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Sunday, August 26, 2012

This Sunday... fuck I hate people.

Just read this, about a bunch of religious zealot Muslims trying to burn a mentally handicapped girl for POSSIBLY burning a page from the Koran.

I have no words other than religion makes people fucking stupid. You take otherwise rational people tell them someone has 'hurt' their imaginary god or 'holy' book and they fucking flip out.... They are trying to KILL people!!! OVER a book?!?!?!?! We're only slightly better in the US, but people who burn bibles and the like do get death threats. We're just lucky the majority of the US is pretty darn lazy;P

Honestly I'm almost to the point of buying all the bibles and other holy texts at the book store and having a big old bon fire, just for the fun of it. Unfortunately there's a drought (although we've had a good bit of rain this year.) so I'm not sure if the burn ban is still in effect.

If your book is SOOOO damn important that it demands that you KILL people so it doesn't get damaged then maybe YOUR GOD should take care of that personally. After all these are HIS words right? Funny how he never seems to say anything or do anything about it.




alaskanime said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one who woke up cranky at the religious nutjobs today.

You know what the best part is? The RNC started today, there's a huge hurricane bearing down on Flori-duh, and the FIRST THING they do is blame Obama for the hurricane. It couldn't POSSIBLY HAVE BEEN THE FACT THAT THEIR GOD IS PISSED OFF AT THEIR RHETORIC AND HAVING WORDS PUT IN HIS MOUTH.

M.O.R said...

You better not burn Twilight Booth....God help you if you burn copies of Twilight!!! ;)

I have yet to read any book that says do not burn it. In fact if a book, whether out now or in the past, did say 'don't burn this book' then I guarantee you that the book would be burned. Unless it was a signed copy or something.
Brett, I would not have a problem if you burned a book, because I know that you are doing so in an excercise of free speech. Plus you are burning a copy, not the original. No matter the book, if the original manuscript is burned, than that would leave me disheartened. because that would be burning history.

Most people would be more offended if you burnt the American flag, rather than a holy book. I would hold the same argument as the historical argument. That it is just a copy, not the real deal.

I think Americans are not lazy, but rather the oppossite. I think the vast majority of Americans will fight for someone's rights, for something they wholeheartedly believe in. Whether through the means of protest, or whether through the ballot. The minority are the twerps we hear about, the 1 million moms groups, who decrive something without actually reading/ hearing/ watching it. People who don't want to understand anything about the world. But would rather live in their bubble. That is just idiotic.

KORSAIR1 said...

Don't get me started on religion,the whole crock of medieval claptrap totally p's me off,NO effin book is worth a human life.