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Monday, December 24, 2012

Announcement for Holiday Image

Every year I try to do one, sometimes 2 (one for comics fans, one for dino fans.) So today at 8pm mountain time I will post it. SInce some people have inquired about buying it. It will be $800. The darn thing took me 9 hours to draw, it has 9 characters on it,  and Jess asked if it was a cover so you know I went all out!

So if you're interested in buying it same rules apply as they do on Sketch Saturday, first come first served. But the one piece per month rule will be lifted as this isn't a SS piece everyone can try. If you just want to see it, I'll post it here and on Twitter:) I hadn't planned on selling it until I started getting requests....

If no one buys it I might make a print of ir for a show next year:)



1 comment:

David said...

What does it look like?