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Friday, November 30, 2007

Hello all, new sketch

So here's some new stuff. The announcement for the new book should be next week. Jess is working on the cover colors. If they don't announce it soon I'll do it myself;) Just kidding.

Welcome to all those who've come over from the DA site.

Here's an owl anthro for you. I've been wanting to do one but just recently got a good book on birds.


Anonymous said...

Always, always even cooler than I imagine it will be.

Lcfr said...

Heya Brett,

So, i got a Quick Question,

As we all know you left Aniba with issue #6. BUT in your DeviantArt Site, you can find pencils from issue #8. (They are totally awsome by the way)

Can you share some info about that please?

Cheers and still can't wait for your new Project.

(Sweet lines once again)


Brett said...

I drew up to issue #7, that one should still be me, but you never know with Marvel. I drew 3 pages from #8 when I was told to stop. SO those are the 3 pages that I posted. So #7 should still be me:)

Lcfr said...

So i guess i should keep Anita in my pull list till issue 7

Thanks Brett.
Have a nice Weekend..