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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just for the fun of it.

Here's the finished version of that teaser I posed awhile ago. Colors by Andrew Dalhouse:)

On a dinosaur related note, check this out, Giant 'toothed' geese!

Not an actual goose but a relative with a 5 meter wing span (that's over 16 feet for you who live in the US.)

Season 2 of Chuck starts tomorrow, just an FYI.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Forget morals, what we need right now is brains!

I just read this interview with Sarah Palin.

After reading this ,and a few others, I still can't believe McCain and Palin have a shot! I'm tired of people saying they want a blue collar everyman as President. Don't take offense, but most people are stupid, why would you want someone like that as President? Don't we have that already? It's obviously NOT working. 'But Palin's a soccer mom, she knows how we feel!' No she doesn't, she could care less how you feel. Stop playing dumb.

Sorry rant over, I could go on but it will get really mean. My head hurts... Maybe she could go hunting with Cheney? We'll have to give him a bigger gun this time;)

OK, this is the last post on the election, promise;)