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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A few things from the twitter.

In honor of getting a 1,000 twitter followers I posted this design. For an idea that looks doubtful but maybe one day will find a home:)

Sneak peak from TT 10 page 1...

And a sneak peak of Omen and Warblade from the TT Annual.




Monday, March 26, 2012

Backlash as a teen!

Not intentional... at first. I was messing around last night while watching Alien, for some reason the head just looked teen to me so I went with it!



Sunday, March 25, 2012


This guy has actually been in TT1 and the Annual (not in costume) already. But I thought I'd do up an 'official' design. He's a filler guy, when I need to fill a screen or have just an assload of background guys, I toss him in for fun! He can alter his mass, so he can jump around and then smash the hell out of stuff. I was originally calling him Dodgeball (a favorite movie of mine!) but decided Wrecking Ball sounded tougher... I did remove the 'c' to make it more 'hip'.



This Sunday, Jesus was real... not so fast!

There is a new book that seem sto argue that Jesus was a historical figure, but that's he was just a regular dude. Of course this covers soem of the stuff Steve mentions all the time so I thought I'd send to another blog that basically destroys this.  Seems Christians started their persecution complex a long time ago! Who knew?!?!

Also, some stuff about Evil and whatnot. And Steve wonders why I don't take philosophy seriously. Gah!

Also, found this little gem:  Excusing God's absence!

Let the fire, brimstone and illogical thinking begin!



Saturday, March 24, 2012

Art for Sale

Right. This is Jess, Brett's wife. I need a new clipper for the dogs, a new wringer washer, and an upgraded holter monitor (this is a thing that measures dog heartbeats.) You know you want our dogs to be happy, so buy some art! Please :)

JLA 57

10 $125
12 $125
13 $125

JLA 55

1 $60
2 $125
3 $170
4 $300
5 $150
6 $250
7 $200
8 $135
9 $75
10 $150
11 $175
12 $175
13 $150

Teen Titans 1

1 $250
2 $225
3 $175
4 $100
5 $250
6/7 DPS $700
8 $225
9 $200
10 $225
11 $125
12 $150
13 $275

Teen Titans 3

1 $350
4 $200
5 $50
7 $175
8 $125
9 $250
10 $75
11 $200
12 $200

Teen Titans 4

8 $90
9 $150
10 $375
This page was originally the cover, and has an additional panel on a separate board.
11 $100
12 $75
13 $75
14 $115
15 $175
16 $175
17 $225
18 $200

Teen Titans Annual Cover

World of Flashpoint Cover 3
This cover is damaged (thanks, Fedex!), it has several dings and a 3/4" tear along one edge. Not really noticeable unless you get close.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Nightwing!

 It's part of a larger image but I can't show you that. But I was just messing around for fun yesterday. I finished the annual Sunday night around midnight (yippie!) and just couldn't turn off yesterday. Also we had snow last night, just a bit but it was 90 degrees on Saturday here... Climate change is a myth my ass!



Sunday, March 11, 2012

This Sunday: Incompatibility

Over one Why Evolution is True, there is an interesting post about the compatibility of science and religion. It's interesting to see how people can accept both, but they don't, they simply hold two different views in their heads and because they ignore the real differences they think they are compatible. Ignorance is truly bliss!

I also like this line: When you compare science with faith in this way, ask yourself this: would you rather live in a world in which there had been science and no faith, or a world in which there had been religion but no science?



Sunday, March 4, 2012

Velociraptor scavenging a pterosaur!

Well look at that! A new dinosaurs image by Jess and I! Done for Dave Hone over at Archosaur Musings. You can read all about it over there! Lots of dinosaurs lately!



This Sunday: Mean old Atheists!

It's a whole funny (well, I think it's funny) comic on us mean, arrogant Atheists! It explains why we do what we do, in a lighthearted way. I'm sure Steve will have a problem with it, but that doesn't mean others won't enjoy it.:)

You know I'm not sure if I ever said this, but if you have any questions that I might be able to answer about us mean Atheists just shout them out in the comments and I'll try to answer them. Just keep in mind I can only really tell you my conversion or why I am an Atheist.

On a side note, I can't wait till Easter! The Catholics here are nuts, it's like the only time they can eat fish is on the Fridays durring Lent! Cars were one the street at the McDonalds! It's McDonalds people, not KFC!