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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Happy Sketch Saturday-s?

This weeks Hawkman...

And last weeks Wonder Woman!

Both are sold.




Unknown said...

Hi Brett,

I've been a fan of yours a long time. I love all the sketches you posted here. Which ones are still available for sale and how much are they? Thanks.


murtaz jadoon said...

Sell Your Artwork Here...,
Sell Your Artwork

Unknown said...

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Miguel Angel said...

Dear Mister Booth I have been a huge fan of our art since the 90's, your work has inspired me to start drawing ny own stuff.
I've got some questions for you I' would like to ask:

Is there any plans for bringing Backlash back? this carácter is on the reasons I became a fan of yours.

Is there any new design for Backlash?

Have you got an e.mail? I'd like to get in touch with you?

thanks for your time and attention

Unknown said...

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