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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Right as Rain. Unless It's Coming Down on Your Head

It's the rainy season. There are no trees or buildings to block the view, so you can watch the rain come towards you. Like the wind, you can hear it coming across the brush.

Sometimes, people ask us, "Why do you live is such a remote, wretched place?" This is why.

It was very beautiful until it decided to stick around and pour right on top of the house.

Bird is the Word

Each year for the last three years, a Roadrunner has taken up local residence. Mostly they just hang about, eating lizards and things, and tormenting the dogs. Our vehicles make a nice shady space for them.

This year it is a female. Last year's model was a male. Brett loves these guys because they look like little Velociraptors, especially when they run. She is missing a feather out of her tail.

Yesterday she sat up on the Tahoe, making little noises and driving the dogs insane. Then she glided off, landed, took a running leap and glided across the gully on the front of our property. Unfortunately I have a sucky slow camera with a tiny zoom, and I missed all that.

About Us

Welcome! Please note that if you've made your way here from DeviantArt, that account is no longer being updated. It only still exists because they don't allow you to delete it.

Brett Booth and Jess Ruffner-Booth are desert rats, living off-grid in a remote corner of the American Southwest with their dogs, assorted wild creatures, and plenty of dust and rocks. Think Road Warrior but with more bushes and fewer guns on the vehicles.

Between them, Brett and Jess have over thirty years in the comic book industry. Brett has worked on titles like Backlash, Wildcore, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men, and is currently working on adaptations of novels. His most recent work that he is best known for is Marvel's adaptation of Laurell K. Hamilton's Guilty Pleasures, the first Anita Blake novel. Jess has worked as a colorist and is currently adapting Ms. Hamilton's third Anita Blake novel, Circus of the Damned.

Brett and Jess own Salukis, Afghan hounds, and Azawakh. They have been keeping sighthounds of various kinds for over a decade. Their specific interest has shifted away from the Western concept of the 'show dog', towards dogs that hopefully reflect their aboriginal roots, both functional and beautiful, but rustic. If you are looking for a puppy, please inquire, we will have occasional litters of Salukis and Azawakh. If we do not have available pups, we may know someone who is expecting a litter and are happy to refer you.

Our dogs live a natural life, with a home made diet, plenty of exercise, sunshine and digging in the dirt. We expect our dogs to be tough, intelligent, and healthy. We like dogs that are smart, show curiosity, and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

All pups are sold with a contract and health warrantee.

Enjoy your visit to our blog!

You're Not Actually Paranoid if They Really are Watching You

Today I received a link in my e-mail from my stalker, to the Saluki Club of America Code of Ethics. So I guess that makes it official! Do you think they'll issue an official proclamation?

"The Saluki Club of America issues this proclamation to it's members, that we shall be watching one Jess Ruffner-Booth, sending her unwelcome e-mails, and generally killing any joy she has in the prospect of bringing a litter into the world. Let it be done!"

Will I make it into the meeting minutes, do you think? I always wanted to be in the history books! How about it, Saluki Club? Does my stalker speak for you? Any members want to chime in?

Let's have a look at the CoE, shall we? Pretty common sense, 'responsible' breeder type stuff. On a quick look-see the only issue my litter would have, were I a member, would be that Darwin is not yet two. That tears it, I guess, I'll never find homes for these pups now! I'm irresponsible and disreputable! Hat trick! Oh, crap, I have crossbreed. I guess I was already irresponsible and disreputable. Ah, well, at least I've accomplished something today.

But wait, what's this? This is a good one, here:

• To practice good sportsmanship, good ring manners, and courtesy to both judges and fellow exhibitors. To take responsible precautions to maintain hotels and show grounds in clean condition.

I'm not an exhibitor, so I guess that means you can send rude and send harassing e-mails to me in good conscience. Fire away, club members, my e-mail address is around here somewhere.

• Not to engage in false or misleading advertising, nor malign our competition by making false statements about them or their breeding.

Well, you've already maligned the breeder of two of my dogs, and she actually is your competition, being heavily into conformation shows. Got you on that one! One of my other breeders doesn't count, seeing as they don't show. You think these codes were written that way on purpose?

•To advise and assist newcomers so that they may be guided in ways that can best protect and perpetuate the breed.

I think you've completely dropped the ball on this one. There's nothing in there about veiled threats or harassment campaigns.

• To attempt to educate the public, in a spirit of kindness and courtesy, about the unique qualities and needs of the Saluki and responsible Saluki ownership.

I've been treated with kindness and courtesy, but not by any club members I'm aware of. I have been treated with condescension and hostility by an AKC judge that I presume is a club member, since she is seemingly claiming to speak for the club.

• To encourage all Saluki fanciers who demonstrate enduring commitment to the breed to become members of the Saluki Club of America through sponsorship or other assistance. In all questions of ethics, covered or not covered by this code, the membership shall act solely in the best interests of the breed, in good conscience, and motivated by good intentions.

Well, you blew it on that one. I certainly wouldn't consider it in the best interest of the breed to post a link on a large mailing list, to sic your list cronies on me, talk about me behind my back in a forum where I cannot defend myself, and send harassing and threatening e-mails. I went to high school, I've dealt with cliques, and frankly I don't think that little incident was motivated by either good conscience or good intentions.

Ma'am, you started this by posting the link so your little friends who bolster themselves by dragging down others could make hash of me behind my back. Yes, I know it was you who initially posted the link. Luckily I found out about it and nipped it in the bud before you could get a lynch mob going and spoiled your fun. If you had left it alone after I posted my policies for this litter no one would be reading this right now. But you couldn't leave it alone, could you? Why? Because I wouldn't play hang dog and roll over?

I work in a nasty, backstabbing, rumor-mongering industry filled with people who do nothing all day long but piss me off. In regards to snark, my cup runneth over. I've got more snark that I know what to do with. An endless supply. I can do this 'til the cows come home. Whether I do get to indulge myself is up to you. Leave it alone, and I'll stop. I might even do you the courtesy of deleting these posts.

If you choose to keep it up, you should know that I'm not a novice when it comes to this kind of thing. I've been on the net since the late eighties, and frankly, this is child's play compared to fencing with fanatics who think your husband should die in order to keep him from drawing the X-Men ever again. I am also no stranger to online harassment. All e-mails are printed out and filed. If it goes beyond a level I'm comfortable with, I will file complaints with your ISP. Because I was harassed in real life as well as on the web, I have filed reports with the local sheriff's office before, to create a paper trail and let our very nice sheriff know that I expect trouble. I will not hesitate to do so again, especially since I am well aware that there is a contingent of Saluki fanciers who will go so far as to extend their agenda from cyberspace into the real world. And just in case anybody else out there gets any monumentally stupid ideas, I live in a Castle state.

These are not threats. They are facts. Despite my light and mocking tone, I am taking this very seriously. In these days were anyones right and ability to breed their dogs is threatened, this kind of thing is beyond uncool and extremely counterproductive.

I will also gladly post this entire exchange to the Pet-Law list, where there are hundreds, if not more, of breeders, and breeder on breeder harassment is often a hot topic. They might get a kick out of this.

FWIW, you couldn't pay me to join your little club.

I reserve the right to post any further e-mails on this subject to my blog with all their identifying markers in their entirety. Neener neener neener.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wherein I Receive a Missive from the Ministry of Love, or Welcome Saluki People, Part II

Well, it's been a bit now, and my friends and minions have had no new messages to report to me. I guess it is not so fun to talk behind someone's back when you know it's going to get back to the subject.

I did receive a rather disturbing e-mail. I won't reproduce it because it was a private e-mail and that would be rude, not to mention a violating of statutory copyright, but the basic gist was this:
  • We're watching you, because we've assumed you're an idiot that has no clue what they're doing in regards to whelping and raising a litter, even though we know nothing about you and didn't actually confirm our suspicions. We'll be waiting patiently for you to screw up.
  • We don't like the breeders you got some of your dogs from. They aren't on the Cool People list.
  • We don't approve of cross-breeding. Cross-breeding is bad, bad, bad. People who crossbreed aren't on the Cool People list.
  • We don't like people who breed more than one litter a year. Any more than that, you're right off the Cool People list. The fewer litters over your lifetime, the better!
  • Oh yeah, and we're watching you. Like Big Brother. (Yes, this person actually used the term 'Big Brother.')
Looks like I'm never going to make the Cool People list, what with two litters in a year, and the crossbreeds and all. My heart, it breaks. I did so want to get the t-shirt.

Now, use of the royal We aside (and yes, even though it wasn't capitalized, you could hear the capitals anyways), I'm pretty sure that this person was not speaking for the entirety of Salukidom. Until this little incident, the vast majority of Saluki people I've been in contact with have been kind and helpful, and haven't judged us on where our dogs came from, or even indicated any disapproval of my cross-breeding program. Some individuals have been rather fascinated by it.

Anyways, yes, I got a little snarky in my reply. I don't take kindly to being harassed, even in a way that's attempting to be subtle. So, my basic response was:
  • I've had litters before, I'm perfectly capable of doing research and asking questions, and surprise! I'm not an idiot.
  • I don't care.
  • I don't care.
  • I don't care.
  • And, finally, I don't care.
BTW, in Nineteen Eighty-Four (there's an excellent film adaptation with John Hurt if you aren't the literate type), Big Brother is the villain. The bad guy. He's there to keep the proles down, keep them from questioning the status quo, keep'em stupid and docile, so the elite class, the Party, can exploit and control them. Do you really think that's an appropriate analogy?

Oh. Wait. Maybe that is what you're going for, after all. An authoritarian Saluki regime? Doubleplusungood! I'd say something about the Two Minutes Hate, whipping people up into a frenzy, mob mentality and all that, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let's have a video instead. Go Julia!

Since I have absolutely no intention of entering Room 101, I would like to thank all who sent kind comments, and most especially thank my mentors, in Salukis and other breeds. Watch this space for pictures and updates on the pups! I know you will be (that's a little joke, BTW, for the humor impaired.)

On to Part III!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Darwin Online, Complete Publications

No, not the red dog, all of his writings remain unpublished. I'm not sure there's a big market for How to Catch Kangaroo Rats by the Water Barrel.

Go here for Charles Darwin's complete publications, books and all. In several formats. Too bad reading on the computer gives Brett a terrible headache.

Welcome to Hell, er, Texas. Yep. It's hot.

The nation's most drought-stricken state is deep-frying under relentless 100-degree days and waterways are drying up, especially in the hardest-hit area covering about 350 miles across south-central Texas. That's making folks worried about the water supply — and how long it might last.

Some of y'all know, we haul our water from in town. No wells out here, the water table is way on down there, and it wouldn't actually be drinkable anyways. Interestingly, everybody in the town we get our water from has to haul it, they no longer hook new homes into the town system. Even the people that live directly behind the water utility haul their water.

Here's an easy way to both cut down on the amount of water you use, and learn to really think about how much you're wasting: haul it all in a bucket. If you live in a house, haul all your water in a bucket from your garden hose. Live in an apartment, use the bathtub faucet. No showers, no baths, bucket baths only, wash all your clothes by hand or at the laundromat (most of them have greywater recycling.) Just do it for a week.

In the desert, water is more precious than gold. The dogs drink most of what we haul. Most of the rest goes onto plants after it's used. Here's an excellent resource for greywater stuff. Read. Learn.

Welcome, Saluki People!

Boy, here I am, a total nobody in the dog world, yet this litter is already generating comments! Wow, I couldn't be more flattered. I will take care of them as they arrive, so keep checking this post for updates!

Mailing list comment: How very sad.
Yes, very sad that this co-owned bitch was bred with the blessing of her breeder. Sad that the pups new owners will be screened. Sad that these pups will sold with my standard contract stipulating that they be returned to me if the owner can no longer keep them, with a monetary penalty attached if the contract is violated (and I will gladly enforce that, if necessary.) Sad that they come with a health warrantee. Sad that pet pups will be sold under a spay/neuter agreement (but not too young, too many health problems with early spay/neuter.) Sad that they will be started on the Biosensor program when they are three days old, which will continue until they're sixteen days old. Sad that they will be weaned when Cida decides it's time to wean them, onto a diet carefully designed to avoid food allergies and balanced to NRC numbers (not that either parent has any allergies of any kind. I just like to be safe, having owned several dogs with food allergies.) Sad that they will begin drive training with a lure toy when they are about four weeks old. Sad that they will be crate trained. Sad that they will be socialized with dogs of all ages, temperaments and sizes, so they know how to act around adult dogs. People, too! Sad that they won't go to their new homes until they are ten weeks old. Sad that each pup will be microchipped and registered to both me and the new owner, for the pup's protection. Sad that the pups that go to live with Cida's breeder will be loved and cherished show dogs. Sad that once Cida has her figure back, she will go back to her breeder to be shown and visit her pups. Sad that the pups that stay here will get to spend fall and winter chasing rabbits, and summer digging holes to their hearts content. Sad that they live with people who work at home and can be with them twenty-four hours a day.

These will possibly be the saddest pups in the history of the world. Brett, of course, is so happy about these pups that he's practically dancing. The pups that here will not be spoiled a bit, I'm sure.

Keep watching this space, folks! More comments on the comments, as I get'em!

On to Part II!

Hey! Chuck me out!

The insane geniuses behind the NBC show Chuck have a new website It just started up so head on over there for all your Chuck news!

I also just found out Syfy's Eureka has been picked up for another season, YaY! I've also been watching Wharehouse 13 which is pretty fun and I saw the first episode of Being Human on the BBCamerica last night. Pretty good. It's on again tonight if you get the channel.

More covers and stuff soon, just waiting on approvals and whatnot.



Thursday, July 23, 2009

Skyscape with Vehicles

It's the rainy season. We had a double rainbow the other day. I actually couldn't see it until I downloaded the picture. Probably should have cropped the Tahoe out of there but oh, well.

Rain on the bluffs. That is our new trailer, and our old van. A camp trailer can be a useful thing when you live off-grid, as they are already set up for twelve volt power and that's what your basic solar panel produces. Unfortunately they are pretty much always hideously ugly, poorly insulated, and of course there's that trailer trash thing.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


One of everyone's favorite wizard Harry Dresden (this is a quicky.)
This is for a proposal that I can't really talk about.



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hppy Hppy Rinbow

The dogs managed to move a mostly empty soda can between two wooden pillars, over two cables, and up onto my elevated Macbook's keyboard, where it spilled, killing the 'a' key. So it will be pictures only until we get a new keyboard, because it's very annoying to paste the damned 'a' in over and over.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Primal 8

Sorry I got sick earlier in the weeks and then the headaches started.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Funny Atheist Humor!

I'm actually a fan of this show, I watch it on BBC America along with Primeval and The Catherine Tate Show to name but a few programs. I haven't seen this skit (it might have been removed for time) so I had to watch it!

Very funny!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Primal 7

Page 7. Baron, that image you posted a link to was just a promo piece I did when we were supposed to be doing this project through Wildstorm. That is not the cover:) I know I have it somewhere, but it might take a bit of looking.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Primal 6

The woman in this is rather manish. Her hand in panel 5 is supposed to look like it's trembling. I don't think I pulled that off.