when they've been together a long time.

Rest in peace.

More Neanderthals

Went a bit crazy with the tattoos. No evidence they did that, but they might have colored their bodies with red ocher. And you can see my rambling on the side.

I may have to rename this one Heidelbergensis, since her rib cage is far to small. They were the ancestors of both Us and the Neanderthals. Also they were big, around 6 feet tall and built like superheroes.

Been doing some research into early humans and clothing, turns out humans didn't start wearing clothing until around 70,000 years ago. So one idea is that Neanderthals (who lived in cold climates were covered in fur/hair.



Is Sunday, Shrouded in Mystery?

In case you live under a rock, there is this religious 'Relic' called the 'Shroud of Turin'. It's supposed to be the death shroud of Jesus. He was supposedly wrapped in it after he was crucified and miraculously his image was imprinted to the shroud when he was zapped into the hereafter. Last month the History Channel ran this Face of Jesus thing, which I actually sat through... HORRIBLE. Completely one sided, these people knew it was 'real' going in. Ignoring the dating that it was in fact only made in the 1400's, they used computer imaging 'techniques' to make the 3D image of the person on the shroud. Of course the person was then made to look like a white dude with dark hair.... Everyone seems to keep forgetting Jesus would be a Middle Eastern Jewish man, he would NOT have light brown hair, he would not have European features and he wouldn't be tall... but try telling that to the faithful, when even here in a largely Hispanic area all the Jesus' are white.

Anyways, I thought the show was bad, the blood on the image looked wrong, blood wicks, most of this didn't. Jesus just looks wrong, in fact he looks like 1400 century artwork to me. But it turns out Greggory S. Paul, of dinosaur fame, has decided to deconstruct the image, it turns out if this was Jesus, he was over 6 feet tall, and a microcephalic, meaning his brain was small, like really small.

And of course his left arm was bigger than his right... Meaning he looked more like this in real life.

Image copyright the South Park dudes. Chewy CHomp!

Except with the head like this:

So you tell me believers in the Shroud, still think it's real? I think the Bible might have mentioned that Jesus was really tall for the time or that his left arm was longer than his right or if he was micocephalic. Did I miss something?

Till next time!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Like a Phoenix!

A commission done years ago, a remake of an Uncanny X-men cover, Dave Cockrum I believe.

I did want to thank everyone for the kinds words on the last blog post, seriously I was just having a bit of fun but I do appreciate the sentiment:) When I do stuff like that please feel free to pile it on Roast Style if you want. I won't take offense... or will I?;) I may one day stop blogging but there would be something more official or serious sounding and it would take more than one person hating my work, maybe 3. Yeah, 3, that's were I draw the line!

I was a Jim Lee clone when I first got into the biz, I won't deny that, that's WHY I got hired! Just like Jeff Scott Campbell was an Art Adams clone (I actually started out as an Adams clone when I first started drawing comics.) Everyone has their roots, the key is trying to develop your own look once you finally get noticed, not an easy feat. Also important is to keep working at getting better, once you get complacent, well the art stagnates and then you start the downwards spiral towards suckiness.

I don't actually look for praise, I like having a more friendly relationship with fans, thus the more friendly goofy atmosphere here (unless you want to argue about religion then I don't hold back... much.) And if you have questions please don't be afraid to ask, or if you don't want to do it in public my email address in listed in my profile. If I don't back back to you in a few days I'm either sick, really busy or I just forgot, email me again. I'll get back to you, really, for realz.

Eventually Jess or I will get around to a post about tracing art and being influence by art, but we've both got some crappy cold... again.

More Sunday Blasphemy tomorrow, it's Shroud of Turin time!

Thanks again!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is the end...

I have been informed by 'Big Thunder' over on the Newsarama boards that I can't draw women, at all, and that I apparently killed the Anita Blake comic. Some of the remarks were akin to my womens' waists are the thickness of a girls forearms and broken necks. I have chosen this image of a wisp of a girl to show the truth (although I'm not sure how broken her neck is) to prove his point as no woman has ever looked like this.

So I must now admit defeat, seeing as how 'Big Thunder ' is an absolute legend in the comic book forum business, and turn in my pencil and triangle. It's all over folks, nothing to see here, move along.

Good bye forever my scores of misguided fans and followers, I have wronged you in so many ways... Praise Jesus.


EDIT: FOR ALL THOSE COMMIN' OVER FROM THAT REVIEW THING, this is a JOKE post about someone on Newsarama. I guess people can't understand sarcasm very well or actually read since this post isn't exactly new. Now get off my lawn!


ETA 060710: Good grief, still getting hits from that review comment? This is why I'm quite glad all I ever post is cutesy dog pictures. I don't have to worry so much about my readers actual reading comprehension level. Oh, and commenter Jannet_Jazz? Your local community college should offer some adult literacy classes, sweetie. Maybe you should check them out. Also, look into help for the humor-impaired.

Brett's been in the business almost twenty years, people. Do you really think he's going to get that worked up about criticism and still maintain a public, accessible presence?


A Shade of green

Something I drew and colored up years ago. Creatures I decided to call Shades, basically something like the old Changelings from fairytales. Human children are replaced by Fae children while the parents sleep, in hopes that the Humans would raise the children for the Fae.

Anyways, for the Jim Butcher fans visiting the blog, I can't seem to get back on the boards so if you have any questions please feel free to post them here. Or in a Dresden art post:)



Octo Anthro

But I guess she'd be more like a faun.



Monday, May 10, 2010

A few Neanderthal Sketches

It turns out that the Neandethal genome has been decoded and us Modern Humans have genes we inherited from our Neanderthal forefathers. Coolness.




Jess thinks this is an ugly dragon, I kind of like it;) I'm dumping a bunch of old art I found on another drive. This was all on Deviant Art before I stopped posting there but didn't seem to make it here.



Sunday, May 9, 2010

No Images of Muhammad!… er…. wait … it's Sunday!

Muhammad getting his ass tickled by and angel, who knew he liked the kinky stuff?;)

Going in a slightly different blasphemous way today, enjoy!

For years we've been told that images of the 'Prophet' are not allowed, forbidden to it's Jihad time. Well this isn't actually true. You see there is nothing in the Qur'an that mentions this and this site, Zombietime, has a WHOLE bunch of nifty images from modern artist all the way back to old timey Islamic artists. Here are few bits I thought enlightening from Answering Islam:

"Numerous passages in the Qur’an prohibit idolatry, and worshipping statues or pictures, but there is not even single verse in the Qur’an that explicitly or implicitly says not to have any pictures of Muhammad. This bears repeating: There is not a single verse in the Qur’an that prohibits making or having pictures of Muhammad or people or animals or trees. In fact, there are some verses in the Qur’an which mention images in a positive context and which therefore presuppose that some statues or images were approved by God,"

From Dante's Inferno, Muhammad walks around with his guts out, yummy!

And this one:

"Pictures of Muhammad are "not exactly" forbidden in the hadiths either. The hadiths do not single out Muhammad’s picture. Rather, in the hadith we find the prohibition of all pictures of people or animals, which would include pictures from a camera."

I guess the Christian aren't the ONLY ones ignoring parts of their holy book. There are even some comic book like pages taken from the Qur'an where the 'Prophet' isn't show in a flattering light.

Found over on Pharyngula.

Oh and some ID fun also found via Pharyngula.

14 (+ 1) Reasons Why Creationists Are More Intelligently Designed Than Evolutionists
Paul DesOrmeaux
1. "Creationism" comes before "evolution" in the dictionary.
2. Radiometric dating has determined that Kirk Cameron is between 6,000 - 10,000 years old.
3. The banana has obviously been perfectly designed by a designer for eating and for using in other creative, non-edible ways.
4. Where the hell are those transitional species, like flying squirrels, for example?
5. If we evolved from monkeys, why don't we look more like the Planet of the Apes chimps?
6. Ben Stein offers a perfect example of irreducible complexity "wherein the removal of any one of the parts [such as dying brain cells] causes the system to effectively cease functioning."
7. Especially when filled with animal crackers, my Noah's Ark cookie jar is an exact replica of the real deal as depicted in my illustrated Bible.
8. Evolution violates the second, third, fourth, and any future laws of thermodynamics that science types can dream up.
9. If the earth were actually billions of years old, all the water from the Genesis flood, which currently covers three-fourths of the Earth's surface, would have disappeared down the drain by now.
10. After supposedly "millions of years," tetrapods haven't evolved into pentapods.
11. Evolution is only a theory, like the theory of the Scottish origin of rap music.
12. There are well known, professionally published scientists who believe in God and who think dogs can telepathically communicate with humans.
13. If you leave bread, peanut butter, and Fluff on a counter long enough, does it eventually evolve into a Fluffernutter sandwich? Not likely.
14. Contrary to claims by Darwinists, Ann Coulter is not a transitional fossil.
15. If creationism isn't a valid alternative theory, then what are we going to do with all that crap in the Creation Museum?

Happy Sunday!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sketches and ideas

Sometimes and idea hits me, for a story or a character and it will take me few tries to get it down on paper. Sometimes I get things spot on with the first attempt, others... well it's one of the reasons I draw on cheap typing paper as well as 'art boards'. I had originally done a few sketches of the 'Tarzan Boy', image found here, years ago. When I had an idea I decided to revamp the entire story from the ground up, so that means now is new ideas, and new characters. Once the main guy was drawn and the basic idea was set, I need to work out the details. For some reason it helps me to do some sketches, not finished art by any means, just ideas jotted down in visual form. I guess it helps me focus.

I decided to actually draw out the central woman of the sketch. I may do something similar with the others... at least some of the main characters. But if you have a head you want and they just wear regular clothing you don't REALLY need to do a full body shot, but I wanted to see if the visual would work right. I don't think primitive humans would really care for our morals so I decided to make her topless, but put her in body paint to obscure the 'naughty parts'. I think it will do, but if I get some complaints I may have to pull an Avatar and have some sort of glued neck gizmo. Of course that will only apply if I ever get a chance to draw the damn idea. It most likely will sit in the pile of my other ideas.

On a side note, it is not OK to TRACE another persons images and then change the outfit and call it yours. It is NOT professional and NOT standard practice. But if you do something like that do NOT post it on your site and use it to make money. That's stealing and is illegal. Jess might go into this more since this is more her area of interest.



Save Joss Wedon!

I wasn't sure what this was at first, but if you like Joss's work, it's funny as hell!

Found over at Pharyngula.



Friday, May 7, 2010

More Storm Front art. Vol 2 #2 page 20

I guess this is were my run on Dresden starts. I finished up the last 4 pages for this issue a few days ago. I'm working on the last 11 pages for the last issue right now and then I'm on to Fool Moon, with a possible stop on something else, but only a small one. I can't talk about it yet since it hasn't been announced, but soon.



Tuesday, May 4, 2010

That'll Do, Not Pig

We've had a couple of Peccary sightings in the last few weeks. I got a picture of one today but this guy and his friend were moving through the brush and most of the pics were rubbish. The local version are collared Peccaries, and live in small groups. I have a suspicion they are bedding down in the gully that runs across the front of our property, every time we've spotted them they're coming out of there. They have learned to totally ignore the barking dogs. Peccaries are not in the same family as domestic pigs, which are Old World animals. Locally they are called Javelina. We've been here since 2003 and these are first ones we've seen near the house. They're kind of cute, in a bristly sort of way.

Brett looked at the picture and told me to put an arm on it and call it a crouching Bigfoot.

A few colored Mesozoic images

The first actually appeared on the BBC's web page and, surprisingly enough Fox News. That made my day!

I drew this quickly for Art Evolved. They have a sort of drawing contest, with out the contest part. An animal or type of animal (dare I say Kind:P) is voted upon and then you draw it. They give you 3 months or so so plenty of time. This time I waited to the last minute and whipped the pencils out in about an hour. I decided to try coloring it the morning it was due and it took me about an hour and a half. The cool thing about under water stuff, soooo easy to color;)



Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday already?

I found this over at Pharyngula. This is sooo NOT safe for work, but if you like swearing and tiny South Park penises on Catholic priests it's pure gold;)