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Sunday, June 3, 2012

This Sunday, 46% is the new minority!

 So a new poll (a scientific one, not the usual internet ones that people crash;)) And it looks like all the people who keep telling me that Creationists are really just a SMALL fraction of the Christian population in the US are WRONG. It looks like 46% of AMERICANS are YEC. That's not a small part, OR a minority, that's almost HALF of the population. Scary indeed.

The other stats are, 32% believe in god guided evolution and then there are the people like me, who believe it was all random chance coming in at 15%.

Can you see now, why I do these Sunday Blasphemy posts? The god guided stuff isn't actually supported by evidence, that's more seeing that there is something to evolution but refusing to give up the good feeling of your religion. It's incredibly frustrating and a bit scary. Because that 46% can make way more religious people faster than the non religious people, we tend to have small families or none at all. Luckily there is that 3rd part of government that will protect the rights of the minority group.

There is a glimmer of hope, the 15% group seems to be on an upward trend... albeit a very SLOW one. In 300 years we might be 80%! Then you Christians better watch out cause we'll simply ignore you and make fun of you. You can keep your religion, we won't try to take it from you by making it illegal. It will still be a secular society.

 On another note;

 I'm still waiting for Steve to post about why it's OK for people to be adhere to certain parts of the Bible yet completely ignore others... So Far I've been told my 'tone' isn't good and that I'm not up for a discussion on the matter. I've of course deleted those comments, just more dodging the question nonsense. He's not allowed to comment until he answers the questions. I wonder how it feels to have deity who doesn't agree with all your ideas as we all know I'm god here.

So in honor of Steve I have a video for you;)



steve said...

To be fair I provided Brett with his answer via e-mail.

He says he doesn't want to read it. Again I would tend to hold this isn't the best pathway to understanding or to gain information. I'm a big proponent of reading, but hey that's me and my backwards notions of education.

I'm not allowed to comment? wow. just wow.

and now you are engaging in censorship of those who say things you don't like? seriously dude?

Deleting posts? This is what you have become in your open honest quest for truth? seriously?


Brett said...

Steve, you did NOT provide me with an answer, you simply said (I did read it or parts of it it's all god loves this, this is his path BS.) that Leviticus was only for those old Hebrews. So I asked then why all the gay hate? Why keep that in the book? Why keep quoting it?

I deleted posts that had NOTHING in them, except for more dodging. Fatboy read them. I WARNED you I would so you would answer a fricken question... who's not wanting to look for truth? Who keeps dodging and weaving? There was nothing to censor in those posts, just you trying to squeeze out of answering a question.

But you know what Steve, I'm tired of all your BS on MY blog. Go somewhere else and talk about how you 'love' homosexuals, how 'loving' your god it, because all your doing is spinning your wheels and lying, you know what that is, right one of those morals your bible says not to do? You cant have an honest conversation because you absolutely REFUSE to even consider others ideas, you ignore what you don't like and praise what you've been told to praise.

Brett said...

I did want to comment on one other thing (sorry busy day.)

"and now you are engaging in censorship of those who say things you don't like? seriously dude? "

This makes me laugh! I leave Steve's gay bashing posts up to show others his 'Christian' views and delete a few that are bashing me directly. The Christian martyr complex everyone.

I have asked him to not post on my blog anymore in private as I am tired of hitting my head against the wall of 'religious ignorance.'

He's free to make his own blog and bash whoever he wants. I'm done with this idiocy.

Oh and Steve the people who buy your Freaks book... LOTS of homosexuals in that group. Nice to see you'll bash their freedom but take their money.



Retrieverman said...


I thought that number was going down.

It's actually staying constant or maybe slightly growing!

New Dark Ages coming. Oh Boy!

Brett said...


It sort of went back p to its 2008 number. BUT it appears that the 'pure science' group is also growing at the same rate. What appears to be dwindling is the middle group.

Looks like just more of the same polarizing that's happening in US politics.



Retrieverman said...

They can't answer these questions.

Brett said...

Excellent one Scottie!

Gah! I just wish we had more bandwidth, they were really well versed:)