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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Backlash 2011

I couldn't get my creative juices working yesterday. So I decided to work on a sketch (sometimes this helps.) I like redesigning characters so that's why you see all these things:) 

This sort of plays on my original design for the character, not that anyone but me and a few others have even seen it. This was just something for fun, there are no plans at this point for him in the DC 52.




Pendragon's Post said...

I hope DC decides to bring into the new 52.
The original and not his daughter.
One of my favorite characters.

Belmonte said...

Looks really cool. Thanks for showing us this. DC should bring both father and daughter and more wildstorm characters.

Christopher G said...

I was just thinking about Backlash the other day. That was probably my favorite series when it was being published. I would love to see him make it into the New 52 someday!

ilTassista Marino said...

wow! fine!

Sylton said...

Wow... nostalgia... I miss you Marc... Lord S'yl'ton of Atlantis... Samurai... Ninja... Kheran... Amnesiac... Basically the Logan of the Wildstorm universe.

David said...

INteresting facial mask. I think i like the simplicity of the original mask, but the rest of the costume is pretty good.