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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Favorite Euro Pop Band EVER!!!



In Honor of Legion...

I had hopes that Legion might be good, but alas, after the reviews I read... It looks like a dud ( I've read some really bad reviews of it.) I actually like religious/mythology themed movies so I was hoping this one would be the next Prophecy (NOT the mercury bear movie!) So I drew up a sketch of an older character of mine for the fun of it. He looks off a bit, I think it's because I tucked in his shirt.... Well, he's a fallen angel named Lahaitiel or something, I can never remember the spelling...



Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Draw a Dinosaur Day!

Here's my submission: Bistahieversor, a new Tyrannosaurus from New Mexico!

If anyone decides to do one, post a link in the comments!



Friday, January 29, 2010

Draw a Dinosaur day!

Tomorrow is the official Draw a Dinosaur Day. I challenge all of you to pick up a pencil and give it a try! I will also do it, just for the fun of it! I just have to decide which dino to draw... hmmmm.

Here's the info:

Draw a Dinosaur Day



Batman, now in color and 3D!!!

Just kidding, we can't afford 3D yet.

Colors by Andrew Dalhouse.

Circus of the Damned #2 Cover Layouts

Since I can't show the actual covers yet, I thought these might be interesting. For Anita I've been asked to do layouts and then Laurell picks which one she likes best. So, here are a few examples of cover ideas. These are all of Master Vampire Jean-Claude.

He seems to be saying "Hey, big boy.";)

Jean-Claude and Steven the werewolf.

Lounging in his leather chair, while contemplating world events... or new sexual positions, your choice;)

A bit closer, think he might have an idea... or a new position;)

Look in the May previews for a Stargate cover I did for Dynamite. We're still waiting on approval for Storm Front, so I'm finishing off the last pages of Vampire Huntress. I'm on page 19 now so almost done.

I've got a new sketch that I have to scan so I'll put that up when I get off my ass.



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Demons Theme Song By Starlight Mints

I've been watching Demons on BBC America. The show is OK, I don't like the American teacher guy, he's a jerk, but the rest of the cast is OK. They only did 6 episodes, but what I really like is the theme song, which is what the youtube video is. It's just he music so it loads fast:)



Monday, January 25, 2010

Funny ID Takedown and a Quicky Sketch

Done on the computer, I don't have any new stuff to post, just pages waiting for approval and covers that I'm not allowed to show yet:( But once I get the OK, up they'll go.) For some reason I felt like drawing Taboo this morning.

I read this on a blog, it's a comment that I found really funny. I'm going to say this now, NO comments on it, you can talk about Taboo all you want but any ID/religious crap will be deleted. My head hurts too much for anymore shenanigans;)

DEEN said...

"There is no proof one way or the other for or against design intervention."
1. There is no scientific evidence of design intervention (but quite a bit of evidence of sub-optimal or even outright crappy design).
2. There is no known mechanism for design intervention.
3. Design intervention is not necessary for speciation and adaptation by natural selection to occur (both mechanism and evidence are available).
4. Therefore, science gives us good reasons to reject design intervention, and none to accept it.

"Both evolution (sans adaptation), and ID are not verifiable, since both are forensic investigations."
Except that the forensic detective of evolution has the DNA that shows that the butler did it, as well as the bullet traces that suggest what gun you may expect to find in his bedroom. Meanwhile, ID can only whine that there is no video of the act, so maybe the maid did it, even though there's no evidence she was even in the building that night.

Found over at: Zenoferox.



Monday, January 18, 2010


Jess and I are big Monty Python fans, when we heard about Spamalot we both hoped it would be made into a DVD so we'd get a chance to see it. Alas this has not happened yet (at least I'm not aware of it happening, I check every 6 months or so.) Well I broke down and picked up the CD, which I finally got the other day (thanks you Post Office dilweeds! It shouldn't take 2 months to forward the damn thing and then you got the zip code wrong!!! No wonder no one uses you anymore.) I listened to it last night and really enjoyed it so I checked out Youtube and found some of the songs on there. Very funny:) Enjoy!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First actual pro dinosaur work!

This past summer I was contacted by Steve Brusatte on my other blog about doing a skull restoration for an actual paleontological paper, I jumped at the chance and after much back and forth I managed to cobble this bad boy together. The paper was released today so I can now post the image from the paper which I took from Theropoda because I'm lazy and the original is on the other machine;)

But I thought I'd post it to show everyone what paleontologists sometimes have to work with the stuff in white is the actual fossil, the grey what is thought to be the rest, educated guesswork based on related species and the black would be the candy... I mean skin coating;)

This, along with the cover I just finished and new Chuck, I'm in geek heaven this week:)



Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chuck Season 3 Starts Tonight and an anniversary!

Season 3 of Chuck starts tonight on NBC. It's 2 hours and then Chuck moves to it's old time slot on Monday so in the span of 2 days, 3 hours of Chuck! I have prepared for this by re-watching all of Season 2 and most of season 1 (I ran out of time!) This is one of my favorite TV shows so I'm all geeked out about it;D

As for the anniversary, yesterday was the 17 year anniversary of my first day of work as a comic artist at Wildstorm/ Homage/ Aegis Entertainment. I believe the phrase I'm getting to old for this applies;)



Friday, January 8, 2010

Storm Front 7 Cover

This hasn't been approved so it might change, but since I've had problems uploading things to blogger it was the first thing that showed up to post. Nice to see it actually worked.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

100 Quotes Every Geek Should Know

I found this on Scifiwire.

100 Quotes Every Geek Should Know.

Read the comments since there's a whole bunch more there! They did leave some obvious ones out Like 'I'll be back' and 'Use the force Luke' but they might have thought everyone should already know them.

Blogger still won't let me upload anything larger than 100k so until that's fixed no new pages or cover:(



Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Damn you Blogger!!!!

I can't upload anything larger than this, a stupid little thing I did to test it. Grrrr I hate when it does this. I had planned on posting a new Dresden page but that will have to wait. I just finished up Storm Front #7 and we're awaiting approval for #8. I'm working on a few covers, one for Dresden and the other I can't say yet, but it's not Anita Blake;)