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Friday, March 9, 2007

Jean-Claude WWLA sketchbook cover

Click on the picture and watch him enlarge.

For some reason (It was printed on a bristol stock not traditional comic cover paper, bristol absorbs ink and make a big 'ol mess) this wound up not looking the right way for the sketchbook cover. It was lightened and the color shifted to blue. It's not a big deal but the red is a bit too washed out for me. So here is the original in all it's black and white goodness. Enjoy:)

I should have an actual signing schedule soon. This is just the preliminary times. I'll post the actual ones when I get them. I was told on the phone Anita panel on Friday from 3-4 and then a signing at Marvel's area from 4-5.

I'm doing a signing/sketching on Saturday at the Dabel's table sometime around 2-3. And then another Marvel signing at 4-5.

If you see me just wandering around just grab me and ask for a signature. I don't mind:)



thankx again

Caitlin said...

I absolutely love your work on Anita Blake and wish they would have kept you on the project. Your sketches of Jean Claude are amazing and I would love to see more of them if you get the time.