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Friday, February 12, 2010

Witchy Woman

If you don't get the reference then I'm getting to old and have now lost all my cool points.




Baron said...

She looks cool, love your sketches, hope we will see more soon...;-)

Is the witch for a creator owned project or only just for fun?


Warmaiden said...

I guess the reference you are talking about is Witchy Woman, which is a song title.

Brett said...

Hi Baron,

Mostly just for fun. I might use her if I need a witch for something:)


Correct, I just had that song in my head while I was drawing it. Not my favorite Eagles song but I thought it was kind of funny;)



Crow said...

You lost cool points.

Just Kiddin'. I think I lost them because I had no idea but that could be because I'm not a music person. I'm deaf in one ear, which I think I has a lot to do with it. But you know I love your stuff. I love her face, can Jess colour this?


Kerry said...

Woot! The Eagles rock! You just gained cool points for having awesome songs in your head!

Brett said...


Well that sucks, I'm sorry. Jess is a tad hard of hearing herself but not real bad... yet. Honestly the song is fun but nothing that you HAVE to hear.


My favorite Eagles song of all time if Take it to the Limit. Hotel California is great, but Limit just does it for me.