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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A few PowerGirl Huntress pages for Erica.


Penciled pages from Superman/ Batman 78.

To answer Erica's other questions:

I do use an art rep, but I haven't sent him these pages yet, so they are still here with me:) Email is brettbooth at gmail dot com. I am holding a page of this for someone right not (the one with the Huntress holding her arm.) But the rest are still available:)
I don't do many shows, and I don't usually so sketches when I go.




erica said...

I love the way you drew The Huntress mask. These are cool!

Thanks for putting them up!!

Brett said...

No problem, are you interested in any of the pages? I have a guy who's interested in page 1 but I wanted to check with you first.



Michael E. Pritchard said...
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Michael E. Pritchard said...

GAHT DANG, these are SNAZZY!!! That's right I said "snazzy" Nice flow and movement throughout the pages. I'm so glad to see that as you have continued doing comics, that you're not skimping out on any of the rendering and scene atmosphere.
I will most definitely be dropping some other titles so as to catch up on some of these back issues...not to mention future issues as well