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Monday, January 30, 2012


A quickish image I did for Norm and Andrew for some prints at C2E2. I'm hoping to get a few others done as well!



Sunday, January 22, 2012

This Sunday, Why religion is bad, Muhammad and your little Allah too.

This is so appalling I'm not even going to try and comment on it directly. But if you can't see why ANY religion can be bad, and most usually are, you need to take a good long look in the mirror.

I've very, very tired of the 'I just hate god' BS. I don't I hate Allah, or Jesus or whomever. I hate what your religion has done to you, a religion made by man (because even if you believe in your god, others believe in their god, and since only your is real then they just made there up.) I see no difference between the different types, with the exception that some of the religions make people violent. While the Christians seem to have grown out of MOST of there violent ways (we'll not talk about Africa today,) the Islamists are still in the dark ages (well most of them unfortunately.) If you read about Muhammad, you can see it's bat shot insane. It's just as bad as what John Smith does. Muhammad wants something so Allah just happens to agree with him on everything. WOW. And people can't see this is false?!??!

But don't you see? That's the trick of religion, to get you to not see what it's really trying to do. It's getting you to not think, to simply accept what it says at face value. It's teaching you to be double plus good. It's teaching you to NOT question it while telling you it's OK to question, but the answers it gives you are not answers, they are simply more tricks. I've asked questions here on the blog but half the time I get something that has nothing to do with what I asked. THAT is what it's doing to you, tricking you into thinking that IS an answer when it's not.

No I don't hate your god. I feel sorry for the people who have been duped into following him, whatever one he happens to be. To see people wasting there limited time and resources on something so painfully false is really depressing. There is a local commercial here, telling people to go to church because people who are religious are more happy than people who are not. This may very well be true, as ignorance is bliss, but I'd rather be slightly less happy that ignorant and easy to fool.



Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Teen Titans 5 Preview!

WooHOOO! TT5 preview! Go Kid Flash GO! And go here for the full preview!



The making of a cover!

This is for the people who think I'm a big Tron fan. I am of course, the first movie is still a favorite, the second... well it was pretty to look at. Anywho here's how covers work. I get a list of ideas from the writer which I do different takes of, in this case Cassi fighting off some monsters and Bart having a sort of flashback.  Cassie was captured by NOWHERE and they seem to prefer the 'Tron' suits. Scott wasn't sure which DC wanted so I did one of each. I turn them in and then we wait.

Since it's part of a crossover it's got to go through more than the usually people so it takes longer. Well after about a week it was decided that all the TT would get captured at the end of 7 and so I was asked to turn in a new layout (nothing really new, I did like 6-7 layouts for issue 6 which had some JL members that were supposed to show up) but DC thought it would be cool for me to redo the issue 1 cover with EVERYONE in 'Tron' suits.

So I did this up and was told to get to work. Now I'm not a guy who's ever happy with what he's done in the past, so I don't really like the issue 1 cover now. BUT, I (sometimes) do what I'm told so I did it up;)

I did make a few changes, pulled Skitter and Bunker up into the front a bit more.

Now I liked cover ideas 2 and 3. The thing is, the covers I would prefer to do are not always the ones picked by DC or Marvel or whoever. But they are the ones paying the bills so I draw the ones that they want. Sometimes I'm happy with the end result, other times not so much, but that might just be me and my negative thinking.

I will say this, the 'Tron' outfits are only for a few issues, then back to the normal ones that people hate!



Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Teen Titans 8 Cover!

DC message board people. Please tell theleague to bite me! You need a remedial math class cause all your sales numbers are off. Thanx!


Art and cover by BRETT BOOTH and NORM RAPMUND
1:25 B&W Variant cover by BRETT BOOTH and NORM RAPMUND
On sale APRIL 25 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
In the aftermath of the Teen Titans’ assault on N.O.W.H.E.R.E.’s headquarters, there’s no time to celebrate because Wonder Girl is missing! Red Robin desperately tries to find her, but he’s got his hands full, as Superboy has announced his decision to lead the team, Solstice is still dealing with the devastating revelations about her past and Kid Flash is getting glimpses of a dangerous future that he thinks he recognizes!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A few Speedforce baddies.

Chunk and Speed Demon (or Speed Magee.) That Max Mercury I posted awhile ago was also for the proposal. No time for anything else today. I needs to get to work!



Sunday, January 8, 2012

Scott and Bunker!

This is AWESOME. I'm sending it to Scott. Here's a link to the artists website!



Crashed and burned!

Ah the crazy world of comics! I turned in a Speedforce idea last year that got shot down in record time. They want to focus on Barry and Bart for the time being. I knew it was a long shot but I had to give it a try! It would have taken awhile to get everything going so I was hoping I'd do it after my TT run. And I didn't want anyone to think I wasn't willing to put my pencil were my mouth is;)

Anyways, a few designs for it. The top is Wally (silver top, blue bottoms) the bottom a new character with the placeholder name of Black Racer... cause his outfit's Black. I figured I'd post them and not really talk about the idea just in case DC changes their mind, I can always do more redesigns;)

Anyways, enjoy and maybe I'll get a crack at this someday!


This Sunday; How about a laugh?

After last week I'm tired of replacing my irony meters so how about a few videos?



Friday, January 6, 2012

Teen Titans issue 5 DPS Pencils.

In the back of the DC books there have been Q&A's with the creative teams. This month Scott and I are in there along with the inks for this DPS from issue 5. So I thought I'd post the pencils for it (cause i don't have anything else to show you right now;))



Sunday, January 1, 2012

This Sunday: HOW?!?!

HOW... How do you know your religion is true while all others are false? Outside of there holy books/ texts, there is nothing else that proves any religion to be true over any other. So I ask, why is the religion you choose to follow 'true' and all the others are false? I've been told at times that I wasn't a real Christian, that I didn't give it a chance. Well have you given the other religions a fair shake? Of course not, you most likely follow a religion that your parents did. Or are one of those rare people who switch to something completely different, so how and why did they decide to do that? How did they know that their old religion was false and that their new one was 'true'?

I've asked this question before but I've never gotten a satisfying answer. Now I'm going to turn something around on Steve. He's said that God (I'm assuming Jesus?) spoke to him. So what if that same story happened to say a Hindu? Said Hindu was sitting at a bar and he overheard a couple talking about religion. He then claims Vishnu spoke to him to talk to that couple. As someone who is not Hindu, what would you think? You know their religion isn't true, but how do you know this? Why is your religion real and theirs superstition? You have the same evidence, texts and stories. HOW?!?!?

Ever watch the show Ancient Aliens? These people believe, just as strongly as any religious person, that aliens came to earth, bred with humans, gave the Nazis technology, have caused humans to evolve ect.... They use religious texts, pictograms and the Nazca Lines to 'prove' this. They make grandios claims that can't be backed up with any evidence. They have simply replaced a god figure with aliens, it's the same as any religion.

The point of all this is to see if people can actually really examine their religion with reason. Everyone is an atheist when it comes to religions that aren't theirs, so why is yours so special? Remember that the majority of the people on the planet don't agree with you. Sure there are 2 billion Christians, but that leaves 5 billion who think that that religion is false (and to some, those 1 billion Catholics aren't really Christians so you do the math;P.)

I'm not 100% sure there is no creator, I'm like 99.99999%. But I see no evidence for any supernatural phenomenon, Godlike or Ancient Alien, so that give me enough to be pretty darn sure there is nothing supernatural. Now I will say aliens is slightly more believable to me, but thats only because they wouldn't be supernatural. BUT, as I said before the Ancient Alien people have no evidence to support anything they say. They are as bad as creationists as they call it a 'theory' when they don't actually know what theory means.

So why bring them into this? Well watch the show, keep in mind that ALL the science the 'Theorists' use is pretty much completely wrong. Now, do you buy what they are telling you? Of course not, it's fricken crazy. You can see they have no concept of how to apply reason to something that they WANT TO BELIEVE IN. Now, can you look at your own religion like you just did those Ancient Alien Theorists? Can you step outside of what you want to believe to see what it actually there... old books disproven long ago. Old myths and legends that might have been useful in the past but have since lost any real meaning. A shackle teaching you how to NOT think about things, that teaches you NOT to question, NOT to learn. If you can do that... Welcome to your freedom.

And don't get me started on Ghost Hunters, or Finding Bigfoot....

Got a little preachy there... I can feel the rush... no Holy Spirit needed:)



Oh, and Happy New Year!