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Friday, September 20, 2013

Sketch Saturday of the last week! Lobo....s

 Happy Sketch Saturday ya bastages.

Original Lobo 1, The Main man 0.

Also, Sold.




Kaden said...

I REALLY like the new Lobo looks way cool.

and as always...your art is fantastic! :-)

INK INK said...

I hate this new Lobo his villains month book was terrible and he looks like he step out of a 1996 image book.

All I can hope for is this one fails and he is rebooted for a four time in the new 52.

Niguanta said...

I really hope someone is going to read this and maybe Brett himself, oh man that would be awesome. I have been blowminded by Brett's art since I started reading the Anita Blake comic series, I haven't even bought the books I just love the comics and the way you and your wife are able to make such amazing drawings. I used to draw a lot when I was young but never like this and I love to write stories, I have my own blog and I published a fantasy book. Do you think you might have time for a little advice? Thank you so much for whoever is reading this first and if it would be Brett, than I thank you, Brett and God!

Unknown said...

Take this, a true LOBO