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Saturday, February 24, 2007

First Post!

Thylacoleo. Click for bigger version.

The thylacoleo, or more commonly know as the marsupial lion, is thought to have gone extinct 50,000 years ago. As you can see they have an odd dentition. They don't have the typical fangs of a predator. They have enlarged incisors like a rat, but the premolars have evolved into shearing blades to help take meat off the bone. After doing some research I found some 'descriptions' from a cryptozoology site. Now I'm not saying the possibility of these things surviving doesn't exist, I'm saying it's slim. But from what I found, they are said to have sort of a reverse pattern thylacine and be either grey or yellow. As you can see we chose white!

I've wanted to do one of these guys for years but only recently got the reference for it.


Stanton said...

A tribal marsupial lion?

Brett said...

Of course I did this wrong the first time so here I go again.

Yes, I have 2 groups of Anthros. One is the 'organotech' kind with nifty weapons. The other are the naturalistic ones that have gone the less is more route. Both coexist, although not always peacefully.

I like to draw these guys when I don't feel like doing tech.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Brett has a blog! Bring on the screechy monkeys!