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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Old sketch

Well, not really old, but not recent:) I had to use something for the blog;)

It's still hot. But it's not quite as bad this week, we have a breeze!

I'm finishing up Frank 4, which is why the posts have been infrequent. I only had time to scan Frank stuff today so this is all I have to give;)

Let's see a new study shows that gay mens brains are built more like womens brain, while lesbian brains are more like mens brains. One side is larger in men and lesbians. It's a hormone thing, thus showing that homosexuality it NOT a choice, you're born that way.

I saw Evan Almighty the other day. It's OK, not super funny. I still can't figure out were the $170 million went. I still have a bunch of movies to watch, from Sunshine to Jumper.

Also if you live in Louisiana, get out now! The idiot's passed an 'Academic Freedom Bill' which basically lets the bible thumpers in the back door. Remind me to skip that state if I ever drive through there, they might get their stupid on me (and by 'they' I mean the idiots who passed this bill, one th possible VP of McCain, not the poor people who actual have brains that live there.)

Oh well, back to the grind.




Mountaineer_Elf said...

Damn. they passed it?! Goddamn Bible Belt! long as it doesn't TOUCH Colorado. Or I'll be pissed. Because at work we follow the state standards, which means that I'll have to teach those who ask it about Creation rather than Evolution.


Oh...and awesome on the gay brain study! Everyon'e salways known it's been a birth thing if anyone has ever known a homosexual person.

Good luck on the heat and with the Frank 4! Good to know you're still alive.


Jerry said...

Hey Brett,

I read an interview with Koontz last week and he had nothing but glowing things to say about his adaptations and you in particular, which I was happy to hear.

I have another colorist taking a crack at the Spidey and Nightwing piece you did for me, he's brightened up compared to the last guy and all that detail you put into it isn't being lost. I'll send you a copy when it's done.

Hope it's not too hot there, it's starting to climb here in the NW, but still not bad. Have a great weekend!

Warmaiden said...

wow this one is like totally awesome. I think it is one of the best I've seen you do, really.

Always wondered but forgot to ask. How do you come up with those amazing cloths and coat designs?

Anonymous said...

ANother reason to get out of louisiana is leveys are breaking all the way down the river. we just had some break in illinois. Happy to see you posting again.


Brett said...


Yep, it passed. At least it didn't in Florida. And people wonder why I mention this stuff. I'm all for teaching a comparative religion class but you have to compare all religions, not just read the bible.

Oh I read that Intelligent Thought book. I really liked the part with the black holes! I might do a post about it:)


Dean has been the easiest writer I've worked with yet. In 4 issues I have yet to make a single change (of course now I'll have to redraw whole pages;).) I just did some art for him for a talking Duecalion. I'm looking forward to seeing it animated!


I just like the straps and things (no, I'm not into bondage/S&M;)). Basically it's all made up on the fly. I honestly can't explain it, it's just what pops out and looks cool:) Of course I do do some research on google for cool looking outfits and hats. Some of the actual stuff you find is really cool and I'll base other designs on it.


LOL! Well it's not funny what's happening but your wit is spot on;)

We're supposed to get some rain this weekend. We need it we have fires up in New Mexico that we could smell yesterday.

To All-

I got a portable swamp cooler yesterday and some misting stuff. So that should keep us cooler. Of course the temp dropped yesterday and it's much more pleasant in the hight 90's:)



Werdna Noslo said...

Happy Good Friday!!!!

"Homosexuality Is Not Hardwired," Concludes Dr. Francis S. Collins, Head Of The Human Genome Project

Brett said...


And Happy Easter to you! Of course Easter is the name of a pagan goddess, but we'll just keep that to ourselves for now. But I will say Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

Collins is a religious nutso. Just because he's head of HGP just shows the religious tolerance of scientists.