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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Flash

My all time favorite DC guy. A long time ago Jim Lee was talking to DC, and they were going to get Stan Lee to do a sort of heroes reborn thing in the DC universe. Jim called and asked which book I'd like to do if it happened, and I said the Flash! Well guess what never came to fruition;)

I don't quite have a handle on him but I doubt I'll ever draw him again. DC doesn't know who I am and I'm pretty sure I've been black listed (they just can't take my coolness;))

Oh and he's running.

If you can tag him he'll zoom in really fast...he's good at that.



wasn't that the just imagine stan lee... thing?

blacklisted, why?

why don't ya remind them who you are then?


oh, nice flash too

interesting take on him :)

Brett said...

answers to your questions:

Don't know

Don't know

I'm not a big DC fan so why bother? And even if I did do work for them I'd have no control, they'd want inks, something I hate. The colors would be bad, and I'm just not into Superheros anymore.




thought you'd like to know what mike ringo said on the subject of the dog food thing:

from mike ringo's blog:

"A couple of weeks back I was listening to the local talk radio station, and the host was discussing the subject of the recent pet food recalls and the dangers to our 4-legged loved ones from Melamine and other contaminates in name-brand pet foods.

He was speaking with an animal nutrition expert, and she was talking about how terrible most of the brands that can be found in most every grocery and pet food store are as far as nutrition and the kinds of terrible ingredients they include in what is SUPPOSED to be healthy for pets.

I was shocked at how terrible and disgusting some of these ingredients were-- diseased and cancerous meats thrown in to what's generally labeled as 'meal'. Chicken meal... beef meal..... anything with the word 'meal' has this problem. 'Byproduct' as well, falls under that category.

Then there were the preservatives she discussed that lead to eventual kidney failure and cancers in our pets. The speaker mentioned a discussion she had with a Veterinarian nutrition specialist who told her that there was no reason why the average medium-sized dog couldn't live for 25 years... and the average cat for 30 years with the proper nutrition.

As I said, I was shocked. My Charlie's almost 3 now, and I had no idea that what I was feeding him-- what I thought was the top-of-the-line food available only in pet food stores-- was not as good for him as I thought.

The woman mentioned several brands of pet food offered by the NATURA PET FOOD COMPANY.. These are the healthiest foods that can be fed to our pets-- some of the brands they offer are completely organic.

The beauty of this site is that you can do a search for places in your area that sell these brands, and I did that-- as it turns out, there's a place only 15 minutes from my house, and I went there immediately to buy some INNOVA brand cat food for Charlie.

He absolutely loves it-- and it might just be wishful thinking on my part-- but I would SWEAR he's grown a bit more in the week I've been feeding it to him... he seems even more muscular than he was before.... and more full of energy (not that he wasn't already a terror as is...).

So if you're interested in possibly finding a food that will be healthier for your pet and perhaps help them live a longer, more full life, check out the NATURA site."

sorry for the long post brett :)

nice flash too!

Brett said...

We feed a homemade diet. Chicken, rice and oats. It's a pain but there is just so much junk in kibble. We had 18 dogs get sick , not once but twice off of kibble so we switched everyone off. This was in like 2000 or something.

Cats get 90% of their water from their food. So if you feed them dry kibble they don't get enough water to flush the kidneys correctly. That's why kidney failler is so common in cats over 5.


just wanted to let you know that another comic creator out there had an opinion on it too

in this case, it's mike 'ringo

Lcfr said...

Lovely piece Brett.

Nice of you to update the blog once in a while...

Take care,