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Sunday, June 24, 2012

This Sunday, it's not just me!

A long time ago, well like 12 years or so. I decided one night to start reading the Bible just because I hadn't at that point. Jess had an old one so instead of reading a science book or something science fictiony I picked up the 'good book.' I think I got through 2 pages, maybe a bit more. It was just bad to me.

So a few years ago I found this site, actually run by atheists, where they were trying to read the Bible one page at a time everyday or every other day. I got to Genesis 21 or something before I stopped. It was just not my cup of tea, It was bad, completely wrong about anything close to the origin of life on the planet or indeed the universe itself. And it was BORING. So very BORING. I usually give books 50 pages or so to keep me interested, I rarely put a book down or stop watching a movie because it's bad. But I did with this, just like I did with the Flintstones movie (that got 10 minutes.)

This is stuff I've gone over before, but it turns out I'm not the only one who thinks the Bible is drek. Jerry Coyne over at Why Evolution is True has come to the same conclusion.  The funny thing is I love all those old crazy creation myths, they are kooky fun, but the Bible is just so blah, there is no style, no flare and it's main character? Wow, talk about weak and uninteresting. He doesn't do anything but kill people, where is the intrigue? The gripping back story? All the stuff about Lucifer and the war with god aren't even in the damn thing and they are by far WAY more interesting. Nope we get a co-dependent god who simply must have people worship him or he kills them, but they have 'free will'. Boy this sounds like the worst cobbled together image comic ever!

Anywho, there is also this amazingly stupid thing that the state of Louisiana has done. Oh The South, when will you come into the 20th century with the rest of the world..? Except South Korea, because the Christians got a hold of them as well and took out evolution in their schools too. Those Christians really do love forcing their views on anybody. Man, I'm really starting to not like them. Its like they want me to hate them because they 'love me'. I try to fight my xenophobic urges but they make it soooo easy to fall back on their bad habbits....



Batgirl and Robin

Forgot to post these here yesterday, sorry about that.



Thursday, June 21, 2012

Teen Titans 10 Preview!

I pulled it from here, but they say they got it from here.

It ships next week... or it arrive in stores next week...

Anywho, enjoy!

Monday, June 11, 2012

More DC character designs!

 They haven't said this guys name yet so I'll keep it quiet as well;)

And then Starr Sapphire:)



Teen Titans 0!

1:25 B&W Variant cover by BRETT BOOTH
On sale SEPTEMBER 26 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
• Focusing on the origin of Tim Drake; how a would be Olympic star and computer genius went on to become Batman’s third Robin.
• Plus: The beginnings of Skitter and Bunker.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

This Sunday.... I can't stands no more!

What a crazy week. That pretty much sums it up. I'm sure this is pretty incoherent, my mind tends to jump around a lot. Sorry about that.

So what happened? Well, I basically tried to force and answer to a question that I never get an answer for. It's always turned away or ignored. The funny thing is that I actually got PART of an answer though email. It only took 2000 words to tell me what it was. Basically, all that Leviticus stuff was only for those really religious Hebrews…. I didn't ask or want all the other information I got with it as it was just god loves you, moral from god and that love the sinner hate the since stuff they always peddle but don't actually follow. And that 'answer' leads to even more questions. Like why do you use it condemn the gays then? Why is it even in the Bible then is it's not for you? It's not an answer, it's just something you're told that you are supposed to accept. That's how religion works. When I ask why 2+2= 4 to science I get an actual answer, I don't get because God deemed it so. (we get that answer because number icons are what we assigned to amounts.) religion can't tell me why the sky is blue or the grass green. Or why may hair is brown and my beard is mostly red. It's can't tell me why I feel, or why I need to eat or why the Earth rotates or anything that's actually real.

Again, I got a partial answer, and we were conversing through the email… then for some reason the old Christian martyr complex popped up and then basically tried to turn the opposition (me in this case) into he bad guy, for censorship of all things, on the blog. Never mind that I had to pull out the big guns because a simple answer was not forthcoming. It's only something I've been asking said person for over 10 years…. what they had to say could have been summed up in a very short comment, but that of course doesn't give them the opportunity to preach how good their religions it, how right it is and how EVERYONE should follow it because it's 'God's word.'

Back to the 'answer'. I glanced at it, then I went and read parts of it again… and you know what I got out it? Insanity, babbling and magic. Not Merlin  magic, but smoke and mirrors magic. Just all sorts of stuff that's there to give comfort to the Christian writer, it doesn't explain shit. What did I get from this? That it really is just absolutely pointless to talk to the uber-religious about their religion. I knew this already, all the science bloggers say it, but thought maybe, just maybe some of the religious were different, I mean they have changed their creationist views to follow ID, MAYBE they can set aside their religion a bit? Man was I fucking wrong. I have tired to get a few people to actually think about other religions in the hopes that they might be able to use that thinking to examine their own religion. And what did I discover? A complete unwillingness to even do so. They have no interest in learning about anything outside of their religion. If this is what they are bringing to the table and then accusing me of not wanting to 'truly understand' their religion then it's a complete waste of my time to even talk to them. So I decided to stop.

It's actually just fricken unbelievable to me that people can actually think like this… To completely shut out any new or differing ideas… I mean sure, most new ideas are complete BS but some have merit and indeed they bring us forward as a species… But to ignore these ideas that explain how things work or show were we come from, or how we might expand our knowledge in the future, all to stay stuck in the past… a past that is full or death and oppression… It boggles me. But isn't that what I'm doing? By ignoring their claims am I tossing out what might be valuable information? Well I didn't ignore them, in fact I was part of their religion. But then I think about this. Their religion has been around in various forms for around 3,500 years. There is still not evidence to really support it, sure a few of the people might have been actual people and the places might be real in some parts of the book. But there is still no actually proof that the actions and deeds of these people and their god actually exists. We know parts are not true, there is no evidence for this mass migration of Hebrews out of Egypt, or of a great flood or even of an actual Jesus. All we have are stories in a book that say it's real. That's all. Conversely we have an actual scientific theory that makes predictions and have been proven to have merit for the last 150 years. It's something we can trust and has enabled us to move forward, to make vaccines and gene therapies. It's proven it works over and over again. And that's just ONE of the many parts of science that have shown us the world, parts that have been proven to work. Yet the proof of the truth of any religion has yet to be shown… it just makes people feel good but taking away their responsibility and telling them everything is gong to be OK. I'm not a child and while that might make me feel good it's not something that will in fact help me in the real world. So like my childhood dreams and fantasies it was cast off.

I'm still having problems with this inability of the religious to understand that I have no interest in following their book. That it means nothing to me, so why should I follow it's rules? It's fine if you want to, just don't expect me to just because you do… I'm beginning to think religion is sort of like the army and your individualism is the first thing they have to rip out of you… One of us… One of us… So they can't understand why you don't want to follow it. They simply can't process it. And when you try to point it out they simply reboot back to their 'original' happy place that religion is good.

I'm kind of happy I don't have any kids now… for them to have to deal with this…. insanity, this cancer of humanity… agh… Really I'm just disgusted, disgusted that people think that religion is a good thing when it oppresses so many people…. it tuns my stomach to think we let any children be forced into this, and its seen as a good thing… We truly are a fucked up species, that clings to it's ancient past of monsters in the dark and boogymen in our imaginations. We just call it something different now… like Job creators… problem solved. Gah!

I just can't do it anymore… I can't keep having the same conversation without he same person who has nothing new to add. It's pointless. So I asked them to not post on the blog anymore. We'll see if they respect my request. And no it's no censorship. You can post whatever you like on your blog. I simply won't go there. Simple.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sketch Saturday! Earth 2 Flash!

Finally got issue 11 done, so I had a bit of free time to do some reading and some drawing:)

Anyways, Earth 2 Flash doing what Flash's do!



Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm sort of famous... kinda... not really.

Hey look! I'll be appearing with some paleoart at the Insights Science Museum in El Paso, TX! If you happen to be in the area stop on by and say hi!  



Sunday, June 3, 2012

This Sunday, 46% is the new minority!

 So a new poll (a scientific one, not the usual internet ones that people crash;)) And it looks like all the people who keep telling me that Creationists are really just a SMALL fraction of the Christian population in the US are WRONG. It looks like 46% of AMERICANS are YEC. That's not a small part, OR a minority, that's almost HALF of the population. Scary indeed.

The other stats are, 32% believe in god guided evolution and then there are the people like me, who believe it was all random chance coming in at 15%.

Can you see now, why I do these Sunday Blasphemy posts? The god guided stuff isn't actually supported by evidence, that's more seeing that there is something to evolution but refusing to give up the good feeling of your religion. It's incredibly frustrating and a bit scary. Because that 46% can make way more religious people faster than the non religious people, we tend to have small families or none at all. Luckily there is that 3rd part of government that will protect the rights of the minority group.

There is a glimmer of hope, the 15% group seems to be on an upward trend... albeit a very SLOW one. In 300 years we might be 80%! Then you Christians better watch out cause we'll simply ignore you and make fun of you. You can keep your religion, we won't try to take it from you by making it illegal. It will still be a secular society.

 On another note;

 I'm still waiting for Steve to post about why it's OK for people to be adhere to certain parts of the Bible yet completely ignore others... So Far I've been told my 'tone' isn't good and that I'm not up for a discussion on the matter. I've of course deleted those comments, just more dodging the question nonsense. He's not allowed to comment until he answers the questions. I wonder how it feels to have deity who doesn't agree with all your ideas as we all know I'm god here.

So in honor of Steve I have a video for you;)