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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Proof that gay marriage is good!

So that idiot of a moron Rick Santorum is spouting some new lies, only this time he got caught (I doubt he'll care since lying is this guys real religion.) In a great Dispatches from the Culture Wars post, he is an every an all ways refuted. In fact gay marriage is GOOD for regular man-woman marriage.

Who would have guessed?

Also, if you are dark skinned you may need to take more vit. D. You might be low.

Frankenstein makes the Wizard Market Watch list.

More art later this week, I have to scan some stuff:)



Thursday, May 22, 2008

Send in the clones!

Ok, I was just wondering about his today. What is the real objection to human cloning? For say the replacement of a lost child. I don't see any other real purpose. Cloning for organs is just wrong plus it will take too long to be of any real use. I don't want to hear because it destroys human embryos, because those embryos are going to be destroyed anyways, why not make them useful, or if you want to go this route, they were unfertilized human eggs that were encouraged to split, then the genetic material was added (basically I'm saying that it was never a embryo too begin with until the material is added.

I'm just curious as to what the actual objections are beyond it's destroying a life to begin with? No real judgment, since I don't think it will actually be a major part of the future, cloning specific organs yes, but not whole humans. And remember that the clone will not always be exactly the same, their will be differences, but it will be close.



This is interesting

Pastor Hagee's view of the Holocaust video.

Here's his view in text form.

He's claiming it's god's will.... I really don't know what to think. On one hand if you are a believer it does make a bit of sense, if he's reading it correctly. God needed a way to get the Jewish people back to Israel. But you might also feel that God could never be so cruel. I'll leave that alone. I think McCain was a little quick to jump in the sack with him, but he needed some conservative street cred;)

Update, McCain has official rejected Hagee's endorsment.

I know Israel is the 'homeland' but to be honest, if I was Jewish, you could get me back there for anything. To stick a lone small country of Jews next to large Muslim countries that don't like them? That's just asking for trouble! Plus it's not the nicest enviornment in the world. Heck, Texas is nicer, and they'd have more room... Of curse, we have the crazy Mormon cults!



Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crystal Skulls

Oh, were to start. The other day I started looking up reviews of the new Indiana Jones movie the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I noticed that the Scifi channel was running a special on the mysteries of the skulls. I knew about them but couldn't remember that much, so I wikied them. Wiki basically says they were man made in the 19th century. They found traces of water in some of the grooves and used that to date them. Cool. They mention the most famous one (which has a detached jaw) and the story about how this girl and her father (an archeologist) claim to have found it on a dig in the 20's. Well his field notes make no note of the skull and in fact (according to wiki) she was not at the dig. So I decided to watch the show as not much else was on.

It starts off that according to the mayan calendar (which is more accurate than ours, this is a fact, go ahead look it up!) the world will end on December 20th, 2012. I've heard this before, it's not new. There are plans on making several movies about it. One might be an x-files movie. But anyways, they said on the show that to avoid this occurance (something to do with a cosmic alignment, which might actually have some merit, if I remember correctly a number of planets will align somewhere around then) all 13 skulls must be found and brought together, some sort of energy would be released and we would all be saved..... Oh and some think that the US found a robotic skull on the moon (they had a very grainy photo as proof, it could have been a bigfoot skull but since it's on the moon, robots seemed more likely. They had a bunch of new agers claiming the skulls had healing power. That healing skull, named Max (it spoke telepathically to the woman who has it,) was given to this woman by some sort of healer right before he died, he wasn't very old, maybe 50, funny how the skull didn't help him. This woman brought her daughter to this healing skull with some sort of terminal illness, then never say the skull cured her, or even mention that she lived, died or what. She now goes around bringing Max to help heal others....

So now people are looking for the last 5 skulls, we've found 8 so far, if found is the proper word since they have yet to actually find them anywhere but european art dealers. So they are looking in S. America for the last 5. They, surprisingly, in the tradition of Ghost Hunters and Destination truth, don't find another one on the show. I couldn't watch it all so I tuned the channel after the first half hour and then watched the last half hour. The funniest thing is, except for the South Americans, all the new agers were middle age white people (a few might have been in their 30's.)

They also make it a point to say that the skulls are made out of the same thing as modern microchips....well sort of quartz crystals are a nature form of crystals. So they were made of naturally occuring crystals, not the ones grown for the computers we all use.

On a strictly religious note, if the world ends on 12/20/2012 it will prove all other religions false...but we'll all be dead so it won't really matter. Of course it could just mean a new rebirth and everything will be fine. I'd say it might also validate the Christian faith but they don't give an exact date so it can't be proven, like the mayan religion can.

Now you have a bit of background for the movie!

In other news:

I read that the next transformers movie will have Soundwave in it. This one will have more robots, apparently for every second the robots appear it cost $1 million dollars (mwa, mwahahah, mwahahahahah!) More robots ithe first movie wasn't in the budget.

I've seen several commercials for the new Hulk movie. Looks good. Hulk Smash!

I still need to see Iron Man. I've actually read a couple of good reviews for Speed Racer. I might check it out at some point, I'll need a bigger screen on my TV first.

Lots of super hero/scifi movies later this year, Hulk, Hancock, Hellboy2, Batman, X-files.... hopefully better than last summer!

As for this picture, I've been informed that Megaraptor is now considered a carchadontosaurid I drew up a picture a few months ago of it as a spinosaur so here it is. It's kind of a companion piece to the suchomimus I did awhile ago.

Also if anyone reads or finds anything that might tickle my fancy, please post it in the comments!

The Tahoe is fixed for the moment. And the Bean wasn't able to get his leg plated liked we had hoped. He now has a modified version of the rod contraption he had before.

That's all for now.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

What poetic form are you?

I've done a lot of these "what fill in the blank are you" quizzes, but I thought this one was especially interesting, both for the amusement value of the questions, but also because the result I got was quite an accurate description of me.

I am the descort, and thwart, and long
for discordant, mordant chaos;
See the pretty dissolution,
See the ditty pattern briefly then
Dissolve away
Into a
Mode of messy disagreeable
(but me-able)
Affray, with lovely spite and hating,
Fights and hurting,
Never abating.
(Quite contrary me.)
What Poetry Form Are You?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Homosexuality unnatural?

I just read this article on homosexuality in the animal kingdom.

So if the natural world does it I guess they can't call it unnatural anymore;)

Big thanks to California for legalizing gay marriage. I don't care what the 'people' think. you can't take away others rights in a country that everyone is supposed to be equal in. And i don't understand how this will effect regular heterosexual couples? It's not like homosexuals are going to marry heteros is it? Once again a non issue that gets blown all out of proportions.;)



DI lies and whatnot

I'm really tired of listening to all this nonsense from the Disco Institute and Answers in Genesis. I will continue to post stuff about science and crazy ass religious stuff. But every time I get a comment that is basically ID or creationist nonsense. I will reply to it thusly. 'Your comment has been filed under 'N' for nonsense.' The IDers refuse to believe that the Disco institute is lying to them. They are renowned for this and so I give you this link, to a great video about the so called 100 Scientists who don't except evolution.

I have given studies/websites all refuting this ID crap but it falls on deaf ears. Actual scientists laugh at their ineptitude. Maybe when they can find an animal that is completely unique, with no DNA in common with anything else, that can't be traced to any other species I'll take them seriously. Because that is the only way they can prove their ideas. So until then I'll keep to actual science.

Edit: I thought this was interesting, over 11,000 Clergy Members in SUPPORT of evolution.

The Clergy Letter Project.....Signatures are current as of 15 May 2008
11,227 signatures collected to date


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Franky in the news!

Tomorrow is Frankenstein day! Or at least when issue #1 ships.

He's the first 5 pages on Newsarama.

You can see by the comments I'm not well liked;)



Cover to #5

Einstein on religion

I've been told several times over the years that Albert Einstein was religious, or at least believed in god, and being a scientist and smart this somehow is proof of the existence of god. I never understood this need to make scientists religious. So what, it makes no difference if they are religious, if they do good science. Well it turns out that these religious assertions seem to be false. Einstein sure doesn't sound like a believer to me:

Einsteins Letter

So what does this mean, other than the fact that the religious can't use this argument anymore, which wasn't really and argument but information, nothing. It's not a big deal. I just thought it was interesting:) I'm sure I'll hear he recanted on his deathbed, just like Darwin and whoever, but none of that can be proven. In fact noted Atheist, Richard Dawkin's is going to have his death recorded so they can't say that about him, now that's dedication!;)



Sunday, May 11, 2008


Well, it's been a crappy day. This morning we had a front come through and it was windy and cool, the dogs played themselves tired starting at 7 am! By 9 everyone was asleep...except Bean (pictured here.) The broken dog. He broke his right front leg in September. We had pins and gizmo's stuck in it and it healed up nicely and by November he was deemed free to fruit by the vet. On the 27th of December he re-broke it....grrrr. It was finally re-healed a few weeks ago, this time we did it the natural way with splints and casts, but he'd lost some bone density so we kept the splint on for a bit but let him do more walking.

So after everyone was asnooze this morning I let him out to roam around for a bit. About 10 minutes later I head the screams..... He broke his leg..... the left one. So now he's got 2 splints on both his front legs. I have to take him to our regular vet tomorrow. UGH! We were so close to having him finally healed... On top of that the Tahoe has a leak in the break line. One that I had fixed twice in the last week and a third time 2 months ago. So after I take the Bean into the shop, the Tahoe goes in. It's just one little part, but I can't get it at AutoZone and the dealer has to order it.... Fuck.

I watched the Golden compass last night. Horrible. Almost as bad as The Seeker.... It's to bad, I liked the book.

Happy Mother's day Jess and all you Mom's, kids (dogs included) suck.


Friday, May 9, 2008


Finally finished Frank 3 today. I'm completely wasted. Time for a few days of vegging and then on to the rest of that cowboy commission. I might be doing a few covers for some of our other books until we get script approval for #4.

This guy was found in the same area as Eocarcharia. They were contemporaries. I tried a slightly different technique on this one, don't know if I like it or not...



Thursday, May 8, 2008

Eye evolution

I keep getting told that the eye is to complex to evolve, that scientists are lying and that jazz

Here is a page that explain the basics.

And here's a video!

There is no controversy about this, it's all in the creationists heads. They have been lying to you and to themselves. In the effort to be fair I've left the comments open but if I keep getting Disco Institute stuff I may change my mind. The answer are out there people, I don't know everything. But to claim something can't have evolved because it's to complex, when we have intermediate forms still around on the planet is arrogant beyond belief. You are free to believe in what you want in this country, but it doesn't mean I have to put up with it on my blog. So if you keep lying to me I will delete you posts.

I came to evolution through paleontology and anthropology. Through fossils, so I will admit that I don't know a ton about eyes since they don't really interest me. That's why I put up the links. They are simple easy to understand and the science has been per reviewed. Something the Disco guys can't claim.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Old commission

Old commission from back in the day! Inks by Bob Almond and owned by Jerry Livengood.

It came out pretty good.

On anothger note the History Channel is doing a new series on evolution called.....Evolve! Catchy! Here's the basic info, more when I get it:


Eyes are one of evolution's most useful and prevalent inventions, equipping approximately 95 percent of living species. They exist in many different forms across nature, having evolved convergently across different species. Learn how the ancestors of jellyfish may have been the first to evolve light-sensitive cells. In the pre-Cambrian era, insects, in particular the dragonfly, would take the compound eye to new heights. Find out how dinosaurs adapted their eyes to become such successful hunters of prey. And while dinosaurs remained at the top of the food chain for 150 million years, tiny early mammals developed night vision to populate the night as a survival technique. Finally, learn how primates underwent several adaptations to their eyes to better exploit their new habitat, and how the ability to see colors helped them find food.

Throughout eons of evolution, the natural world has played host to a never-ending competition. Since the dawn of time roughly 99% of all species have become extinct. In order to survive, all creatures, including man, must treat life as a battlefield and master the natural weapons and defenses that have evolved: Tyrannosaurus Rex's 13-inch canines; the gecko's Velcro-like toe pads; the bald eagle's telescopic vision that is capable of spotting a hare a mile away. What is the history of these evolutions and how did they come about? They didn't just appear arbitrarily, they evolved for a common reason - to give these animals a critical edge in interspecies warfare. To evolve is to conquer!

The new series EVOLVE traces the history of the key innovations that have driven nature's evolutionary arms race from the dawn of life to today, from the anatomical (eyes, jaws, and body armor) to the behavioral (movement, communication, and sex). This 13-part series will deftly blend spectacular live-action natural history sequences, CGI, epic docudrama, and experimental science to illustrate our and our fellow species' eternal struggle for survival on earth.

PREMIERE: Tuesday, June 17 at 10pm/2am ET/PT
LENGTH: 2 hours
REPEATS: Sunday, June 22 at 11pm/3am ET/PT
PRODUCED BY: Optomen Productions, Inc.

Once again thanks to Pharyngula!

I know I'm supposed to be working but I only have 5 pages to do by Friday and I'm partway through one:) Plus the script for #4 isn't ready yet;P



Monday, May 5, 2008

Hitler and his moral foundation

This is for everyone who keeps saying Evolution leads to Nazis.

It says:

"The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life" ('My New Order', Adolf Hitler, Proclamation of the German Nation at Berlin, February 1, 1933)

Hat tip to Pharyngula.



Sunday, May 4, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

I'm finishing up Frank 3 this week. So posts will be sparse. But to tide you over here's a toned Majungasaurus from Madagascar. I'm trying to figure a way of doing something cool with the smaller pictures that aren't really worthy of full colors. This was too soft looking, but it only took a few minuets from start to finish. It's in B&W but can be colored into sepia tone if that looks better:)

I'm not sure if the arms are right on this guy, I'll have to check. They released info on the head along time ago and didn't get to the boy until after I did this! I even emailed the guy in charge to ask questions and just got some vague ideas. This beast used to be called Majungatholus but was later found to be the first good specimen of Majungasaurus. I might have to do a proper on of these things...



Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy National Day of Reason!

In response to Pray Day, the secular community has come up with it's own day, Reason Day.

Instead of mindlessly reciting prayers or wishing for stuff. How about trying to learn something new? Learning can be fun!

On another note. I happened to pick up Bones season1 for $20 at target the other day. 22, 1 hour episodes for $20!



Wasting my time....

Today is the National day of 'Prayer'. While I don't think this should be Government sponsored, in theory it's not really a violation of the establishment clause. I of course, won't be participating. But now I feel that this has officially stepped over the line: We only want Christian prayers!

That's what happens when you let the worst crazy right wingers in charge!

And then of course prayer doesn't work: Praying away your child!

I'm sure some will disagree, but put it to the test. Pray for something that couldn't normally happen. Like all the fish learn to float on air. Or the Statue of Liberty should be showing some leg. If it happens I'll be happy to change my mind.