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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Am I Drawing Jim Butchers Fool Moon?

I received an email today asking me about this:

Fool Moon

The truth is I'm supposed to be drawing it but right now things are a bit up in the air so it's not 100%. I'm HOPING I'll get to do it, but one never knows. If and when I find out anything definite I'll let you know. The VH stuff was pushed back until late next year. I think someone might have jumped the gun a bit on this one.

You can see there were 2 versions of the cover. I don't know who colored it but I'm not usually partial to cuts and grads but this one doesn't bother me:) But the paw print on the ground is supposed to be blood, not 'power.'



1 comment:

Baron said...

Hi Brett,

looks great !!!! :-)

thank you, that you show us the coloured cover in diffrent versions.

hope that things go right so that you can draw Fool Moon.

i would buy it definitely.

Baron :)