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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Shut up and draw, dummy...

Yeah, well that ain't going to happen. Every now and then I will post something on evolution or paleontology, much to the chagrin of others. I do not believe in evolution, I know that it is a fact, just as the sun comes up every morning, the earth revolves around that sun it can be tested and proven. You believe in something because you believe it to be true but do not know for sure.

Science is the quest for truth, these truths are supported by facts. Testable, provable facts. The Big Bang is a 'theory' like Evolution, they are both supported by facts, we do not as yet know what started the Big Bang but some have ideas, some of these ideas are pretty far out there but science is only a few hundred years old. We may one day know most of our universe. But hopefully not all, where's the fun in that?

Now for the question, should religion be taught in science class? It can't be tested, we can not prove any of it's claims. ID/Creation science teaches the book of genesis it true that is religion and this would be forcing religion on others. So, no, the bible should stay at Sunday school it has no place in the science class. I do think we should teach a comparative religions class at schools. With speakers from all sorts of different religions so everyone gets a well rounded idea of all the different beliefs of others.

One last thing. I keep getting told that "I'm a Christian/Catholic and I don't believe these ID/Creationist people, that's not MY version of Christianity." Well good! I hope these vocal few are the minority, but they are the public face of your religion. Why not get others like yourself together and get the word out that not all Christians/Catholics are the same! State your views so us non Christians and Catholics stop lumping you together! The Christian right needs to see a united front against there war on science.

This is my version of Spinosaurus, Until we get better fossils I'm not sold on the sail, Especially since this guy was found with other animals all jumbled together. So sometimes he'll be sailin' other times not;) So this is how I believe him to look;)



Anonymous said...

Too right, and bravo, I think comix guy was being more than a little presumptuous with his comments. Evolution is "only" a theory in exactly the same way that gravity is "only" a theory, and I think exactly the same thing of saying the former as if it meant something that I would of saying the latter.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and the dino pic is very cool by the way. Did you color it or Jess?

Anonymous said...

Crap, sorry to leave this extraneous comment, but I thought I'd clarify that both the preceding are from me, I sometimes mix up which nicks I use for which sites. :)

Brett said...

I tried to explain what a theory is in science but I guess it didn't come through. Anyways I'm not going to stop posting about what I think are important issues on my blog. So there will be more:)

I did the coloring on this one. Jess will be coloring the Krismas/Holiday image since I don't like to color feathers:)

I don't want to offend much but I think the war on evolution has to stop. And if me informing a few 'non believers' of the facts than so be it.




i actually agree with some of what you said this time in this post

Anonymous said...

Jesus loves you bunches Brett.

Brett said...

Keep your mythical sky wizard to yourself please:)