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Monday, October 31, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Teen Titans 2 Preview on CBR!

Head over to CBR for the first 5 pages and then head to your LCBS tomorrow for the comic! It's way better than the Flash;P

Now back to finishing up issue 5.



Sunday, October 23, 2011

This Sunday: Go elsewhere;P

Sorry, busy this week, so I'm not going to post anything but I'll send you to a few places that I thought were interesting:

Why Evolution is True has a great post about the difference between science and religion.

And since it's Halloween next weekend.... I think... here's an 'interesting' ie; scary site about spreading the Word of God to those heathens on October 31! It's a modern day version of Christians co opting holidays for their own nefarious purpose! It's the Winter Solstice all over again, the horror!

And finally the Bible Stories are 'real' because they are 'true'... or not real but true?! or something;P

Have fun, talk amongst yourselves, I'll chime in if I have time or need a break:)



Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kid Flashes!

This one is by Franko, more here!

Big thanks to Mark Maslauskas for going around to cons and getting Bart Sketches! They all look wonderful! 

I'm finishing up issue 5 this week so posting will be a bit light, but TT2 ships Wednesday so I'll see what I can do about posting something:)



Vampires HOOOOO!

I saw this posted on Blastr, I had to share it with you! There are hints but you shouldn't need most of them!



Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I have to draw BART in his 'final' costume this week for the #6 cover. So I did up a quick sketch to jog my memory a bit. It's been months since I drew it before;)



Monday, October 17, 2011

Max Mercury!

Ok, just more of me messing around, nothing about this is real. I was simply taking a break, everyone else was having fun at NYCC and I got the hankering to do a new redesign of Max thanks to the SpeedForce interview. So here he is. Tough one, his regular costume is pretty plain so not a lot to work with. But I made him skirting the SpeedForce:)

Oh and Rich, again don't read into this, just me having a spot of fun;P



Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Teen Titans 1 signing pictures!

Norm (left,) Scott (middle,) and Brian Buccellatto (right,) at their signing a few weeks ago for the Teen Titans and Flash 1 release. Thanks to David Hatfield for sending me the pictures of not only the signing but of a few sketches Scott and Norm did:)

Norm can do some great work all on his own:) Can you see who Norm's influence in this image is? Hint: it's not George Perez..

Scott's style had a vaguely South Parkian look to it... Blame Canada! 

Thanks again David! I hope everyone there had a great time!

And for you Wally West fans a quicky interview I did for Speedforce about Wally:)

And no Rich, I have no new news to report on him, I'm just a big fan;)



Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yet ANOTHER Wally West Flash

This time face on. I wanted to mess with the insignia a bit, plus yesterday was my day off and I got tired of reading so I drew this up whilst watching the TV. And again this is NOT part of, the DCnU.. or New 52 or whatever it's being called. 



Sunday, October 2, 2011

This Sunday; Im too tired!

Sorry, exhausted. I haven't found anything good or what not so here are a few images I got from here, with DINOSAURS!

If you look closely, Jesus doesn't appear to be sitting, he's floating, magic! Or bad art... but since it's sunday, Magic! And of course the awesome logic of Archologists has given us proof that dinosaurs survived the flood because the 'know'.... RIIIIIGHT! I guess they haven't talked to Ancient Alien Theorists yet, they 'know' really it was all Aliens! You don't need evidence when you 'know'. My head just exploded... 

And of course what would have actually happened on the ark. Fricken propane stoves! I think that T. rex is from The Last Dinosaur.... It's a good thing they only eat coconuts or Noah would be screwed, maybe that's why they had small arms, just damaged from that explosion! I just solved something, because I 'know' I'm right;P!!!!

Why the dinosaurs this week? Terra Nova... I watched it last Monday. Carnotaurs were OK, the 'Slashers' were far to fat to be leaping around like that. The story.... I think it has the most cliches in movie history, all that was missing was the pregnant mother! Horrible, boring and I was hoping all the humans would be eaten. Seriously, eaten. That's 2 hours I won't ever get back! Well At least Doctor Who was good:)

Ok, back to work!