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Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Music

It's time for the annual posting of the Halloween music. No complaints this year about the local stations overplaying Thriller, because I've only heard it during commercials so far this year. Weird. Dead Man's Party seems to have taken it's place.

A cover of Halloween is Every Day by some band called the Way of the Flesh. Different but I liked it.

My favorite Ministry song, Stigmata, live.

Thought this was appropriate, Rob Zombie, Living Dead Girl.

This is Brett's contribution this year, Nature Trail to Hell, Weird Al. All Weird Al's actual videos can't be embedded, but I found this cover done by a bunch of high school kids for a variety show, and they look like they were having a really good time. The guy with the machete gets a real workout.

Happy Halloween!

Pumyra of Thundercats fame

I'm finally done with al the commissions. I just need to scan the last 2 Hurray!!!! I will not be doing any new ones. IF I do sketches for myself I will put them up for sale, but unless it's work for a cover or comic I won't be doing it, sorry.

I was going to try and get these sent out this week, but I have to get the brakes fixed so I'm not sure if I'll be able to do both. If not I'll send the out the beginning of next week.



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cowboys complete!

I'm finally down to the last commission. It's a trio of Elves (well, one's a pixie) I'm hoping to get that one done on Friday.



The Joker

Batgirl is surprisingly fun to draw, like Marvel's Thor. And yes, that is Jason Todd's outfit;)

Saw Ice Age 3, MUCH better than #2. Dino's are cool!



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WonderWoman and Supergirl

WonderWoman and Supergirl. I have 3 other commissions done but I'll try to space them out a bit;)



Monday, October 26, 2009

My New Digital Camera Comes Tomorrow

Or it's supposed to, anyways. The (almost) never-ending doggy photo stream will resume once I figure out how to work the thing.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Megaraptor

We finally have a bit of a handle on this type of dino. It turns out the allosaurs split off into 2 groups, the Carcharodonotsaurs and this other group that included Megaraptor, the Neovenators.

More commissions tomorrow, just need to scan the Cowboys part 2, the Joker, and Supergirl and WonderWoman. I only have a few more to do so I'm trying to power through and get them all done this week. I believe I have Pumara from the Tcats and Indiana Jones being chased by a T. rex (I'll have to confirm this is still what is wanted.)

I saw Wolverine, pretty good. better than X-men 3 that's for sure. Transformers 2 SUCKED BALLS! I fell asleep twice. I also saw Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog.... Fricken LOVED it!



Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blogging will be Thin

Any blogging from me will be light during the next week or so. About five days ago, Tia jumped up and clocked me in the jaw, causing my head to whip around and bounce off a gate. I'm finally getting to the point where my neck isn't killing me, although my head and my teeth on that side are still painful. Thanks, Tia.

I am currently working on a cover for Laughing Corpse. Yes, coloring. Which is hideously time-consuming for me, slow as I am. I have also finally saved up the cash for a better cheap ass camera than the current dying cheap ass camera, so expect more pictures when I am done with the cover.

Character sketches..

..But not what you're used to seeing out of me. I've been busy working on Dresden but everything I've been doing isn't approved yet for the blog. So the 5 anita Blake covers are just sitting on my drive along with some other covers and lots of pages. So in the hopes of keeping you all appeased with new art I give you some character ideas for a not so serious kind of comic;)
Praying Mantis, with his trusty Bible and claws of truth he bugs unbelievers into submission.
Dr. Atheist and his trusty supercomputer Reason 1 (that thing on his lab jacket.) They try to take control of the world using well reasoned arguments and common sense, they are truly evil.
Missing link and Transsional Fossil, they are Dr. Atheists trusty assistants.
Dis-Cypl' and Cresent Moon, they do the Lords work (Lots Of Rightwing Dillweeds.)

IDagent, trying to infiltrait the 'evil' empire of Dr Atheist using his own special brand of 'science'.

StrawMan and his trusty bird 2,3,4 (call him 1,2,3 and he'll peck your eyes out and poop in you're skull. Really, I've seen it happen. I still have nighmares.) He confuses his enemies with thinly vailed arguments.
Black Pontif. Trying to 'reconvert the lost' to reason and science. He's a sort of a free agent who sometimes works with Dr. Atheist. Those aren't crosses he wears, but 't's for 'truth'.

All done on the computer thus the crappyness. Just something fun to mess with;)



Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dresden Files Stormfront Vol2 #3 pages 1-5

Here are the first 5 pages I did of The Dresden Files: Stormfront Volume 2 #3. These have NOT been given final approval so they might change a bit.

I hope I got most of it right, I sort of winged the power stuff on the last page, trying to show his shield bracelet filling space in the elevator was ... difficult. But on the plus side I did get to draw that scorpion;)



Carcharodontosaurus in color

Sorry for the no art posts, everything I've done is either waiting for approval or waiting for previews so I'm cross posting this.

I need to scan the second part of the cowboy piece.