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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Festivus!

Feats of Strength... DONE! On to the Airing of the Grievances!

Happy Holidays, Merry X-mas, Seasons Greetings and all that jazz!


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Sketch Saturday! This week, The Shadow NOSE!

The Shadow! Spooky!

And my cover to Superman 29. For some reason they keep messing up the solicits. But I'm doing 28 and 29 then moving back to a regular gig.



Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Extra Super Holiday We Need a New Truck Art Sale!


Vibe #3 WTF cover dps pencils $400

Vibe #6 cover pencils $300

Teen Titans #0 cover pencils $300

Argus #1 cover pencils $300


Earth 2 #13 cover $400

Nightwing #19 WTF cover dps $600

JLA #4 pages 12-13 $600

Villains Month Doomsday
page 9 $200

page 11 $200

page 13 $350

Teen Titans #25 cover with overlay on separate board $400

Teen Titans #26 cover $300

Batman/Superman #5 pages 2-3 $1500 (17" wide x 22" high)

page 4 $250 (horizontal)

JLA #5 page 8 $250

Nightwing #21 page 5 $300

page 6 $175

page 7 $175

Teen Titans #16 pages 12-13 $400

pages 14-15 $400

Paypal preferred, US shipping only, free shipping for purchases over $250.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Happy Sketch Saturday? Not really!

I got his with a brutal deadline, thank you stupid holidays! So Sketch Saturday is on hiatus for a bit. But to tide you over how about a rejected panel from Batman Superman 5 and a Super Woman;)

I'll try to post some unseen art or sketches while on the deadline.



Friday, September 27, 2013

Last weeks' Sketch Saturday Original Cyclops!

My favorite Marvel character of all time in his original suit. Would so love to do a Cyclops book at some point. 

Anyways not sketch tomorrow, finishing off Batman Superman 5 this weekend!



Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Last week Sketch Saturday! Owlman!

Eventually I will remember to post these on Saturday. Anyways, Earth 3's Owlman in honor of Villains month! 

Not sure if I'll get one done tonight. been fighting with a headache for a week... it's winning.

Til the 'morrow then!



Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last few Saturdays were Future Time!

Superman Beyond, from the cartoon and comic!

And a personal favorite character Spidey 2099!!! I'm a big Rick Leonardi fan! Great gestures in his work!

No new sketch this week, got an emergency cover to do! For Labor Day no less!



Friday, August 16, 2013

Last weeks Sketch Saturday! Wonder Woman!

Last weeks Sketch Saturday! Not sure who I'll do for this week yet, I just started on Batman Superman about 20 minutes ago so I might be too wrapped up in that!

Anyways, enjoy! and Yes, WW is sold!



Sunday, August 11, 2013

Were you fooled?

Were you? 

Did you watch that Megalodon Discovery channel special? Do you think Megalodon was real after watching it? You didn't? You don't appear to be alone. While all the articles seem to indicate that LOADS of people were, it appears this is based on an online poll done after the show… so it was incredibly scientific;) People ALWAYS take those seriously. (Meg's ARE real. I used to have a real tooth on my mantel, they're just no longer alive.) So where is all this outrage coming from, because I only seem to see it in articles and blogs… mostly science ones. Can it be that there really aren't lots of people who fell for it? Can it be that this is merely a few people who are outraged for people they believe fell for it? Is the science community actually manufacturing this? Maybe not intentionally, but they do seem to be the ones who are spearheading  this, they seem to the ones incredibly outraged for others who actually didn't fall for it or could care less. I'm sure a few people were fooled after all Mountain Monsters got picked up for a second season and that's all kinds of fake! But the majority of people I've talked too knew it was fake and one guy was left questioning wether it was real or not…

Yes, some of the science was off or based on older estimates, current thinking places them at around 52 feet (it's possible they were longer OR shorter, we only have teeth and a few vertabrae as sharks are mostly cartilage and don't fossilize well. It's possible they had GIANT heads!) But besides some of that, there was OTHER science that people seem to have missed. Underwater camera stuff, hunting of whales, Meg teeth whale tail bones, whale migration patterns and tagging and tracking animals, all real science. The 2 million year old whale was wrong, but that's kind of a tricky thing. They've known about the whale, but they didn't know who that whale was related to until they tested the DNA, it turns out the whale is not related to any other existing whale species, it's related to a line that was thought to have gone extinct 2 million years ago. I can see how that would get messed up, but it's not right in the show. Some of the other science is, well… speculative. And it would have to be since it's explaining why we haven't seen this animal in 1.5 million years. Its OK to do this in books, just not on TV I guess.

It is funny that the other scientists in the special don't agree with the main lead in this throughout the whole thing they disagree. I liked that a lot. 

Meg lived in warm shallow seas! Or did it? Its true that all the fossils we're found have been from shallow seas, but was it strictly limited to those? Fossils underwater are hard to find and the majority of what we find is all from shallow seas because those shallow seas are now on the surface and easier to get to. By this logic, most known water animals lives in shallow inland seas, we know this isn't true with todays animals so it's doubtful it was true of the pasts. I have a hard time seeing a LARGE shark stuck in shallow seas while it pretty swims away into the deep ocean… These sharks lived for 25 million years, I'm sure they're environment shifted and moved with the continents.

Could they still exist? It's very, very doubtful they are still alive. I'm sure we would have found whales with Meg teeth in them, especially during the whaling boom of the 1800's. BUT it's possible they still exist in some form, the ocean is a very large place so I wouldn't rule it out completely. I'll just say this, we have more evidence for the existence of Megalodon than we do for Sasquatch. At least we know Megs lived at some point. We have never found a great ape species in the new world, not even in South or Central America.
Have at thee!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Batman Superman! And Guardian from Alpha Flight!

I keep forgetting to post this! Guardian from Alpha Flight!

And my new twitter avatar for my new book! Yep, as of issue 5 I'll be alternating art duties on Batman/ Superman with Jae Lee! COOL!

Issue 5 has Nightwing!!! Also, Metallo! 

OK, got to get to work on tomorrow's Sketch Saturday!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

This Sunday... this is the end! And some rambling thoughts.

Everyone can be an asshole. EVERYONE. Sure the religious right seems to have this on lockdown, look at how they are trying to force their religious views on abortion down peoples throats in Texas and other southern states. The Bible says nothing on the subject, all this is is stuff that God 'told' so and so, we all know that's true… also I have some really nice land to sell you in Florida! While they LOVE the 2nd amendment, they seem to skip the separation of church and state parts of the 1st, assholes right?!?

You'll notice I haven't posted a Sunday Blasphemy in awhile. Is it because some idiot Right Winger keeps trying to make me feel bad? He literally said "Think of the Children!". It was funny as shit! Unfortunately my old 'buddy' Steve decided to show up and 'defend' me.... lets just say he misremembered what happened and any hope of a reconciliation are gone. 

Back to the topic! No, it's not due to whinny religious people, it's because the Atheist/Humanist movement is all over the place. They are attacking each other, they are showing they are no better than any other group. It's to be expected I guess, once you get enough people together this kinda thing always seems to happen. But me, I really just don't like hearing how X and Y did this, or said this when it's just stupid little shit. The unity that was once there is now gone. It's clan warfare and it's ugly.

So while my views haven't changed, I don't read about this stuff as much anymore because most of the people involved are, well…. acting like assholes. They preach one thing and then knee jerk like their religious counterparts. We all knee jerk, even me, but I TRY to stop myself. It seems like unless it's about evolution the Humanists/Atheists don't even bother to try. Twitter has become painful to read on occasions, I've already unfollowed a few people. 

There is one thing, and guys this is about us. When a woman does something you don't like or calls you on some BS, DON'T start with the insults about her sex, sexuality or how often she sleeps with others. It makes you look incredibly stupid. INCREDIBLY STUPID. 

Oh and skip Mountain Monsters, I watch 3 episodes and it's ALL fake. The tracks are planted, and are really badly done. The videos are fake, the Wampus cat was a puppet. It's legs were barely moving. And the calls are all pulled from other things, one was the T.rex in Walking with Dinosaurs. The other was done using a program similar to the one used to recreate the sound of Parasaurolophus. The hogs had been pre-killed, no blood from the claw marks and teeth punctures. NO mammalian predator has 3 toes, NONE of them. They basically use Finding Bigfoot as the base of the show and decided to find something, they just never seem to capture it! Which is funny, as they alone have found more 'evidence' than everyone else! WORST HUNTERS EVER! Skip it and watch Total Blackout, that show cracks me up!

So until something really irks me, Sunday Blasphemy is on hiatus. 

I know some people don't like twitter but I'm always one it, so if you want to chat, hit me up on it! I just use the blog to post Sketch Saturdays now. 




Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ooops! Happy last weeks Sketch Saturday!

I see I forgot to upload this here, eep! Anyways, here is Elongated Man! 

Also some news. Looks like I'll be more than drawing an arc for my next book. I'll be the semi regular artist on it. Should be fun and leave me some time for a few other side projects at DC. 

News soon, at the very least next month in solicits..



Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy Sketch Saturday! This week Superman and Doomsday!

So, what's new?!? Well I'm no longer drawing Nightwing, bummer. BUT I am going to be taking part in DC's Villans Month event, I'll be drawing Batman/Superman 3.1: Doomsday with Greg Pak writing! So this was just me messing around... it's OK, needs a bit of work, he's not big enough.

And here is this weeks Sketch Saturday offering, Superman! 

Sketch Saturday should be back to full strength starting this week, JLA is done and the Doomsday issue isn't due for awhile:) I'm just finishing up some Trinity War alt covers:)



Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy Sketch Saturday! More Relic!

Here's another relic design attempt! This one complete with Guy Gardner for scale!

No Sketch Saturday next week, as I won't be home! I'll be at the Phoenix Comic Con in Arizona. I won't have lots of sketches this year... but I will have some cheap pages $20-40 dollars, some regular pages and Norms bringing some prints! I will be working so you'll be able to see how I do what I do!

Hope to see you there!



Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Sketch Saturday! This week, unused Relic...

Ah character designs and free time, just don't mix. I was asked to do a design for a new GL character called Relic. An alien from the universe before this one. He was a bit TOO alien for DC so this wasn't used. I still like it..

And here are the pencils for that Superman Unchained Alt cover I did! We had to blueline is so there is a penciled version and inked version. Norm has the inked one, I have the pencils:)

I will be posting sketches for character designs for this month as I got another crazy feat of penciling to pull off. Things should resume normally next month, you'll see why soon;)