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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Be Prepared

The Zombie Preparedness Initiative gives you the tools to help you get ready for when the world is overrun by zombies. Check it out.

Michael Golden Jurassic Park portfolio One

A friend of mine (Hi Jordan!) is looking for an old Micheal Golden Jurassic Park portfolio art set done for Topps (I think!) I found what appears to be a second one that was done for Image (so the first one might also have been done for Image.)

But there is possibly another one, since the text says "MICHAEL GOLDEN'S JURASSIC PARK PORTFOLIO TWO." So if you happen to know were the first one can be found please let me know!

Nice stuff! Michael Golden influenced Art Adams, who was the guy who got me drawing comics. It's funny that we all like dinosaurs;)



Monday, May 25, 2009

That messiah better have my money!

Found via (HT Pharyngula.)

Let' see, the Irish Catholic church is in the news, my take... How can anyone be surprised? Didn't they have an expose on this crap a few years about with pregnant teens? Jesus is love, my ass! (the last line is a JOKE Steve. I'm not up to having the same debate again, too tired from arguing on the dinosaur blog.)

I watched Idiocracy yesterday... I actually really liked it. Funny.

I managed to get that DVD player recorder. It's supposed to upconvert regular DVD's to HD. The problem? The cord that came with the TV is different than the cord for the DVD player. The solution? I have to shell out another 20 buck for a cord.... I am not amused electronics people...

I finally saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall.... Pretty good, I liked the puppet Dracula thing and that inside of you song is STILL stuck inmy head. The weak link inthe movie? The Sarah Marshall character. The actress wasn't a big enough bitch for me. But it was fun, watch the extras, they are even funnier than the actual movie!

The new 'Missing Link' is not actually a missing link at all. It's a lemur that MIGHT be on the branch that leads to apes... It is cool since it so well preserved. But it's not what the news people are claiming it to be.

Have the Republicans lost their fricken minds? The waves of stupid from those in charge of the party have been REALLY alarming. I'm having a hard time figuring out how anyone would vote for them. They 'rebrand' themselves and then repeat the same crap they were peadling 6 months ago??!!??? I know they don't want to hear this but perhaps a more moderate leader who at least has SOME marketability. And the socialism crap... ugh, they sound like a broken record. If the moderates are smart they'll stage a coup, or at the very least create a third party.

Still no Mega Shark DVD. IT's backordered everywere... Jerks, lets hype it up AFTER we've printed all the DVD's... Sound like something a comic book company would do. ARRGH!

Had a lenghty disscusion with a paleontologist over on Carnosauria, about dinosaurs living in packs and using mammals who live in similar envroment for comparison (here's a hint, I was for the packs and comparison, he was against.) It's long and boring but you might actually lean something!)



Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Zombie invasion will be televised!

We can all relax now, the Boston Police Department has reassured us all that if Zombies do attack(finally!) they'll let us know via Twitter.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I can sleep now;)



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Ugh, I'm planning on heading into town tomorrow to get the U joint's on the Tahoe fixed (it sort of depends on a few things) and in the process I was going to buy a new DVD player, mine is about dead, and pick up Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. The move's been getting a lot of press, in fact Deborah Gibson was on one of the morning shows I listen to this morning. So I decided to check to see if it was even available at Waltmart. It wasn't. I checked Target, nope not there. This doesn't mean it won't be there, but it's not looking good. So I checked Best Buy, they had it but it's out of stock. So I checked Amazon, it's also out of stock. What the hell is going on?!!?!!?!?

It's got some pretty good reviews is you like cheese and I love cheese! Damn it, I'm not happy now!!!!

Hopefully Walmart will come through (hey, they had Religulious) but I'm not hoding my breath. I might have to have Jess find it online tomorrow while I'm out.



Double page spread from hell!

Not really, but it's always hard to draw a DPS with a ton of characters you've only drawn once before. But it's done;) For the upcomming Vampire Huntress Graphic Novel.

Some good new on the TV front. All of the shows I watch have been renewed! Yeah! I think this is the first season that's happened. Now I just have to hope that Warehouse 13 on scifi is as good as Eureka and I'll be set for the fall TV season:) I've watched most of Dollhouse and was really surprised it was picked up. If the last 2 episodes are any good I might stick around for the second season. And I do want to thank NBC for picking up Chuck. It's actually the only show I watch on the peacock which is really weird because I used to watch only NBC.

Now that I think about it I'm not sure if Gary Unmarried has been picked up but I don't go out of my way to watch it but it is pretty funny. So here's hoping:)

So here's the list fo the shows I watch:

Big Bang Theory
Dollhouse (I usually DVR this and watch it when I'm in the mood for it.)
Venture Brothers
Robot Chicken
South Park
Clone Wars ( I actually hate the last 3 movies but these episodes are really quite fun. Now if they could just get Lucas away from the property I might actually like it again!)

Shows I watch but not religiously:

How I Met your Mother
2 and a Half Men
Rules of Engangement
Gary Unmarried
Batman the Brave and the Bold (for the cheese factor, I mean Booster Gold?!?!?)

As you can see I prefer scifi and comedies. I'd rather be entertained than 'emotionally moved.';)



Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some mindless fun..

...I guess that would depend if you actually think it's funny. We had a REALLY windy day yesterday, only had an internet connection for a few minutes. I hurt my arm tossing rocks at this horrible cow that keeps coming up to the fence and couldn't do any real work. I was bored and had nothing to read. I then came across a program that comes on the Mac. It's basically a comic making program. So I played around with it.

Just a note, we ran out of room on the hard drive and transfered most of everything to the backup external drive. I only had a few images on the computer to play with (the external used 2 usb ports and I need one for the wacom, I SUCK at the trackpad!) So in the spirit of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network I thought it might be fun to reuse at over and over again and see what happens;)

I can pull some images from the blog now, if I do more I'll have more characters to play with. It's just ment for fun so don't read to much into it.



Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sun That Doesn't Set

In the summer, we would literally cook if the sun did not set here. Both the humans and the dogs look forward to sunset, as it cools down enough to play or get some work done. This is a video from Alaska, a week of the sun that never sets. HT Stupid Evil Bastard.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

D&D Ranger goodness

I found this today looking for some other files. This would be the human form of the tiger werewolf. The stripes were tattoos. I made up the glowy thing on his left arm. Ah the memories;)



Greatest movie title EVER!

I think this one even tops Snakes on a Plane.... I give to you Mega Shark and Giant Octopus:

I am so picking this movie up on the 19th. I love cheeze sooooo much! This might even be 'better' than my favorite bad movie, Shark Attack 3: Megalodon!

I'll post a review when I get to see it!



Leopard, toned and colored

I colored this one myself, it needs some work. But this color pattern is based of an actual specimen.

This is the toned one Jess did up for some nifty prints and stuff. The problem now is we can't upload stuff to Zazzle. It keeps screwing up! Argh!



Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lion Anthros!

What will eventually be a dark lion.

Spotted lion.

A toned lioness that appeared in Freaks!

A white lion that Jess painted on the computer over my pencils. We gave him red clothing for the Xmas card that year:)



Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Tiger Anthros

This is the first one I drew that wasn't a werecreature. It's the same technique I'd use on a weretiger, this just has clothing and weapons. Sort of based on a D&D character I had in college (a ranger I think, who would turn into a weretiger if I lost to many hit points. I'm telling you this roleplayers, the BEST characters to play are one with some huge fault that will fuck up everything. It's so much more fun to start mauling your partners than it is some stupid cobalt;))

Hopefully I've finally shown you my true level of geekness. Live long and prosper;)

This appeared in Freaks! as well. It was colored by someone else and a top was added, can't expose them kids to fur covered breasts that don't have nipples now can we;)

These last 2 were done for another how to draw book called Hi Yah! The editor was expecting boring old people in regular karate gear. Steve Miller would have none of that so we played around and drew all sorts of things using martial arts poses and the like.

This woild be the cinnamon color morph of the tiger. Colors by Jess, no one colors the anthros better.


Brett (who is not really a Star Trek fan, but thought the line would be funny;))

Black Tiger Anthros

The newest one I've drawn for a year or so ago... It's mostly black, the stripes would be red gold.

The original black tiger, drawn in 2002 or 2003. Looks really black right, black tigers are real, they are just an extreme example of a regular tiger, usually a bengal. Basically the stripes merger into larger thick black areas. Pretty cool.

This is the version that appeared in Freaks! Colors by Jess, the coloring actually makes it look less black/striped. That's why I drew the newer version like I did. It will be mostly black with a few lighter spaces, basically an even more extreme example of the condition.



Atheists worship Satan!

Ah, good old Pat Robertson, so we Atheists are really Satanists? I wonder how true that is, or should we trust that his holiness knows the 'TRUTH'. He's been dead on with all his predictions and.... oh wait he hasn't... hmmm. Maybe he's talking out his ass again. Get rid of your fiance because he doesn't believe in god? I think it's the other way around. IF she's crazy into this religious stuff get the frick out dude! All the super religious people I've ever known have been some really warped people. Every little part of their lives is about religion, they have no other thoughts, it's insane!

But if you want to plan a marrige amoungst the religious and none religious, make some rules ahead of time. Plan what are you doing for holidays, how will the children be raised, stuff like that. Decide what topic will be off limts and STICK TO IT!



Monday, May 4, 2009

Jo the Valkyrie

For another proposal, a modern day Valkyrie. While she looks like a badass, the story is actually a comedy. She teams up with a fallen Angel and comedy and mayhem begin. The original design was a bit more revealing but also fun, so I plan on using both if I ever get a chance to draw this.

Sort of inspired by that New Mutants story drawn by Arthur Adams.



Friday, May 1, 2009

Free Comic Book Day Tomorrow!

Here's the cover I did for the Dabelbrothers free comic. Colores by Andrew Dalhouse.