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Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Mexico

This the property we're looking at in New Mexico. There are a lot less bushes there than here.


Anonymous said...

I would miss grass and trees too much. lol I need green. how much land are you buying. don't you miss having neighbors? I had a cousin that bought land in the desert somewhere. bought it off the internet. personally I think he's crazy.

Brett said...

Hi Joannie,

Well it pretty similar to our place here so we're used to it. I do miss out giant oaks we had in Florida but there are some pecan trees nearby this land.

We don't miss having neighbors. In fact I prefer to not have them. I hate it when people get in my business;)

We found this land on the internet, and the land we currently are on. You just have to make sure you can get to the property, a lot don't have roads to them:)

Marcus Hooker said...

In my opinion, having no roads makes the property all the better. I live in western Colorado, pretty close to New Mexico. I have been wanting to go down there for a while, possibly look into moving there. I know my dogs would love it. It gets a little too cold for them here.