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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Nightwing!

 It's part of a larger image but I can't show you that. But I was just messing around for fun yesterday. I finished the annual Sunday night around midnight (yippie!) and just couldn't turn off yesterday. Also we had snow last night, just a bit but it was 90 degrees on Saturday here... Climate change is a myth my ass!




Godless and Free said...

It's not climate change Brett. The snow comes from the displeasure of the Texan ice god Fros-TiBllz. I had a vision last night and he was angry because you haven't given your monthly tithe to him yet. You must immediately send your 20% in the form of a certified check to
666 Frozen Hell Ln.
Hell MI. 48169
Care of F. Bllz
Thank you very much, take care :D

steve said...

It is 87 degrees in Ohio. I may have to mow. It is March. Mowing in march is better than shoveling show I guess.

Nightwing looks pretty good.

Congrats on the Annual! I bet that was a relief.