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Monday, March 31, 2008

Cowboy monday

So I found a bunch of old sketches I did for DabelBrothers, these are a few years old and done quickly for the book Red Prophet. They were never used. So I'm using them now! After reading all the bigotry from this author on his blog/website I will not do anything for him again.

But drawing the cowboys was fun.



We're not as special as you think...

Check this out!

I think we're REALLY LUCKY that we managed to get as smart as we did so quickly. These guys might have been able to give us a run for our money!

I know they were trained to paint, but they have to have some sort of abstract thought to do this and the control is amazing! Plus they can recognize themselves in a mirror like the great apes.



Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Most Important Question You'll Ever Ask Yourself

How many cannibals could my body feed?

I've lost a lot of weight recently due to illness. I could only feed nine. ::points at Brett:: Eat him instead!

How many cannibals could your body feed?
Created by OnePlusYou - Free Online Dating

Edit: I can feed 13, but I'm also over a foot taller than Jess.;)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Deadly waves of stupid!

I was just checkin' on the science blogs and I came across this:

Marsupial cat!

Please if you see or know these people, please convince them to be sterilized!

And then I happened to find this:

Name That Robot

Is actually a rather hard test. I got and 81%.



Thursday, March 27, 2008

A little knowledge...

...can be a REALLY dangerous thing! This guy claims to have found Dragons dating to the pre-cambrian period some 540 million years ago.

Go here: Crazy Dragon Guy!

But you HAVE to watch the video to see the true stupid shinning through. If he found a few dragons then I got tons in the back yard and so do you! The stupid, it burns!

It's all on Pharyngula, he's the got the website and even stuff from the book all posted for you! I know there are people like this out there but this guy is completely gone, has he been checked for drugs? The crazy in his eyes will fill my nightmares!



Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Aucasaurus and stuff

Well Walking with Dinosaurs 2008 was a disappointment. Tom Holtz kept yelling at me. Nothing really new in the voice over. All and all just, eh.

I watched 2 movies over the weekend, the Seeker and I am Legend. I liked neither of them.

I've been trying to get back inthe drawing groove, but nothings working right now. I'm trying to do the 3rd Eva/Darkness cover. and then Covers to Frank 4 and 5. I have layout I just can't draw any details, which is really annoying. Plus I'm hoping to start this DC/Cowboys commission this weekend, I've got the layout done for that to. My arm has rebelled against me! The wanker!



Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dinosaur Sunday

After celebrating the coming of the magical rabbit creature why not sit down and watch the newest version of Walking With Dinosaurs. Unfortunately the animation is still the same, but the voice over has be redone (I don't know by who) and new interviews have been done this year, so that science will be as up to date as possible. Hopefully they won't dumb it down too much;)

Also, Dinosaurs Return to Life is on again, I'm posting this today so Erin will be able to see it:)

Show times are below:)



7:00 pm
(60 minutes)

Dinosaurs: Return To Life?

Dinosaurs: Return to Life follows scientists who are using the latest
technology and amazing advances in genetic research to revive the possibility
of creating a living breathing dinosaur, but in a different way than we ever

8:00 pm
(60 minutes)

Walking With Dinosaurs (2008 Reversion) - (Walking with Dinosaurs)
Dawn of the Dinosaurs

The plant-eaters of the Triassic fade into extinction as the age of dinosaurs
brings predators like coelophysis to the food chain. But giant sauropods,
cynodonts and reptilian predators alike are threatened when lightning sparks a

9:00 pm
(60 minutes)

Walking With Dinosaurs (2008 Reversion) - (Walking with Dinosaurs)
Sea and Sky Creatures

Follow the lives of dinosaurs living in the shallow sea surrounding Europe in
160 million BC and living on South American soil in 125 million BC. The birth
of a baby dino tempts underwater predators, and flying reptiles vie for prey
with 40-ft. wingspans.

10:00 pm
(60 minutes)

Walking With Dinosaurs (2008 Reversion) - (Walking with Dinosaurs)
Deep Impact

106 million BC. Alternating seasons of summer & winter dictate dinosaurs'
habits. Below the Antarctic Circle, spring brings lush vegetation, as well as
migrating predators. T-Rex reigns over North America.

11:00 pm
(60 minutes)

Dinosaurs: Return To Life?

Dinosaurs: Return to Life follows scientists who are using the latest
technology and amazing advances in genetic research to revive the possibility
of creating a living breathing dinosaur, but in a different way than we ever

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mapusaurus and some transitional fossils

Go here for the neat transitional fossil videos.

Just a note, there is another older whale fossil recently discovered called Indohyus. Go here for that.

This fellow is called Mapusaurus. It's a Carcharadontosaur from S. America. They found 7 individuals buried together in a group. I believe they top out at 45 feet. They were contemporaries with Argentinosaurus. I'm finishing up Frank 2 this week so posts will be sparse.



Friday, March 14, 2008

I can't stop seeing things!

Actually I was just looking up a cryptid creature I was reading about today called Dingonek from Africa. Nothing real major (I've heard of it before) I was just curious, but I came across this webpage:

Objective: Creation Education

Well I read it, they claim to have proof that dinosaurs still exist (thus proving evolution wrong!) There is a fuzzy picture at the bottom. I know exactly what it is. Lets see if you guys can figure it out;)



Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I see prehistoric people...

Actually this is about the the Yeti.

So I decided to watch Scifi's Destination Truth again. This was solely for this specific episode, it made the news last year when they 'discovered' supposed Yeti tracks. So I decided to give it a watch, there isn't anything new on right now and Monsterquest is still in reruns.

So they travel to Nepal (I think I was making dinner at the time. I didn't like this show before so it didn't have my undivided attention plus I was hungry and Jess wanted food..) They trek around this area that's a supposed hot spot for Yetis sightings. Ok sounds good. They bring thermal cameras, night vision cameras and a some neat little things. Still good. They trek in the mountains and one of their sherpa's says that a local monastery/temple has a Yeti scalp. Now right now I'm thinking this can't be the same one that was dis-proven years ago through DNA (it was a yak or goat I can't quite remember.) But they go look at it, and low and behold it is the same fricken' scalp! I mean did you do ANY research on this? Plus it was orange...not very Yeti like and they still wanted to get a piece of hair for DNA tests that were already done.... Uh.

So they look around at night since the Yeti is supposedly nocturnal. I'm not up on Yetis so I'll give them that, if it moves around at night look for it at night. They looked around and didn't find much that first and second night. On the third night they split up into groups (with sherpa's.) Well the main guy and the head assistant (why do you need a 'head' assistant when only 6 people go?) along with the head sherpa (see what I did there;)) head towards the river/stream. They supposedly see something in the thermal camera (I was checking for doneness on the food) and they come across a footprint in the sand/mud. Well they call their buds back to them since they don't have the casting materials with them. The print and another supposed heel print are cast. They then start looking around the area. They film what might be a thermal Yeti or a sherpa they aren't sure, and they at least state that. Bully for them.

Well the next day dawns, they look for more footprints by the first and then they leave. They leave. I'll say it again... They LEAVE. WOW these are some really serious scientists. We have a foot print and they leave the next day. Now that's an expedition! Back to the airport and are accosted by the press, one of the sherpas blabbed.

They head back to the US and to a primatologist, who has expressed an interest in bigfoot. He scans in the foot and heel print . The Destination truth guys seems annoyed that it takes time to do this, you even see him looking at his watch while they are scanning and he makes a face at the camera. Sorry real science takes so long buddy, those 10 minutes are a killer! Well the heel seems to match the footprint, cool. But they are really not that great or really convincing looking. They might be real but you can't really tell. I'm thinking the sherpa did it to drum up some tourists, but that's just me. The toes were all splayed out strangely but it was similar to some big foot prints so it might be possible. That's all they say on the Yeti, that's it, nothing more....and I wasted an hour.

This is why this show so bad! You get no information on the Yeti, they don't even ask the scientist if the foot print is real or not, they just assume it is. This is Cryptozoology at it's worst. Skip this crap and watch Monsterquest. They at least try to use science. In fact the primatologist from Destination Truth was on an episode with bigfoot on Monsterquest. they test some blood that had supposedly been from a bigfoot. It was similar to humans but had an extra chromosome, that is at least some proof....hmmmm. I am a skeptic on most of these things but I am open to new information. Just bring in some proof:)



Friday, March 7, 2008

Call me Ishmael...

They recently found a white killer whale!

Here's the article and a picture! White killer whale spotted off Alaska!

Too cool!



Update: More pictures here.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Don't bogart that joint Moses!

An interesting article that I came across, I couldn't NOT post it. I'm not sure I agree but it's an interesting idea. Moses was high!

From what I've been reading, I'm pretty darn sure that the Hebrews were not the originators of the bible mythos (something most religious scholars agree with, these are people who study the history of religion, it's not bible study), they simply took what they needed from the Sumerians. Since the Sumerians have a 7 day creation myth complete with the fruit and everything (including serpent), why not just use that. That's usually how these things go, a small idea evolves into a large one! That's how we did the comics back in the day. Just to clarify the first Bible was written around 1000bc, the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh was written 2300 bc (remember your counting backwords at this point... I don't really know why they do this....)



Oh My!

Now this is funny!

Once again, thanks to Pharyngula for showing the way;)



Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Even Deucalion weeps for him...

Sad news for all of geekdom....

Gary Gygax, co-creator of the first role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons, has died at the age of 69.

...but Deucalion will soldier on, he's found a new map to the world of Gurps! (or some other such role playing game, all I can think of is Vampire right now....)

Seriously though, I used to play D&D when I was younger. I have a lot of fond memories of killing Kobalts.....That is until I got sick of it and started killing off my fellow players! Now THAT was fun;)



Sunday, March 2, 2008


Just a quick little scene from the new book I'm working on featuring a newly described dinosaur, Eocarcharia. Found in Africa this guy was only 25 feet long, but is related to some of the larges theropods that ever existed. It was found in the same geologic levels as Suchomimus (in the background) and the Abelisaur Kryptops (not colored yet.)

Now my cyber-stalker anthonyallen, has been making some comments on how bad my art is and how I need to learn to color. But he never made comments on the Homosexual Rights post. I mean common could I have given you a bigger sign with which to 'slam' me?!? Chris even gave a great assist by saying some people think I'm gay! COME ON MAN!!!!

After that lapse I have come to one conclusion...He's in love with me. He wants some good ole man on man love from his favorite comic artist. I'm sorry anthonyallen, but I just don't have those sorts of feelings for you. I hope you understand. Be strong.



Saturday, March 1, 2008