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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Mighty THOR!

As promised, Marvels Thor in a modified new outfit. Jess was complaining that the Thor from the new movie Didn't have any fur on him so I made sure to put some on this image;)




MadPowerBomber said...

Wicked cool.

MadPowerBomber said...

Question: Since you're pretty prominent with vampire hunters these days, and I really can't recall for the life of me, have you ever drawn Blade or Vampire Hunter D at all?

Just a random vampnerd question. Hehe.

M.O.R said...

I like this. I like the design and the use of fur.

I also like the long handle on the hammer. Make it a two handed weapon when needed, and one handed when needed. Just a few questions though.
Why is there no fur on the boots? I see them on the gauntlets, and was wondering why they were not on the boots. Feet need warmth too. :)

I dunno why, but I kinda would have made the cape fur too. Maybe make it a wolf skin, or a moose skin. Something specific to the Scandinavian Wilds.

I also have to ask. The helmet, does the mask/ visor part of the helmet slide up and down, similar to helmets of other cultures?
Slide it up when relaxing, slide it down when going into battle?

That was something that I wondered when I looked at this piece. But I like it. I think the enlarged wings on the helmet look strong, imposing, and show his lineage.

DamonO said...

Man, seeing this image reminds me how much we fans are missing out on since you no longer want to do superheroes (or commissions). There are so many characters that could benefit from a makeover like this.

Outstanding work!

tkd_dbull said...

A great drawing as always! Would love to see you do a Norse Gods Graphic Novel done by you.
Since this is a myth/history/public domain type material. It would be a great story of the Norse Gods vs the Creatures of the night. And it wouldn't be under your rules of not doing Super-heroes.

Brett said...


Thanks and nope, not ever.


Well the original Thor doesn't have fur so I wanted to sort of reflect that a bit. The boots are more like the original ones. I have no idea about the helmet, but I don't think it could do that. It's based on other Norse helemts. And thanks:)


I have something like that. Maybe one day I'll get to do that.



M.O.R said...

The reason I was asking about the fur was that for a brief time, Thor's cape was made of fur or animal pelt. It was still red, and looked similar, but the cape was made of fur, or pelt.

Thor had grown a beard around this time, but has since lost it and regained it, and lost it again. But that look, with the beard and all, was a darn cool sight. I always wished he'd have kept the fur cape.

Marvin Washington said...

Great Thor, love the whole thing especially the helmet.

Craig Alexander said...

Thor is one of the two books I read these days. Dream come true if you were ever to be the artist on it.

Always have loved your work and always will.

Very best wishes!

Brett said...

Thanks Marvin! I hope you're doing good!

Hi Craig,

Thor is just fun to draw, no plans to draw the book at this point but one never knows!