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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Sketch Saturday! Lots of Stuff this week...

Last weeks Sketch... I thought I posted it but I guess not...

Superior Spiderman... (sold)

Darksied... or Darkseid... I can never remember... (sold)

And finally Kazar and Shanna, sneaking up on a Daspletosaurus. If you're interested in purchasing this one please let me know, money will go to fund this Cannibalism in Giant Tyrannosaurs study!

Til next week!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The many faces of DR. FATE!!!

This is the original drawing, a bit busy, but I was trying to use many Egyptian mythology sources, from the flail and septor to the ankh and Eye of Ra. James wanted him to reflect Egypt, not just the ankh part of it.

Head, shot to show how the helmet works...

In his original colors.... It's a complex costume but I like this on the best still... got all the Egypt bits I wanted into the design...

DC was worried it might be too busy so it was trimmed down. The purists will shit a brick as they have already deemed the new design too busy. They want simple and it's funny I used his old giant undies as the base for the belt. Strange as Egyptian designs were intricate and beautiful. I think it's people own preference of simplicity that is the stumbling block. I like complexity, adds depth to things. Simple is fine but Fate is complex, ancient and otherworldly, he should reflect that.

And then tried it in grey....

And finally black. 

I like the black better than the grey.... Was sad to loose the blue as it's the color of Egyptian royalty but the black does add a bit of spooky to him;)



Monday, January 14, 2013

New project announcement: Nightwing!

As of issue 19 I'll be the regular artis ton NW, just a few things I have laying around, my NW avatar...

Cover to 19...

One of the costume designs we were messing with..

One in color..

More armory...

With the piping...

First image with the new arm stripes!

So I can now finally talk about things again! WOOT!



Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Sketch Saturday! It's Backlash!

Twitter is being really bad. So lets do it this way. This weeks SS is Backlash! I think the guy I'm known most for. Enjoy!


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy Sketch Saturday!

After spending so much time in Gotham I decided to try a Marvel Now design... Jess says he looks like Racer X. I kinda like it... But it's very red... Also, did not sell right away...

Let's see. The new project should be announced in the next few weeks. I'm on page 20 of my first issue. Should be done tomorrow but I have a cover to finish up today. Been doing lots of designs and I even had to turn work down... if only I could have had an extra week!

Sorry for being so cryptic, everything's so hush hush.




Thursday, January 3, 2013

Last weeks Sketch Saturday images.

Sorry, I went out early last Saturday and Jess took over Sketch Saturday, so I forgot to post these. The last of the X-mas in Gotham pics!