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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Awesome Movie Trailer!!!

More punctuation means more gooder;)

ETA: I did not post this, Brett was signed on under my name. I do not use multiple exclamation points or words like 'gooder.'

PTA: How about more better, sweet cheeks?;)

ETA: Doubleplusgood would be better, Pookie.

A is for...

Unreality magazine showcases the Most Badass Alphabet Ever. Lots of fun, check it out. Except for J, that one is just...wrong.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Circus of the Damned #2 Cover

I had posted the possible layouts for this cover a few months ago. Here is the final version colored all pretty like;)



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Jurassic Park comic

It looks like IDW has picked up the rights for a new Jurassic Park comic. I didn't like the first cover, I'm not 100% sure what theropod it is. Article is here.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I was pissed last night, but after seeing the cover artist choices... well they are all good artist, just not my first picks for dinosaurs but that might just be me. I guess I'll have to see what happens.



Monday, March 22, 2010

See, EVILution is true!

I happened upon this site a few weeks ago, Stupid Dinosaur Lies. I saw this today:
"The Bible is clear. The ancestors of every animal that ever lived were created during Creation Week. Each basic animal type was created "after his kind" and all subsequent individual animals, including dinosaurs, descended from these created categories."
Here, according to the beliefs of the creationists, all varieties of animal life were descendants of the basic animal types that were created on Days 5 and 6 of creation week. There's no "Bible is clear" to it. It's all made up and shoehorned into the Bible which speaks nothing about such things.

It looks like what Morris is really teaching here is the very same thing they continuously claim to be all a lie – evolution. Creationists teach evolution! No ifs, ands, or buts about it. They do teach evolution whether they want to admit it or not. The very same thing they regard as a lie is the very same thing they preached about in their dogma. The difference is evolution according to creationists happened at a rapid pace in a short time just like Poke'mon"

It thought that was rather funny. The person who runs the site is a Christian who actually knows that evolution is a fact. I guess there are some who didn't swallow the Kool-Aid (just a joke people.)



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fuck St. Paddies Day

Yes, let us all celebrate the feat of getting rid of all the 'snakes' from Ireland. Let's keep in mind, 'snakes' means everyone who wasn't Christian, as there haven't been snakes in Ireland for a very long time, long before homo sapiens set foot there. So go ahead and celebrate this great feat, you and the Pope can get along just fine;) By the way, he's now been implicated in the whole pedophile/priest thing as well.

And people wonder why I find the whole religion thing horrible.


Andrewsarchus anthro

An ancient relative to whales and goats, this might have been the largest mammalian carnivore found to date.

I approached this one a bit different than the other ancient beasts. Usually I find some good restorations and work from there, this time I actually started with the skull and added the flesh to that. The head shape is odd for modern mammals but it was similar enough that I could flesh it out rather easily. It's known only from the head so the body size is speculative, but it's relatives had proportionally larger head than modern carnivores.



Oh, and the Dinosaucers thing is now dead. Why redo something lame when you can come up with something better and new:)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Revenge of the Nanny State

And last week the stupidity made yet another lunge into the fabric of society with the news that government ministers were considering new laws that would force everyone to take a test before they were allowed to keep a dog.

No, really. Because one dog once ate one child, some hopeless little twerp from the department of dogs had to think of something sincere to say on the steps of the coroner’s court. Inevitably, they will have argued that the current law is “not fit for purpose”, whatever that means, and that “steps must be taken to ensure this never happens again”.

My favorite bit:

Happily, however, I have a solution to the problem, a way that normal human behaviour can be preserved. It’s simple. We must start to accept that 5% of the population at any given time is bonkers. There are no steps to be taken to stamp this out and no lessons to be learnt when a man with a beard boards a plane with an exploding dog.
Read the whole thing: What a daft way to stop your spaniel eating the milkman. HT Free Range Kids.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

White Jaguar Anthro

When I was a kid there was this cartoon on, I think it was called Sheena or something. In the show she had a white jaguar named Ghost. Thus the image, I couldn't bring myself to do a totally white animal so I put a few spots on her;)

Edit: After some digging it was called Jana of the Jungle.... Horrible!

Dinoshark Tonight!

Syfy channel has a new movie with super cheese in it, Dinoshark. It premieres tonight, so pop up some corn, grab a beer (or something stronger as these movies tend to truly suck!) and enjoy. It's a Roger Corman film so you know it will be bad!

More anthro's next week. I actually just did a new one:)



Robot Unicorn Attack Song!

I saw a commercial for a new online game on Cartoon Network call Robot Unicorn Attack. I recognized the song and it's been stuck in my head for 5 days. Now you to can live a part of my life! I'm not a big Erasure fan but I've always kind of liked this song and the video is trippy)



Friday, March 12, 2010

Another I thought I posted, Thylacosmilus

A marsupial sabertoothed animal from South America. They had stubby little legs, that's why they are short looking.



Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yes, and?

For some reason this one didn't have embed code. Weird. Like when I was watching Last Temptation of Christ and the cable went out when they crucified Jesus. Clicky.

Rhino Anthro

See I told you I had one;P

Original Richard, RatKing and Dominga's monster desgins

Dominga's monster. I actually got to draw part of this on the cover to 15:)

Richard, from Circus. He's on a few covers so far so look for more if him. Alpha werewolf.

And Rafael, King of the wererats. I did a modified version of this for a Guilty Pleasures cover. I didn't have rat reference so I used squirrel and modified it back to rat.



Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Anthros...Frogs, Buffalo and Gazelle

I could have sworn I uploaded these here, but I'm not finding anything with the search function. Let me know if I'm wasting my time!

A tree frog.


A gazelle faun, similar to the satyr's of old:) Sorry if these are a bit dirty, I didn't copy the clean tiffs over from the old hard drive.



Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I was around twelve or so when the first Tron came out. I remember sitting in an almost completely empty theatre with my friend Michelle, who didn't get it at all and kept asking me what was going on.

People are a lot more computer literate now.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pterosaur guy

NOT a Dinosaucer, but a regular anthro that I did a few years ago. Notice that it's much cooler;)

I just finished the last Percy Jackson book. It did not disappoint! Unlike a lot of books now a days that have final battles that end in 20 pages, this ending took half book. Fricken awesome! I'm even more pissed I can't draw it now!



Interesing cover story...

I found a web page with some Anita Blake covers and sketches. The interesting thing is that some of this stuff was not released to the public. So I'm wondering where they got it from. I don't really care just my curiosity.

Anyways, when we first got the Anita Blake license those many years ago, I had done a bunch of sketches, we initially wanted to start with book 2, the first isn't as hard core Anita as I like, Laurell didn't really hit her stride until the end of the 2nd book in my opinion. This worked out a bit since these designs were still around to be used by Marvel for Laughing Corpse.

So the process starts with me doing sketches, these get approved or changes are made. This is the first Anita sketch I did. I didn't really like it it wasn't 'right'.

Anyways, I did 2 other sketches. the second was also wrong but I got it on the 3rd try. Marvel used that sketch for the cover of one of the trades... Thanks for showing me in best light with a sketch, the gun isn't even finished!

On to the cover for #1. With the design out of the way I was asked to do the first cover, I devised the idea to do simple character covers similar to the book covers, these would be done with 2 colors, black and blue or red. So I went to work... It took 3 days to get the first cover done, I couldn't get it the way I wanted it to be. But eventually things clicked and after spending about 4 hours on the last picture I was done... or so I thought. What you are familiar with is NOT the first draft, it's the second this is the original design:

Laurell didn't like the top, you see, I screwed myself with my own cleverness. Laurell loved the t-shirt design with the penguin on it on the first sketch (Anita has a large collection of stuffed penguins so I thought why not a shirt?) so I was asked to put the original shirt design on the cover. Which is what everyone is now familiar with:
I like, it it works, but now I'm stuck trying to create new t-shirt ideas for her to wear... Eventually I'll run out of monsters;) Seriously, I have Frankenstein, a Witch, a mummy, a Zombie,I think a Gillman and a Vampire... I need more monsters!

This is an image not really seen. Jess colored the covers as black and white and later added the colors you are familiar with. This is what the original cover looked like sans color:

There is also a JC one done like this.

The moral of the story? Don't try to be too clever, it will bite you on the ass!



Friday, March 5, 2010

More Dinosaucers...

A new bad guy design of an Agustinia, I'm thinking of calling him Augustus or Caeser...

The awesomely named Tricero... I think I might push to change the name to Trike.

His anthro form.

I had to do the Bad guy, Genghis Rex. I wanted him to look a bit more 'primitive', thus the different stance.

That's all for now. We wait for colors and then see what Sony and Cookie Cutter says:)



Thursday, March 4, 2010

Love Your Body?

Maybe you should feed it more often. Eat a fucking sammitch. Eat five sammitches. And a pizza.

Cranky today.

Which Science Fiction Writer are You?

Make with the clicky to take the quiz.

I am:
James Tiptree, Jr. (Alice B. Sheldon)
In the 1970s she was perhaps the most memorable, and one of the most popular, short story writers. Her real life was as fantastic as her fiction.

Which science fiction writer are you?

My result turned out to be weirdly appropriate.


Insane religious nuts making everyone think like them..

Or at least trying to, go here for the story American Taliban , it has links to these 'peoples' website. These people are one step away from the Taliban or the Nazis and they're on US soil. It's repugnant. I can't even go into depth because I'd never stop typing. Basically 'Repent Amarillo' is a religious group that goes around an forces their opinion on others, stalking and harassing them. This was supposed to be a free country but I guess it's only a 'free to believe what I tell you to country'. AGH!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sick and Tired..

...of being sick and tired. You may have noticed my thin blogging lately. Or maybe you haven't. Or maybe you don't care. Brett and I have been sick with the flu. It sucks. Over a week sick and I don't feel any better. Add a concurrent small intestinal bacterial infection and you have a lovely recipe for major suckage.

I just don't have the energy to get my back up enough to post about anything.

Stargate Vala Cover in color!

Ohhhh, pretty:) Colors by Andrew Dalhouse:)




This was done years ago for a friend of mine, I had done an earlier piece that helped him get the license for this project. I figured since we already have Thundercats and Dinosaucers revamps on here, I might as well toss in a He-man as well;) These would be the badguys;)



I found some other redesigns by a Marvel cover artist that are quite cool, go here!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Dinosaucers Designs

The leader 'Allo'

His 'devolved' form.

I've been asked to do some redesigns for a cartoon/toyline pitch, we'll see what happens.