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Sunday, September 30, 2012

This Sunday, it's Blasphemy Day!

Today is the day you exercise your free speech! So Feck off!

Anywho, with all the crap going on in the Middle East over a lame ass movie ment to piss them off (and they totally fell for that, I'm sure the insults were subtle and well hidden too;P) I really haven't felt like bloggin' about it. Killing people over a movie or a few cartoons or a few remarks? Disgusting, this is what religion offers, so to quote Sam Jackson, "Wake the FUCK up!" If you can't see what's going on and extract that this is what the uber religious offer then you need to go back to school. You now, that thing that the uber religious are afraid of because you might actually learn things that makes sense and that will get you to question all the utter crap you've been told.

It also looks like Muhammad wasn't real. There is no record of him outside the Koran. And here's another interesting thing, Islam started 1,200 years ago, 300 years before Muhammad was said to have been born. So all they have is a book to back them up as well... That sounds familiar... oh that's right, just like Jesus!

Now back to reality, they found an 'ancient' stream bed on Mars! I used the bunny ears cause I have stream beds like that from THIS years rain on my property. Cool!



Edit: Since the idea of 'Moderate Muslims' has come up in the comments I offer you this (it was all I could find in a quick search:

Only Turkey and Jordan would be considered moderate as a country. After seeing how bad Egypt came out I have little hope for some of the other more oppressive counties.


Khaled Abou Alfa said...


I've been reading your blog for a while, mainly because I enjoyed your work when I first got into comics. My first real introduction to your work must have been Backlash #12, which is a pretty awesome introduction. I went back and bought everything I could get my hands on (I just want to put things into context that I used to be a real follower of your work).

I've not really followed your work at DC, but that's more my sensibilities and comic reading having changed rather than anything to do with your work in particular.

Having said all of that, I've been reading your blog for a while, and I've noticed a definite trend in your writing on the political, and more importantly all things Islam.

Your last comment just really shows a lack of much understanding, and maybe the fact that you might not have many knowledgable moderate muslims around you. You talk about going back to school, but honestly from such comments you are the one who should be reading up first.

I agree completely that what is going on is completely unacceptable. The vast majority of the muslims that are participating in such acts cannot even be considered a representation of the religion. Their anger might be something that many might be feeling but those that are killing and breaking things are definitely not most agree with even for a second.

This sort of thing seems to happen pretty regularly. The last time this happened, I wrote the following:

Brett said...

You seem to be missing the point of today.

But if the vast majority of them were moderate then MAYBE they should speak up and stop ignoring this kind of thing. This is the same argument the Christians use but if you look at the actual numbers you'll see most aren't moderate. I know it's the clerics getting people riled up. But you know, sometimes those people need to be called to task for buying into this stuff. The Clerics keep them stupid with religion but where are their morals of this same religion if they are killing innocents over nothing? Why would you still listen to this if it's so harmful And I don't want to here Islam is a religion of piece. It's not. It's a warrior religion.

And if all these muslims were moderate then why do they keep up with the blasphemy rules? I watched a video of some 'moderate muslim theologins the other day, made me sick. And these are considered great thinkers and moderate by this group? Please.

I do write about the political and Islam and Christianity. One does not get a free pass simply because other might be offended.

And I have looked into Islam, It's the same garbage as the other religions. In fact it's on par for me with the Mormon religion. How anyone can believe some of this stuff baffles me. There is no evidence, quoting parts of the book are not evidence. Why should I bother learning about it then? Others have looked into it and deemed it false. Have you studied up on the religions of the Maya? SO who do you know it's not real? It's a ridiculous argument. For some reason the followers of any religion think their religion is somehow special and that it must be respected, even when they provide no proof it's true.

I suggest you do a bit more digging about it and you'll see it's not what you think.



Unknown said...

Hi Mr. Unknown,

The vast majority of the muslims that are participating in such acts cannot even be considered a representation of the religion.

You might want to do a bit of research yourself on the "True Scotsman Fallacy"

I am also curious what exactly your point is with the above post?
What does Brett knowing about moderate Muslims, Christian, etc have to do with anything he posted? Does the fact that there are moderates in religion who do not agree with the violence, make the violence any more tolerable?

Abrahamic religions poison everything around them, because they are dogmatically, unmovable in their position. Once you claim to have divine, ultimate, knowledge that everyone had better believe or else... you lose the right to acceptance and tolerance, because the very foundation of what you believe in, belies those principals.

Anonymous said...

@ Mr. Unknown,

At the risk of being direct, it's *his* blog. He's allowed to express any religious/political/art-gasmic views he wants. The reality is that Brett isn't that "far off" when he's saying Islam has been extreme. Look at the dramatic differences in life expectancy rates of women and men in those countries. It's sick that men are openly allowed to beat women. It's sad to me that women still aren't allowed to drive in many of those countries. It's a backwards world over there, man. How you justify any of it being beyond Islam is way beyond me.

@ Brett,

Although the poster you replied to definitely tried to defend Islam and questioned your education, I couldn't help but notice you overlooked the person for the content. I mean, the first several sentences showed how much of a fan this guy is of your work. Even if you don't happen to agree with the dude's personal/religious beliefs, it's nice taking several seconds to say, "hey - you know what: Thank You for all of your support over the years. Even if we can't come to terms on this topic, I still respect you as a person."

I understand that after reading a comment like that, it's easy to dive in and start swinging. Especially when it comes to crazy. Just .. don't. Deep breathes. We're all here viewing/reading/commenting on this blog because we appreciate and support you as an individual.

@ The WORLD! (yes, the world)

Love and peace brah. That's all I really wanted. Blasphemy day *isn't* about hurting anyone, making anyone feel oppressed, or even laughing at someone's religion. Nope. Blasphemy day isn't about laughing at someone's religion. If it was, September 30th would appropriately be named "let's start a new war every-year", day. Blasphemy day is about *everyone* critically laughing at *every* religion. doittt naow

Khaled Abou Alfa said...


A couple of things, the 'unknown' thing wasn't on purpose. I've never hidden my identity, it's a stupid Blogger thing that I needed to sign in to post my thoughts. My name is Khaled Abou Alfa and I have my own little corner of the web on

To address a couple of points is important:

1. It's a gross, gross generalisation on your part to brand all Muslims with the same brush and say that the vast majority are not moderate. We are talking about over 1.6 billion people here. Just because a few thousand do something or react to something doesn't make it the majority. It's not the majority. Technically, a majority is over 50%. Do you really think that 800million people went out into the streets and started smashing and killing people? Seriously?

Do I think that the clerics and what they are doing is correct? Of course not. I think the message has been distorted in such a way that people like you who see things on TV or read an article somewhere get a certain impression.

The point is, gross generalisations is actually not a very good argument nor does it contribute anything to a conversation.

You want to slam something, that's your prerogative, it's your blog. If you didn't think that comments were contributing to your understanding of a topic then you might not have them (I have them disabled on my site, because the time when they were relevant seems to have passed).

I guess the real reason for my writing the comment in the first place is because I'm disappointed. I just don't believe your response was very well reasoned (all muslims are not moderate) or weighed (and there is no proof of the religion, others have told me about it) correctly.

What you believe (or not believe in) is between yourself - an attack on the principles is one thing. An attack on the interpretation of people of these principles is another.

I take umbrage with the fact that you make no distinction between the two things and the way you've presented your point. Like I said, I'm just disappointed.

I didn't write the comment to flame you or anything, nor do I care for such things. Thank you for taking the time in responding to my comment. Honestly this has probably taken more time than it should have. Good luck Brett.

Brett said...


If it's anonymous I usually delete it. .

OK, latest statistics place Islam at around 900 million.

No 450 million did not riot. BUT not every Muslim has a computer. Most of the those countries have government controlled internet so they simply didn't get it or see it. So most most likely have little to no idea.

Now I'm gonna uses your own logic on you. So HOW MANY came out to counter protest? A few, FAR fewer than the ones who were protesting. So using your 50%rule, that makes FAR, FAR less than a majority as well (I'm not yelling, Scott Lobdell got me in the habit of using the caps for emphasis, not aggression.)

And what was one most of those pro west signs? Don't blaspheme the Prophet. I know they don't understand exactly what free speech is all about but it's time they start learning.

And STOP with the disappointed talk, it's apologist BS. It's ment to make me feel bad so I'll stop talking about a problem, a very LARGE problem. You provide no counter information you simply tried to make me feel bad, nice!

Your argument is NO better than the majority of Christians aren't crazy fundies. No evidence simply what you THINK.

Here's a little math for you. Half the US doesn't believe in Evolution. Half. Evolution is a well documented PROVEN occurrence. There is NO question in the scientific community about it. We've seen it in action. But HALF the US population ignores this and cling to the 6,000-10,000 year creation story of the Bible these people are funds. So let's break that down a bit. Christians are about 75% of the US population, Atheist and Agnostics 18%, Muslims and Jews maybe 10%, and then there are a few others for the remaining 8%. So if you look at this, MOST of the Christians ( 2 /3rds) are fundamentalists. Just because they don't protest doesn't matter. They are sympathetic and will support the fundies come voting time. Only a small fraction speak out but they are NOT a Majority like they claim.

So if you want to prove me wrong show me some statistics because until you do I will not believe you. I'm sure not all are crazy fundies, but the majority will still support them and to me that means they should be counted as such. Until they actively start voting against them or counter protesting in equal numbers they will be considered part of the problem, just like the Christians. It is amusing that you assume I know absolutely nothing about the religion.


It states at the top of the blog "Also, please note that we will be very nice in the regular posts, but we will not be gentle in the Sunday Blaspheme posts. You will be expected to back up any ideas with facts."

He did not post facts to back up his statements and I was therefor NOT gentle.

As for you idea about simply criticizing, it's not the same thing. Blasphemy is criticizing some people hold dear, no simply telling them their hair is a mess. It's MENT to cut you to the quick.

As for your suggestion. Let's all just sit back and ignore things, maybe they'll go away and we won't have to deal wit them. Sorry not my style. Might work for you but I find nothing ever seems to get done that way.



Brett said...

THis was all I could find on Moderate Muslim Statistics:

In what way even in these less hostile countries is this a moderate majority?

And I just reread my post, way to go after nothing that was in there! I was all about UBER religion (ie: EXTREMIST religion warping peoples minds.) Nice to see the Christian persecution complex if now being used by the Muslims. Means they are starting to feel the heat;)



Khaled Abou Alfa said...

Speaking of facts. Not sure where you're getting your numbers from but it's not 900 million. Here's where I got my 1.6 billion number from:

This gives you the growth patterns over the years and depending on specific regions in the world if you're really that interested. Here's a nice wikipedia entry (which is actually based on the Pew information):

So we're back to the number of people rioting. It's a small tiny portion any which way you claim it. We're talking about a fraction of idiots and all of a sudden that's the norm to you. I don't agree with that.

As for my disappointment, it's coming from a man who really appreciated your skills as an artist. Who remembers feeling you got short changed when WS created Cliffhanger and didn't give you your own book (even though you were the same school as JSC and MAD). I then read your comments and they come across angry but not directed correctly. If you'd told me 15 years ago that I would be having an online debate with Brett Booth about religion I wouldn't have believed you. The point is the disappointment is genuine even though you're thinking I'm using it to make you feel bad. It's a disappointment because I feel that you are attacking everyone who believes in a religion, regardless of how far they believe (myself included). Don't you think there are those that believe in specific things in religion and are smart enough to not believe everything? I mean it's clear from your comments that you think that anyone that would consider religion is a nut bag and deserves your bile - regardless of what religion, it just so happens that this past year Islam is the centre of that bile (I've not been following your blog longer than that to be honest).

Your claim that inaction is the same thing as going out and rioting in the streets. I claim that's not the case. My discussing these events in a manner of 'action'. I feel that you're far too extreme in your views.

We both agree that the actions of the few (in the name of a religion that they took nothing from) in these last few weeks is completely unacceptable. Most other things we definitely don't agree on.

Brett said...

Sorry, I got my numbers screwed up it still changes nothing. Just modify the numbers (I was thinking of a christian sect.)

Did you not see what I just posted? Just because they aren't rioting doesn't mean they do not support it. A MODERATE is someone who thinks that religion and government should be separate. NOT that they just don't riot. And even the people speaking OUT AGAINST the riots are still demanding that you can't insult the Prophet.

I am attacking ALL religion. It is a poison to our world. I'm not attacking the people I'm attacking the faith. It is an outdated and horrible thing. That you CHOSE to participate in it makes you culpable. That people use this faith to kill makes them murderers. And I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings it's how I see it. No one makes you read this.

It is funny that you only speak up the few times I insult islam. It's also funny that they Christians claim we atheists don't comment on islam, so I've made a point to do so more often. The riots making my point for me. A point you glossed over to try to make feel bad about being mean to muslims. They killed people, INNOCENT people, because they didn't like something. Boo Fucking Hoo.

Enough with he other crap it has nothing to do with this post.


Anonymous said...


Quoting you ...

"As for your suggestion. Let's all just sit back and ignore things, maybe they'll go away and we won't have to deal wit them. Sorry not my style. Might work for you but I find nothing ever seems to get done that way."

I'm sorry, but did you even read what I wrote? I never said that we should overlook the things you're criticizing. I don't feel as though people should just "sit back and ignore things", especially when they're as severe and important as this. Many men, women, and children live in horrible conditions and die every day because of this nutty religion. I'm not blind or deaf to the world around me. But, it's offensive to me that you automatically assume I'm the type of person that would look the other way. At the risk of being direct -- you don't know me. You don't know what causes I support, and what my thoughts are on activism as it relates to Islam. Somehow you've distorted a single comment from me, a complete stranger, and wrote back with a toxicity that reads like, "YOU can sit around and do nothing, but I'M the type of person that wants to get things done." Well, gee, Thanks for painting me with such a broad brush. I'm glad you were able to discern my entire character and viewpoint on the issue from a single comment. I'm sorry, but I don't know how else to say it.

My initial comment directed at you was an effort to encourage you to acknowledge this person first and foremost as a fan of your work, and not as a follower of an insane religion. Did he say some silly things? Yeah, religion does that to people. Am I saying to overlook those things? Abso-freaking-lutely not. I posted because the thought occurred to me that it would have been nice, not if you showed respect for the wall-of-text crazy they spit out, but for the sincerely respectful comments they did have towards your artistic talent and work. "Thanks for being a fan." - Then jump into whatever nonsense you're dealing with. That was it. That was the extent of my comment towards you.

While I don't know "unknown" personally, I can tell you this much -- He most likely doesn't come to your blog to regularly debate the morality of the Muslim faith. He comes because he is a fan of your work. He wrote that himself. When he saw a comment that resonated with his beliefs, he jumped in passionately to defend his views. Did you really not expect *someone* to do that? I mean, by having comments allowed on the site, that's what you're asking for. At the end of the day, it looks as though I naively thought an amicable discussion could be had, and that you would at least acknowledge the support this person has given you over the years. Craaaaazzy, right?


Brett said...


You're entire approach in your one paragraph was (as was you're actual dialogue) very surfer and kind of hippy. Yeah I boiled it down because all you basically said "Love and peace brah." and then proceded to get what Blasphemy is completely wrong. You said nothing important to the conversation just simply wanted to chastise me for not kissing someones' ass. In these posts I am NOT a comic pro, these posts have nothing to do with that.

Any other post and yeah I would have thanked him. But that's not why he used it here. He used it to make me feel bad for 'insulting him'. He was trying to manipulate me so I'd apologize for a comment I did not make and then shut me up so I wouldn't make further comments. I'm sorry you can't see that but maybe you haven't delt with people like this before, I have. It's ALL about getting you to respect their beliefs. Respect needs to be earned.

So yeah he might be a fan, but he also might not be, as his only other comments seem to be on the religion posts, specifically the posts on Islam. A bit fishy to me, but I doubt you actually thought about that. You just felt the need to basically do the same thing. I expect people to 'fight back' but one, I didn't make the comment he seemed to think I made, and two brought in NO evidence to support his position.

You wanna argue with me fine, just be prepared to back it up with evidence. I WILL not kiss ass here. This is NOT the place for it. I do NOT care if you don't agree with that or understand but I am not beholden to someone who may or may not be a 'fan' on a subject that has NOTHING to do with comics.



Anonymous said...
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