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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Old Wildcore pages

I believe inks by Tom McWeeney.



Baron said...

Hi Brett,

cool some old stuff of you ;)

Have you a big scan of the cover of Wildcore 2 American Entertainment Special cover ( the complete Wildcore crew ) ????

It´s the best Wildcore cover of all.

Have you some Art of
"The Chasers"
(this crew was so hot Team Members: Gaze, Recoil, Brawl, Homicide)???

Baron :-)

Cryostar said...

I'll disagree with you, there, Baron. I think Wildcore 6 was far better, so much so, that I got that version of Taboo put on my arm. :P

Baron said...

Wildcore 6 was also cool, taboo is fantastic but the complete crew cover is much better pal ;)

look at vigor sitting cool with a bottle in his hands, the body structure and the other cool characters, and the colors of Jess... nothing of the rest wildcore art can match with it :P

Brett said...

Your both wrong the best cover was the #1 cover;)

Baron, that cover was actually a poster first. We did it for the SDCC.

I don't have any of the old stuff. It all died years ago when out hard drive crashed, sorry.



Baron said...

oh noooo, i was hoping for that so much... i don´t have luck with these old stuff of you brett.

i think the same thing on The Chasers??

paperfetish said...

I *just* reorganized my comics and reread the first 10 issues. I weeded out about half of my collection a few years ago but couldn't part with Wildcore because I love the art so much. Loved Taboo, Brawl and Zealot. I also loved the D'rahn designs.

Brett is right, cover #1 was the best.

Brett: is it a huge breach of copyright to scan the comics?